Dec 08

Company Dinner and Dance

Having joined my current company for less than 1 year, I was able to attend the company dinner and dance celebration on Friday (12 July 2013). We were given early release from work at 3pm for us to go back home to change or to prepare ourselves for the dinner and dance. This was not like the one which I used to have from my ex-company (Christmas Party was being treated like Dinner and Dance there) where we need to become part of the dancer and etc for the entertainment which I really hate it as it was not taking part willingly type while dinner was always a buffet style instead of banquet dinner which most of the bigger companies will do.

Took this photos after the dinner and dance ended

DSC09890 DSC09891
Hotel area

Anyway, we were told to reached Carlton Hotel ballroom at 7pm where the dinner and dance will be hosted. The ballroom was located at level 2 and one can either take the lift or walk up the stairs. Finding our ballroom was not hard as there were big signboard of our company event along the walkway


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Jul 24

Citibank Movie Event Plus Dinner at NYDC

It was Friday (3 May 2013) and my sister had earlier message me during office hour whether I am keen to go for a Citibank movie event which Citibank had given her company showing Ironman 3. Since I have not watched the show (And Rachel had watched it with her sisters), I readily agreed to go watch together with them. (Free movie why not? lolx).


And since it was a Friday, I am able to get off from work half an hour earlier so I kind of reached Shaw House (Orchard) by taking SBS 105 from Buona Vista bus stop. Guess I reached the place too early and I can see that Citibank have not complete their preparation as some cinema staff are preparing the popcorn and bottles of drinks (Coke). Each ticket entitled to 1 popcorn and drink.

Our Tickets to Ironman 3 with free popcorn and drinks

It was only till around 6pm plus, some people started to queue up for the tickets (First come first serve basis) but my second sister who reached not long ago told me to wait for a while as she mentioned that they normally give out the tickets starting from the back to the front so in order to get center seats, we need to wait a while longer. True enough, we received the seats which are not too far back and not too near to the screen in front.


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Dec 13

Event: Popeyes Singapore Private Food Tasting

I am quite surprise and honored to receive an email from Popeyes Singapore (Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen), informing me that I am one of the designated bloggers for them and was invited to their private event to celebrate the opening of their 12th outlet over at IMM (Near to Jurong East MRT with free shuttle bus services from Jcube) on Monday (10 December 2012).

I am quite lucky as it is also my half day work so I get to go back home to rest for a while before going to IMM and prepare to enjoy the food tasting cum meeting with new friends session.


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Nov 22

Event: Food Tasting at Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant

There is an event hosted by Openrice for a free food tasting session over at Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant on Saturday (17 November 2012) and I am lucky enough to be one of the food taster for this event. What great for these event is that I can bring a partner along (I normally will not attend if I am the only one invited for the event) and ofcourse I ask Rachel to come along together with me to enjoy all the food during our food tasting session.

Actually, before attending this event, I did some homework to do some research on Uncle Leong and found out that there are quire a number of bad review or comments about their dishes and services so my expectation of this food tasting session is much lower and even send email to OpenRice organiser if I can write bad review base on my real experience if I really encounter them before I go for this food tasting (I do not wish to lie to myself to blog nice things when it is not).

As we are both living near west area, going there is quite a distance. We meet each other at Jurong East area before heading to Punggol MRT and took  LRT to reach Riviera LRT station. (Go out through Exit A). From Riviera station, we just walk about 5 to 10 minutes to the restaurant location.

When we reached the location, I am quite surprise to find that the restaurant is actually next to a prawning place (Hai Bin Punggol Prawning) so it would be a nice place for a whole day of activity cum having your meals taken care of when you are there. There are some other restaurant in that location too and one of them is Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (Interesting to see fast food restaurant in this outskirt area.)

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Sep 27

Event: Launch Party @ Hummerstons

A few weeks earlier, I received an email invitation from  to attend a launch party of for bloggers. I was honored to be one of the invited blogger (Rachel’s sister, Hazel, who is also a blogger is also invited as well) and even excited that at later part of the date, they allow me to bring along a guest along for this event. (So I ask Rachel to attend it together with me)

The date of the event was set on Tuesday (18 September 2012) evening between 7pm to 9pm over at Hummerstons. Going there is actually not easy unless you take taxi or own a car but once you are there, you will like the environment as this place is actually a good place to gather and chill out with friends after a hard day at work.

Nice place for chilling out with friends.

Hummerstons is located at level 2 of this place but do note that finding a toilet is not very easy (especially for guys) as level 2 gents are locked during the time I am there while I have no “comments” on level 1 gents. (Do not that there are no restroom inside Hummerstons restaurant.

Photo include the opening hours of the restaurant too. Hummerstons is located at one corner of the building near the big clock.

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Aug 20

Event: Holiday Inn Atrium Wedding Banquet Show

On a fine Saturday (18 August 2012) afternoon, Rachel and I have arrange to meet up and visit a wedding event hosted by Holiday Inn Atrium. (Next to Havelock Road and Outram Road)

As Rachel is working today, I waited for her to off work and to go over to the hotel together as it is not quite easy to reach there by public transport. We too MRT train to Chinatown for our lunch (In the same time collect tickets for flyers and garden by the bay bought from deals website) before taking bus number 51 or 186 in front of “Blk 34 Upper Cross Street Singapore 050034” and alight at the 3rd bus stop in front of the Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel.

Map Source:

The hotel on the outside looks a bit old (But still looks grand compare with the surrounding hotels within the area) and when you walked into the hotel, it is very grand and pretty with 2 glass lift. (It is very beautiful during the night time when all lights are switched on)

Nice flower but focus on the wrong side of the photo. 😡

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Aug 03

Event: H-TWO-O Ultimate Challenge

Do you think you have what it takes to win a Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI while COE is getting so high and unreachable for middle and low income Singaporean?

I received an email invitation of this H-Two-O Ultimate Challenge and think of sharing it out with friends over here.

Remember the event is on 18 August 2012, Saturday and if you wish to enter this contest, please kindly register it as soon as possible.

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