Dec 08

Company Dinner and Dance

Having joined my current company for less than 1 year, I was able to attend the company dinner and dance celebration on Friday (12 July 2013). We were given early release from work at 3pm for us to go back home to change or to prepare ourselves for the dinner and dance. This was not like the one which I used to have from my ex-company (Christmas Party was being treated like Dinner and Dance there) where we need to become part of the dancer and etc for the entertainment which I really hate it as it was not taking part willingly type while dinner was always a buffet style instead of banquet dinner which most of the bigger companies will do.

Took this photos after the dinner and dance ended

DSC09890 DSC09891
Hotel area

Anyway, we were told to reached Carlton Hotel ballroom at 7pm where the dinner and dance will be hosted. The ballroom was located at level 2 and one can either take the lift or walk up the stairs. Finding our ballroom was not hard as there were big signboard of our company event along the walkway


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Mar 08

Wedding Dinner at Parkroyal Hotel (Kitchener Road)

I was invited to one of my secondary school classmate (Simon and his wife, Felicia) wedding dinner on Saturday (30 December 2012). How time flies, we have known each other for so long and now everyone is either getting married or already have kids by now and most of us are too busy with either work or family that we seldom meet up for outings or gathering.

He hosted his wedding Banquet at Park Royal Hotel located at Kitchener Road. Going there by public transport is quite easy as you can alight at Farrer Park (Purple Line) MRT station and walk over to the hotel (Around 5 – 10 mins walk) but one thing bad (In my opinion) is as it is weekends, evening time will have a lot of foreigner hanging around those area. Not to say a bad thing but it is kind of crowded to me.

Hotel from the outside

Crowded area during the weekends evening

Some decoration as it is still Christmas season

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Nov 19

Wedding Banquet at Orchid Country Club (OCC)

As Rachel and I will be attending one of her friends’ sister wedding banquet, we meet up at Yishun MRT station directly after my Primary School Gathering on Sunday (14 October 2012).

The shuttle bus service time schedule between OCC and Yishun bus stop

The reason to meet there is that the wedding banquet is hosted at Orchid Country Club and there is a free shuttle bus service between OCC and Yishun MRT station.

Unique wedding Car

The wedding banquet of Christopher and Penny is located at be basement level of Orchid Country Club (OCC)

Anyway, the wedding is hosted at the basement level (Open Air style) area for around 20+ tables with nice design. I saw a lot of the guest wearing those Peranakan costume which later I found out that the groom is from Indonesian who is a Peranakan working in Singapore while the bride is a Malaysian (Rachel’s Friend’s Sister) who is also working in Singapore.Talk about Love has no boundaries when both people from different countries are able to find each other and decided to tight the knot and live happily together for the rest of their lives.

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Oct 13

Wedding Banquet @ Restoran Pekin,北京楼 (Malaysia)

Rachel’s friends (Daphne Tee and Justin Yap) invited both of us together with Hazel (Rachel’s sister) to their wedding banquet over at Restoran Pekin,北京楼 (Johor Bahru, Malaysia). Since it is a Saturday (22 September 2012) dinner banquet, I went into Malaysia to meet up with Rachel over at her house before going to the restaurant together using their family car. (Rachel and Hazel is one of the “Jie Mei” for this wedding)

By the time I reached Rachel’s house, it is about 3plus already and Rachel is already preparing inside her room to go for the wedding. They had a lot of fun “bullying” the “Xiong Di” during the morning session. (Guys are so pitiful during this day)

We managed to reach the location at around 7pm just nice for the cocktail reception. They are serving soft drinks and some fried finger food for the guests who had arrived early to the place.

Who wish to buy 4D can buy this number. Heh Heh.
Took photos of us together with the groom, Justin Yap.

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Aug 20

Event: Holiday Inn Atrium Wedding Banquet Show

On a fine Saturday (18 August 2012) afternoon, Rachel and I have arrange to meet up and visit a wedding event hosted by Holiday Inn Atrium. (Next to Havelock Road and Outram Road)

As Rachel is working today, I waited for her to off work and to go over to the hotel together as it is not quite easy to reach there by public transport. We too MRT train to Chinatown for our lunch (In the same time collect tickets for flyers and garden by the bay bought from deals website) before taking bus number 51 or 186 in front of “Blk 34 Upper Cross Street Singapore 050034” and alight at the 3rd bus stop in front of the Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel.

Map Source:

The hotel on the outside looks a bit old (But still looks grand compare with the surrounding hotels within the area) and when you walked into the hotel, it is very grand and pretty with 2 glass lift. (It is very beautiful during the night time when all lights are switched on)

Nice flower but focus on the wrong side of the photo. 😡

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Jul 13

Wedding Banquet @ Grand Park Hotel (City Hall)

One of my relative is hosting a wedding banquet at Grand Park Hotel (City Hall) and my father asked me to tag along with him for the dinner on Friday.

Since I am always off work early on Friday, I agreed to follow him to the dinner since I wish to know how good is their food and the wedding venue in this hotel.

I kind of go straight home direct from work and reached home at around 6:30pm before I put down my stuff and bring my trust worthy camera with me to the wedding banquet. We took a taxi to this hotel but the evening traffic is very bad as the taxi keep moving and stopping due to the traffic jam in the express way (AYE) to the hotel. What make it worst is that we must pass 2 x ERP gantries to be able to reach our destination. Talk about sucking $$ our of our pocket without asking for it.

Anyway, we reached the hotel at around 7:45pm and went straight up to the ballroom location.

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