Dec 26

Bing Bian (An Affair with Ice) Menu @ Millenia Walk

Another menu I got when I am around at Millenia Walk and it seems to be an interesting stall which sell different types of desserts mixing around fruits and etc all together. Interesting concept to me though I haven’t try it out as of now.

Here you are, the menu if you wish to get any of them.

BingBian1 BingBian2

Dec 26

Waroeng Penyet @ Bugis Outlet Menu

Walked passed a Indonesian Food restaurant selling Penyet meals when I went to Bugis Junction and kind of took one of their menu to share with all.

There is one branch over at Jurong East too but I think that is a stall inside a coffeeshop unlike this one which is open as a restaurant.

WaroengPenyet1 WaroengPenyet2

Dec 21

Contest: MilkShake over at MakeShake

One of my friend Michael had won a MakeShake FaceBook contest (He is our FB contest king in our group) for milkshake for up to 10 people (with 3 cups of milkshake each!!!). He invited us along to enjoy the milkshake and the place is located in City Square Mall. You can easily get there using the purple MRT line and alight over at Farrer Park MRT station (Under pass directly to City Square Mall).

So on Thursday (6 December 2012) we meet up over at the City Square Mall before going for dinner (Will blog about that place at a later stage) and enjoy our milkshake.


Basically, MakeShake offer 3 different types of shake baseĀ  namely: Vanilla / Chocolate / Froyo (Yogurt base) and 3 different size namely: Small (Really small about the same size as small orange juice from MacDonald) / Medium / Mega.

DSC05269 DSC05268

Anyway, since this is a free milkshake event, we get to try out all 3 sizes plus different toppings (Like the small mash mellow bits the best). In terms of the base, I would prefer their Froyo which is a yogurt base (very popular as it finished before we can enjoy more of it. Anyway, it should be healthier too) and it taste really nice with fruit based mixture.

DSC05270 DSC05286 DSC05287

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Sep 12

Gathering time over a supper at Fine Taste Eating House

It is Saturday and the first day of the September (1 September 2012) but I am too tired to go out in the afternoon while Rachel went back to Malaysia so basically, I slept for the whole afternoon at home to get back some of my energy during the weekdays.

My Second and Third sister come to my home during the evening for dinner together and since it is a Saturday, they suggested to go out after dinner for some dessert but when we are in the car thinking of what dessert to eat, my second sister suggested to go over to this coffeeshop where they sell fruit beer (Cider). As this is quite interesting, both my third sister and me decided to go for it together with my second bro-in-law who actually came to fetch my second sister back home.

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