Jun 26

Facebook Free Gift from BlackBox

I had just received a free gift send right to my door step on Thursday (25 April 2013). This was a totally free gift given by a company called “The Black Box” which had a page in Facebook.


All you have to do was just to like them on Facebook and subscribe to their website. They will deliver their Black box to you at your door steps and all these for free.

So what was inside the black box as mentioned. These are all the samples that the company had gotten from different brands putting all of them into 1 black box.

DSC08079 DSC08081
Free samples and vouchers inside The Black Box

They are said to be sending out Black Box soon but to selected subscriber. Guess that there are too many people being a member and there are not enough stock for all of them.

Hope I can get another of the black box again some day.

Website: http://blackbox.sg


Feb 13

Contest: Stamford Catering Services FaceBook Contest

One of my ex-colleague Michael had won a FaceBook contest organized by Stamford Catering Service Pte Ltd for a free catering dishes to celebrate his birthday. So Michael actually arrange the catering to be setup on Sunday (16 December 2012) at a void deck near his house and invited his families and friends especially those who helped by voting for him during the contest. (This is those type of contest which needs a lot of votes from public)

The weather during that day is not so good as it rained in the late afternoon but by the time Rachel and I reached the location, the rain had already stopped but the ground is still wet. Michael is waiting at the location to welcome his guest and also to tell us to help ourselves with the free food from the catering company.

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Dec 21

Contest: MilkShake over at MakeShake

One of my friend Michael had won a MakeShake FaceBook contest (He is our FB contest king in our group) for milkshake for up to 10 people (with 3 cups of milkshake each!!!). He invited us along to enjoy the milkshake and the place is located in City Square Mall. You can easily get there using the purple MRT line and alight over at Farrer Park MRT station (Under pass directly to City Square Mall).

So on Thursday (6 December 2012) we meet up over at the City Square Mall before going for dinner (Will blog about that place at a later stage) and enjoy our milkshake.


Basically, MakeShake offer 3 different types of shake base  namely: Vanilla / Chocolate / Froyo (Yogurt base) and 3 different size namely: Small (Really small about the same size as small orange juice from MacDonald) / Medium / Mega.

DSC05269 DSC05268

Anyway, since this is a free milkshake event, we get to try out all 3 sizes plus different toppings (Like the small mash mellow bits the best). In terms of the base, I would prefer their Froyo which is a yogurt base (very popular as it finished before we can enjoy more of it. Anyway, it should be healthier too) and it taste really nice with fruit based mixture.

DSC05270 DSC05286 DSC05287

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Sep 16

Contest: X-treme Solution Gunnar Vinyl Eyewear

A friend of mine who is also my ex-colleague tagged my name in Facebook earlier to inform me that I am a winner for the contest organized by X-Treme Solution who is a gaming accessories retail store selling from gaming tools to digital eyewear which stated that it enhanced your gaming experience while preventing your eyes from the harmful brightness of the screen.

I am so happy as this is the 3rd time I have win a contest in Facebook contest and I am lucky enough to have a friend out there to help look out for the news for me. (Will sure missed out this new if my friend did not tag me in facebook to notice me)

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Sep 10

Contest: Carousell Facebook Like and Share Contest

I have been playing with Facebook contest as introduced to me by an ex-colleague of mine and recently, I won a Starbucks gift card (The value inside is SGD $10.00) from the Carousell Facebook “Like” and “Share” contest.

There are only 50 winners who are being randomly picked out from the thousands of people entering the contest and I am lucky enough to be one of the 50 winners to be able to get this gift card.

There is one thing that I have to admit is that Carousell send out notification email to all winners on the same that that they would want us to collect our gift card at the event called ”¬†MAAD – the Market for Artists and Designers” on Friday (7th September 2012) between 6pm to 12 midnight.

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