Apr 02

Bangkok Trip (January 2013) Day 4 (Flying Back to Singapore)

Tuesday (8 January 2013) is here and this is our last day holiday in Bangkok. Kind of sad as time goes so fast while a bit happy as you can get to go back and see your family and friends again. As our flight back Singapore is during the evening and the driver who will fetch us to airport will come at 4pm, we started to go out right after our breakfast at the hotel.

The first stop we sent is to find a popular duck rice restaurant that Rachel found out from the Internet during her research for places around Bangkok. This restaurant is said to be located near Saphan Taksin BTS so we just took the BTS over to this place.

Saphan Taksin BTS

As we are not very sure of the place, we just ask around for information on this duck rice restaurant and true enough, even the BTS staff knows about this popular duck rice restaurant. So we just follow the direction from the staff and located the duck rice stall.

The duck rice restaurant is right opposite of this green building

This is the restaurant that a lot of people are talking about.

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Apr 02

Bangkok Trip (January 2013) Day 3

Another day of our Bangkok holiday have gone by and it is now Monday (7 January 2013). As usual, we get up to eat our breakfast at the hotel cafe before moving out for more shopping and enjoying our time together.

Day view of the waiting area at the hotel lobby. Bright and cozy place to relax while waiting for driver.

The McDonald restaurant which we eaten our dinner last night in day view

DSC05910 DSC05909
Rachel busy looking around for nice pretty clothes while I took photos here and there (Also shopping in the same time)

The first stop is back to Pratunum Shopping Mall for a short morning shopping where we bought more clothes for ourselves and also to shop around enjoying the time together. Not sure why but there seems to be more people at the mall as compared during the weekends (Sunday).

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Mar 31

Bangkok Trip (January 2013) Day 2

Sunday (6 January 2013) and it is our 2nd day in Bangkok. We wake up at about 7 plus in the morning to go for our complimentary breakfast provided by the hotel which starts from 6:30am to 11:00am (On Sunday schedule). There are a total of 3 choices for breakfast, mainly,

  1. American (consist of toast bread, ham, sunny-side-up, sausage)
  2. Continental (consist of salad, toast)
  3. Asian (porridge)

I believe they never change their menu as there are many other people talking about it over the internet (TripAdvisor).

1 DSC05733
View from hotel room.

2DSC05743 DSC05744
They provide drinks station where you can get your free drinks here. The cup is very cute with handles


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Mar 31

Bangkok Trip (January 2013) Day 1

It is Saturday (5 January 2013) and both Rachel and I are going for a holiday trip to Thailand (Bangkok) by ourselves for a 3 days 2 nights of fun, eating, relaxing and most important, non-stop shopping. Since the departure flight is in the evening 5 plus, we are able to get enough rest, have a nice lunch at my house before both of us start to move out toward the Singapore Changi Airport.

All sets to go to the airport. (Do note that I have a small luggage stored inside the big one.)

We took public transport to the airport as we do not have a lot of things to carry and there are normally not much people taking train during that time. We are able to reached the airport at about 2 hours earlier so we proceed to check-in our luggage and proceed to walk around the airport since there is still enough time.

DSC05583 1 2 3

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Jul 28

Phuket Trip Day 3

Last day of our Phuket short get away trip (23 July 2012) and yet we have to wake up super early as our flight is at 9:55am while our airport transfer vehicle will come pick us up at 6:30am.

We wake up very early to wash up, check out of our hotel room and to have breakfasts buffet at 6am (The breakfast items are all the same and we are the first guest to eat there).

The problem comes during the check out when the receptionist told us that there are missing items when we checking out of our rooms and will need to charge us $$ to repay this item.

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Jul 27

Phuket Trip Day 2

It is our second day in Phuket (22 July 2012) and we had pre-arranged for a one day island hopping trip over to a few islands in Phuket (A popular activity while you are in Phuket). We have to wake up very early as the driver who is suppose to fetch us to the jetty will be coming to our hotel at around 7:45am

We purchased the breakfast coupon from the hotel reception (At 400 baht each person for 2 breakfast buffet meal) and proceed to have our meal at the cafe.

The food provided over at this hotel is consider normal providing a few dishes like cereal, fruits, roasted bread, steamed sausage, bacon, eggs which you can tell the cook on how you would like it to be done and ofcourse, fruit juice (Concentrated type).

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Jul 21

Phuket Trip Day 1

It is Saturday and time for a planned holiday in Phuket. Rachel have bought the 2 way flight deal from AirAsia during one of the promotion long time ago and we purchase the hotel stay from one of the deal website to stay in hotel named: Deevana Patong Resort & Spa as there are good reviews from tripadvisor.com

Arrive at Singapore Terminal 1, we proceed with the check in and prepare to go and wait for our flight.

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