Jul 10

Quiz: To understand what type of person you are.

I came across a quiz in traditional Chinese in Facebook (Shared from my friends) which seems to be very interesting on knowing what type of a person you are. The only problem is that these are in traditional Chinese characters and might not be easy to read up even for me.

So here goes:

========================== Starting of the Quiz ============================

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Feb 27

Knowledge: How Singapore Vehicles are Being Calculated

This is one very informative article I got from a share from FaceBook by one of my friend.

The article actually source from onemotoring website but I am unable to find that original link again as the link provided does not provide a direct link to that article.

Anyway, below is the exact copy of what is being shown:

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Feb 08

Hemorrhoids (Aka Piles) Removal

It is very common for people to have Piles or where the doctors called it, Hemorrhoids. I too was also one of the many people who had it for many years till now (Hope it will not happen again) and I would like to tell all my readers of my experience from what I have been through.

For one, I will not talk about the suffering one must go through while having those piles within your body as these can be found anywhere in the Internet.

You will know what are the different types of Symptoms and what might have caused it.

More details can be found on the Singapore Singhealth website:


Anyway, back to my experience on these. While having these within me, I tried to go for treatment (Medication or applying onto the piles) which did not help at all. In the end, I went directly to one of the clinic from Raffles Medical Group as recommended by somebody. (Did some research on the Internet too during these time to understand about it)

This is the first time I did the removal which is a few years ago. The doctor who does the Ligation for me during my first time can secure only half of the piles as he mentioned that it is very big for the device to cover all of it. I had a very painful experience which lasted for about 2 to 3 weeks due to pain. (Do not listen to those doctors saying that it is not painful at all. They are all bullshitting!!!) I could not even sleep during the first few days and took almost 3 weeks or more to fully recover back to normal.

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Feb 05

Anatomy of a Job Interview

Are you looking for new jobs and thinking how you need to present yourself in front of your interviewers?

I just saw one acticle on regards to this and hope to share it out with my friends here.

Graduation time is just around the corner, and the local news is rampant with stories about college graduates who do not have a job. In my opinion, there are just too many people in the world and we need some form of population control to keep the job market strong. The earth does have a finite capacity, and we seem to forget about that. I was fortunate enough to land a job starting right out of college, but I know plenty of others not as lucky as me. Even landing interviews can be a tough process, luckily today’s infographic will help you secure the job after getting the interview.

From my recent experiences, the best advice I can give is to be confident and genuine. While pretending to be a super perfect hot shot might get you a job, it may not get you the right job. Being honest with yourself and with the interviewer is the best way to ensure that the job you are applying for is a good fit. If at any point weaknesses are brought up, don’t be afraid to share them, but also give points as to how you are working on them. Interviewers love to see self-awareness.

Hopefully you’re not unemployed and panicking about the future. If you are, just take my good friend’s advice. Although I agree that what’s on the inside counts, it never hurts to look damn fine on the outside, so always suit up.

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Oct 12

Knowledge: Phony version of Bad Piggies installs malware; 82,000 victims so far

If you think you are clever enough to save that few dollars just to install the latest games, beware of the following news which installed malware instead of your games:

This could be a new low for malware developers: Using the unbridled goodness of Bad Piggies to spread ad-injecting software. Security firm Barracuda Networks has spotted a rogue version of Rovio’s latest game out in the wild that is offered as a free download but that also “installs a plug-in that displays additional advertisements in some popular websites” such as Yahoo (YHOO) and MSN that are viewed within the Chrome browser. The game is advertising itself as a free version of Bad Piggies under the moniker of “Angry Birds Bad Piggies,” so the lesson here seems to be that it’s worth forking over $1 to buy games from the safety of app stores if you don’t want your computer to get infected.

Source: Yahoo News

So be careful of what you are installing into your phone.

Aug 27

Knowledge: Android Malware Exploits China Mobile SMS Payments

Just got a news from the Internet AntiMalware company “Trend Micro” stated that there is a known android malware “Trojan” in the public web targeting China Mobile subscribers that takes control of a device’s SMS functionality.

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