Jul 31

News: Hackers topple Huawei routers

Users of Huawei routers (Including home to business users) beware as there is a news from yahoo.com stating that hackers are able to easily hacked into these China made router and enter into your home or company network.

Do try to find out more from the official website (http://www.huawei.com/en)if there is any latest firmware or patch to resolve this issue.

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Jul 30

Potato Depot and Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie

Thanks God it is Friday (TGIF: 27 July 2012).

After a long day at work, I meet up with Rachel for a dinner together and to buy a birthday gift for one of my ex-colleague (Her currently colleague) in a mind of giving her a surprise gift.

We meet up at Buona Vista Mrt since I am working nearby and went directly to City Hall Mrt in search for the present.

After getting the present (A Kate Spate Wallet) and giving her a surprise (She is also there eating with the guys so we just surprised her and give her the present). We went over to Potato Depot for our dinner since both of us do not really wish to eat too full for our dinner (Also, our first choice for dinner, Ding Tai Fung is too crowded)

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Jul 30

Thursday nights out with good pals at Marché® Restaurant

It is Thursday (26 July 2012) and have arranged with Rachel to meet up with Mingyan and the guys (plus Nicole Xiao Mei mei) for a dinner nights out.

We meet up with each other at Buona Vista Mrt to go Somerset together after work and kind of decided that we will be going to eat out at Marché® Restaurants at 313@Somerset (Same place where Rachel and I have eaten before earlier).

Today’s Special Dish: Lamb Carving with Mashed Potato at $18.90

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Jul 28

Phuket Trip Day 3

Last day of our Phuket short get away trip (23 July 2012) and yet we have to wake up super early as our flight is at 9:55am while our airport transfer vehicle will come pick us up at 6:30am.

We wake up very early to wash up, check out of our hotel room and to have breakfasts buffet at 6am (The breakfast items are all the same and we are the first guest to eat there).

The problem comes during the check out when the receptionist told us that there are missing items when we checking out of our rooms and will need to charge us $$ to repay this item.

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Jul 27

Phuket Trip Day 2

It is our second day in Phuket (22 July 2012) and we had pre-arranged for a one day island hopping trip over to a few islands in Phuket (A popular activity while you are in Phuket). We have to wake up very early as the driver who is suppose to fetch us to the jetty will be coming to our hotel at around 7:45am

We purchased the breakfast coupon from the hotel reception (At 400 baht each person for 2 breakfast buffet meal) and proceed to have our meal at the cafe.

The food provided over at this hotel is consider normal providing a few dishes like cereal, fruits, roasted bread, steamed sausage, bacon, eggs which you can tell the cook on how you would like it to be done and ofcourse, fruit juice (Concentrated type).

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Jul 26

Event: COMEX 2012 @ Suntec Singapore

Another PC show is coming to town.

COMEX 2012 which will be one of the many big PC show event will be starting between 30 August 2012 to 2 September 2012 at Singapore Suntec Level 1, 3, 4 & 6.

So have you save up enough to buy some of the latest gadgets available during this event?

There are some website which you can go to for more information on regards to best bargain and floor plans of this event (Ofcourse at a nearer timing.)

Official website (Source of Logo): http://www.comexshow.com.sg

Another website which provide good information and price list of the Comex 2012


Thinking of buying some camera accessories during this event.