Aug 30

DrinkTea Menu in Singapore

Drink Tea with their stated unique pink Roselle pearl are only available in their stalls and they have 4 branch in Singapore selling bubble tea to customers.

This one the first bubble tea stall which you can find “Vinegar” type of drinks in their menu.

Below are details of their branch as follows:

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Aug 30

Ah Gan (阿甘) Tea Menu in Singapore

Another one of the bubble tea stall that have entered Singapore Market is Ah Gan (阿甘) Tea Cafe which starts to open more stall since I last saw it.

Up to date as on August 2012, there is already 5 stalls being opened. (Not sure about other countries though)

The menu is as follows:

The branch is as follows:

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Aug 30

KOI Cafe Menu in Singapore

Actually, I had already upload this menu to my previous blog and since this is a new blog, I will upload it again over here.

This is good for those who are in need to look for KOI Menu as they need to ask others who are over at KOI to buy bubble tea for them.

Anyway, enjoy:

There are quite a lot of KOI Bubble Tea branches opened in Singapore and some might not be listed in my list below:

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Aug 27

Knowledge: Android Malware Exploits China Mobile SMS Payments

Just got a news from the Internet AntiMalware company “Trend Micro” stated that there is a known android malware “Trojan” in the public web targeting China Mobile subscribers that takes control of a device’s SMS functionality.

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Aug 24

BBQ Chicken Wings @ BGAIN 130 Eating House

It have been a very long time since I eaten the BBQ Chicken Wings at one of my coffeeshop in Jurong East and just in time, Rachel ask if I wish to join the Swiber IT colleagues for a BBQ Chicken Wings dinner on Thursday (23 August 2012). I readily agreed to it and we arranged to meet at Jcube first before walking over to the coffeehouse.

As I reached there earlier (They need to do a bit of OT as usual), I went up the level and seated at the viewer corner to watch other people ice-skating around the rink. Really missed the days when I always went for ice-skating during my secondary school days. (Will skate at least once a week)

After a while of watching, Rachel called me to tell me that they are reaching soon and will meet them at the ground level of Jcube to walk there together.

We walked over to the coffeeshop which is at Blk 130 next to the CPF Building and was quite easy to get a table for us to seat (It is not really easy to find seats during dinner time.)

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Aug 23

ShareTea (歇脚亭) Menu

I have added in new category on Menu and one of them will be popular Bubble Tea menus. It is good for those who wish to ask your friends who is there to order bubble tea but do not have menu to look at which bubble tea to order.

Here it is for ShareTea (歇脚亭) where I get the menu from JCube Branch.

This branch provide free delivery of bubble tea services (With terms and conditions) which is a good way of getting more business.

All Branch as of 23 Aug 2012:

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Aug 23

Family Dinner at Kimly Live Seafood (金味活海鲜)

It was a warm Sunday (19 August 2012) afternoon when my third sister called up and said since tomorrow is a holiday, planned to bring my parents out for a family dinner together.

Since we had eaten in Kimly Live Seafood Restaurant before, we decided to go there again for our dinner as their dishes are nice especially the “Salted Egg Crab with Crispy Yam Strips”. Even when I am not a big fan of a Crab eater, I like to eat this dish. (Another one is “Bali Seafood Restaurants” which have since moved out of @ yo:HA Jurong)

Anyway, I went ahead to call and reserved tables and inform my parents not to cook for dinner as we are going out for dinner. (Can see that my father is very pleased with it as it have been quite a while that we went out for a family dinner)

All my sisters (and bro in laws) and brothers will be going except for my elder sister who have another dinner with her in-laws. That come up with a total of 11 people for this family dinner.

My second sister is the one who drive over and fetch us to Tradehub21 where the seafood restaurant is located. Although it started to rain while on our way there, it did not dim our mood to have family dinner together.

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