Sep 27

Event: Launch Party @ Hummerstons

A few weeks earlier, I received an email invitation from  to attend a launch party of for bloggers. I was honored to be one of the invited blogger (Rachel’s sister, Hazel, who is also a blogger is also invited as well) and even excited that at later part of the date, they allow me to bring along a guest along for this event. (So I ask Rachel to attend it together with me)

The date of the event was set on Tuesday (18 September 2012) evening between 7pm to 9pm over at Hummerstons. Going there is actually not easy unless you take taxi or own a car but once you are there, you will like the environment as this place is actually a good place to gather and chill out with friends after a hard day at work.

Nice place for chilling out with friends.

Hummerstons is located at level 2 of this place but do note that finding a toilet is not very easy (especially for guys) as level 2 gents are locked during the time I am there while I have no “comments” on level 1 gents. (Do not that there are no restroom inside Hummerstons restaurant.

Photo include the opening hours of the restaurant too. Hummerstons is located at one corner of the building near the big clock.

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Sep 26

Dinner at TCC

Thanks god its Friday (14 Sept 2012)!!! After a long day over at work, Rachel and I decided to go out together for dinner and since Laurel is meeting up with her insurance agent for dinner too, we kind of tag along and plan to eat dinner together.

We meet up at City Hall Mrt station and walk along the CityLink Mall to The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) which is our dinner for the night. Rachel is a member of TCC (Same as me) and will get a special 50% off total bill gift card during her birthday month.

There are quite a lot of people over at TCC and walking along the CityLink but this is actually a nice cozy place for people to relax over a cup of tea and some dessert while looking at how busy most of the people are walking pass you.

The restaurant is fully occupied when we reached the restaurant but the staffs are friendly enough to accommodate my request to call me (Give them my mobile number) when there is any table available for us when they can actually ask us to wait for the tables to be available instead.

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Sep 25

Himawari Japanese Buffet Dinner @ Alexandra Branch

It have been a long time since I went for a Japanese buffet and as a celebration to Rachel birthday, I decided to treat her to a Japanese buffet at Himawari japanese restaurant over at their Alexandra branch on Wednesday (12 September 2012) after our work for a buffet dinner.

Asked my ex-colleagues (Mingyan and Xiang Bao) along as it will be more fun to eat buffet in a group rather than just 2 person as we will have limited choice as both of us cannot eat too much too. Too bad Michael is not around else, it will sure be even funnier eating together.

Mingyan, Rachel and I meet up at Buona Vista MRT before heading to Labrador Park MRT station to meet up with Xiangbao. The restaurant is about 10 to 15 minutes walking distance into a property owned by Richzone Properties.

Just walk straight into this gate and you should be able to find the restaurant on right hand corner area

The Shop front of the restaurant. Not so well decorate on the outside

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Sep 24

Random: Annoying Bosses!

Saw this news while browsing through yahoo news and wish to share it over at my blog. This source is actually from jobscentral (

There are basically five categories of bosses that drive their staff nuts and toss in a tip or two on how to handle them – after all, he or she writes your appraisal!

The Micromanager

He’s there every step of the way – literally. He checks in with you almost every hour for the progress of the report and makes sure to guide you on what to do on a project that you have completed countless times before. Whether your manager is a newbie who is not confident in leading his own team yet or someone who refuses to relinquish control and doesn’t trust that things won’t go astray if his instructions aren’t followed to the T, here’s how you can get around a micromanaging boss.

Tip: Reassure your superior by over-communicating – give frequent updates of your work before he asks. By taking the initiative to report to him and trying to highlight any potential issues, be it how small, he might be more comfortable to relinquish some control. That’s when you can suggest coming to an agreement on which steps you can start taking on independently.

The Mind Changer

One moment he tells you to follow up with clients by calling them, the next he asks why you haven’t sent emails to touch base with customers. Your boss’ whims and fancies switches like a difficult-to-please girlfriend who changes her mind all the time. You are exhausted just trying to keep up with him.

Tip: Help your boss out by reminding him of his instructions. It could be as simple as dropping an email after a meeting to highlight the expectations, points of actions and deadlines that have been raised. If he does dish out different details subsequently, follow up with another email to point out the understanding certain points previously have been updated with the new ones.

The Long Winded One

Everyone dreads attending meetings with him – discussions have been known to drag on for more than an hour because your boss has the tendency to get sidetracked by the littlest distraction, be it the current cute thing that his kid has done or the latest development in the US presidential election. All that’s on your mind is how much over time you have to clock to make up for the work you could have done if he had just got to the point.

Tip: Diplomatically steer the conversation to the matter at hand. Acknowledge the interesting topic that is being discussed with a “How exciting that must be for you! Why don’t we take this offline and you can tell us more about it over drinks after work? Now before I forget, what is our next step going to be for XYZ project?”

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Sep 23

Itacho Sushi Lunch with Swiber IT at T3 Terminal

One of my ex-Colleague, Michael, is being assigned oversea for a 1 week starting Sunday (9 September 2012) to Mexico for new office setup and a few of us gathered together to send him off at Changi Airport Terminal 3 and also have a lunch before he set off to Mexico. As a few of us stay quite near to Michael’s house, we decided to meet below his HDB block and go airport together.

When we are at terminal 3, Michael went over to check in his luggage first before we decide which place we should go for our lunch. We start off by going to basement 3 where there are a few stalls at the food court then changed our mindset to restaurant instead.

While walking around, we saw that there is a Japanese Itacho Sushi Restaurant and decided to go there for our lunch while waiting for the rest of the Swiber IT Team who also come over to Terminal 3 to send Michael off at Terminal 3 Airport.

Mingyan trying to take photos of Infrastructure IT Teammates

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Sep 19

The Soup Spoon and Starbucks meal over at Fusionopolis

Rachel and I planned to go out to have dinner together on Tuesday (4 September 2012) but do not know which place to go since we have been to most of the places to try out different food and also, we do not really wish to eat too much too.

After some thoughts, we decided to go Fusionopolis for dinner as it is consider my 2nd workplace while there are a few restaurants over there and it is actually a good place to relax since there are a lot of allocated seats all around the building.

As usual, we meet up at Buona Vista mrt and took the circle line to Fusionopolis. You do not need to care about bad weather as the MRT (One North station) is actually located right below Fusionopolis building itself and even if it rains, you will not get caught in the rain.

There are a few restaurants including one of the well known “Penang Place” restaurant which used to be in Jurong East International Business Park (IBP) and moved to Fusionopolis.

After reaching the building, we settle for “The Soup Spoon” over there as our dinner as we are not really hungry and just wish to eat some food as dinner.

The Soup Spoon is just next to Cold Storage

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Sep 17

News: AirAsia 2013 Free Seats is back. Travel for FREE!

AirAsia 2013 Free Seats promotion is back now! Free seats for domestic destinations within Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines will start on sale on 14th May 2012 while International Free Seats will start on 16th May 2012. The free seat means that ticket price is zero and you only need to pay for airport tax and fuel surcharge.

Booking Period: 18 September 2012 – 23 September 2012 (Domestic within Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines)
Booking Period: 20 September 2012 – 23 September 2012 (International)
Travel Period: 1 April 2013 – 30 September 2013
So start planning your perfect holiday, stay tuned to 00:00hrs (GMT+8), 18 September and don’t forget to “Share” this amazing news with everyone! 😉
The free seat means that ticket price is zero and you only need to pay for airport tax and fuel surcharge.
Check out AirAsia homepage for details:
Not forget to check out  AirAsia facebook page too:
Source page: (Removed from source page by author)