Oct 29

Menya Musashi (麺屋武蔵) @ The Star Vista

There is a new shopping mall opening near to my workplace called The Star Vista and both Rachel and I decided to go over there for a dinner on Monday (8 October 2012) right after our work. Since I am working nearby, I waited for Rachel to reach Jurong East MRT before I slowly walk over to Buona Vista MRT to wait for her to come.

The Star Vista is actually just next to Buona Vista MRT (About 5 mins walking distance) with sheltered walkway between them. (If it rains very heavily then even sheltered walkway also no use). We walk around to check out what are the restaurants over there before deciding to go for Ramen and we choose  Menya Musashi as it is a new ramen restaurant which we have not tried before and it seems quite interesting to know that they have 3 different types of soup base, basically “Black”, “White” and “Red”.

From photos you can see how near each table is between each other.

There are some people queuing up to have their meals there too so we waited around 10 minutes for us to have a table. As the place is very small, their tables and chairs are very small and the distance between another table is not far apart.

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Oct 28

A Dinner Date with Rachel, Laurel and Hazel

To continue with my earlier blog post (Too long so split to 2 post instead) after a day walk on Sunday (30 September 2012), the time goes very fast and it is time for dinner. As Rachel and Laurel had planned to have dinner with Hazel, we went from Bugis to Somerset to meet up with her before going for our dinner together.

The restaurant is “Ootoya Japanese Restaurant” located at Orchard Central and since I have eaten at this restaurant before, the food there is quite nice based on my memories.

As there are not much people in the restaurant having their meals, we have no problem finding a table even though we did not make any reservation. So there are no waiting time needed during our visit.

This restaurant is nicely designed as they make used of their area well even though they do not have much space for usage.

The lights are not too bright so makes our dinning more comfortable

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Oct 27

A lunch Date with Rachel and Laurel

As with my earlier post, Rachel and I decided to go out for lunch together with Rachel’s sister, Laurel to a restaurant named “Saveur” which is recommended by their friends.

Since it is a Sunday (30 September 2012), we meet up over at City Hall MRT Station at around 11:30am before walking over to the restaurant (about 10 to 15 minutes walk) for our lunch. The restaurant is actually located along those older type of shop houses buildings being preserved by the government.

This restaurant is made up of 2 sections (shop houses) and there are a lot of people eating over there by the time we reached but to our surprise, only 1 of the section is opened and the rest of the people are to write their names on a piece of paper to be on the waiting list. This makes me wonder why they do not just open the other section and let those customer have their lunch without the needs to wait outside the hot weather (It is very hot in the afternoon and there are not much place for you to sit and wait.)

A photo says a thousands words.

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Oct 22

Dinner at Ramen Santouka @ The Central

It is a nice Saturday (29 September 2012) evening. Rachel and I decided to meet up at The Central to try out a Japanese Ramen restaurant which we have been talking about for quite a while. Since it is also Mid-Autumn Festival season, there will sure be some lanterns and lighting over there too.

Also, Laurel is attending wedding dinner near that area so it would be nice to hang out there and can meet up with Laurel to go home together after that. When we reached The Central, there are already quite a crowd over there walking and trying to take photos of different big size lanterns and the most popular ones should be the zodiac lanterns display. Both Rachel and I took the chance to take some photos of our own Zodiac too.

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Oct 17

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd @ CityVibe (Clementi)

Rachel always wanted to eat Lao Ban Soya Beancurd as she never gets to eat it even though there was a time when we went all the way to old airport road there to get their soya beancurd but to our disappointment, they sold out before we can get our hands on it.

Since this east side beancurd had opened one stall over at the west in CityVibe (Clementi), we decided to go there on Wednesday (26 September 2012) right after our work to try out (I had eaten quite a few times of Lao Ban Soya Beancurd as my sisters usually will buy it back to my house for us to eat. heh heh)

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Oct 16

Zi Char Dinner with Ex-Colleagues at Keng Eng Kee Seafood (琼荣记海鲜)

After a long day at work on Tuesday (25 September 2012), I went over to Queenstown Mrt to meet up with some ex-swiber colleagues of mine or can say old infrastructure team mates for a dinner and short drinking session.  We decided to have burger dinner and cider for our dinner (One of my friend is not a drinker but these fruit beer should be suitable for him)

We took SBS bus 195 and alight at bus-stop opposite of Queenway shopping centre (Popular place for cheap sport shoes) and walk a short distance over to 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 where we wish to eat the popular burger stall but to our disappointment, it is closed for the day (Or did not open on that Tuesday). In the end, we decided to eat over at this Zi Char stall over at Blk 124 as Mingyan (Also an ex-swiberian now) said the food there is consider not bad too.

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Oct 15

Durian Mooncakes from 717 Trading

It is the month of the Mid-Autumn Festival (Newer generation also called it mooncake festival). Both Rachel and I decided to give each of our families a box of durain mooncakes since we saw a special deal which cost $48 for 9 peices of mini “Mao Shan Wang” Durian Mooncakes from 717 Trading.

The taste of the “Mao Shan Wang” Mooncakes is very nice with you able to feel the texture and the goodness in each and every bite of the mooncake.

Anyway, just a few photos of the durian mooncakes to show.

Will buy from them again when there is a chance (Provided there is a offer for it again else will be quite expensive)

Metal Box to keep all the 9 pieces of durian mooncakes

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