Nov 23

Quiznos (Subs, Soups, Salads)

You have heard of a lot of healthy sandwich like Subway but here, this is a different concept where they do not really care about how healthy the sandwich will be but rather, they are more focus into the taste of the Subs.

Rachel and I meet up with each other for a dinner on Thursday (25 October 2012) after our work and decided to go over to City Hall Mrt where we will eat over at Quiznos which we have been wanting to try out other than always eat subway sandwich.

How do you order over at Quiznos?

When we reached the place, there are quite a lot of people eating their meals over at this restaurant (Fast food style) and we have to wait one side for a good place to seat. There are not much place for one to seat to have their meals and most people just purchase as a takeaway or to eat it elsewhere but we manage to get a seat without much waiting.

The tables and chairs are space very closely between each other to create more space for people to sit but to me, it will be a bit uncomfortable to have a stranger just beside you (Very close) while you are trying to enjoy yourself together with your date.

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Nov 22

Event: Food Tasting at Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant

There is an event hosted by Openrice for a free food tasting session over at Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant on Saturday (17 November 2012) and I am lucky enough to be one of the food taster for this event. What great for these event is that I can bring a partner along (I normally will not attend if I am the only one invited for the event) and ofcourse I ask Rachel to come along together with me to enjoy all the food during our food tasting session.

Actually, before attending this event, I did some homework to do some research on Uncle Leong and found out that there are quire a number of bad review or comments about their dishes and services so my expectation of this food tasting session is much lower and even send email to OpenRice organiser if I can write bad review base on my real experience if I really encounter them before I go for this food tasting (I do not wish to lie to myself to blog nice things when it is not).

As we are both living near west area, going there is quite a distance. We meet each other at Jurong East area before heading to Punggol MRT and took  LRT to reach Riviera LRT station. (Go out through Exit A). From Riviera station, we just walk about 5 to 10 minutes to the restaurant location.

When we reached the location, I am quite surprise to find that the restaurant is actually next to a prawning place (Hai Bin Punggol Prawning) so it would be a nice place for a whole day of activity cum having your meals taken care of when you are there. There are some other restaurant in that location too and one of them is Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (Interesting to see fast food restaurant in this outskirt area.)

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Nov 22

Everything With Fries (Bugis Branch)

After a day work on a Wednesday (24 October 2012), I went to meet up with Rachel as she will be eating together with her cousins and Laurel over at Bugis. We kind of reached the place earlier so we just started with some windows shopping before meeting up with one of her cousin, Carmen who had just reached Bugis Junction too.


When we meet up with all of them, we decided to go have dinner at “Everything with Fries” at level ?? of Bugis Junction. This place is actually a small corner beside the escalator, on the same level as the cinema. In terms of location, it is not a bad place as top level of the building are normally more quiet and nice place to chill out. Even though this is not the first time I had eaten over at this restaurant, I normally eat it at their Holland Village branch (I believe is the HQ too).

Tarte Aux Pommes – Apple Tart @ $7.90 (Nothing to do so just took a photo of this dessert. Will try it when I have the chance)

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Nov 20

Free and Easy Day Trip to Malacca

I took one of my annual leave on Friday (19 October 2012) as both Rachel and me planned to go for a one day trip over to Malacca with her Mother and Laurel. We went there using one of their cars and took around 2 hours to reached Malacca from Johor Bahru. Poor Rachel needs to drive so long and I cannot help her as I cannot drive Malaysia car.

As we are first time driving into Malacca and not very sure about what place or road to go so in the end we just drove right into the Malacca town (around 11:25am) where most of the attractions and popular food are located there.

As it is also lunch time, we drove into Mahkota Parade to park the car before going up to the food court in the shopping mall to have our lunch. The place is quiet as there are not a lot people around here having their lunch.

Claypot Chicken with Salted fish @ RM 5.50 and Claypot Chicken with Mushroom @ RM 6.00

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Nov 19

Wedding Banquet at Orchid Country Club (OCC)

As Rachel and I will be attending one of her friends’ sister wedding banquet, we meet up at Yishun MRT station directly after my Primary School Gathering on Sunday (14 October 2012).

The shuttle bus service time schedule between OCC and Yishun bus stop

The reason to meet there is that the wedding banquet is hosted at Orchid Country Club and there is a free shuttle bus service between OCC and Yishun MRT station.

Unique wedding Car

The wedding banquet of Christopher and Penny is located at be basement level of Orchid Country Club (OCC)

Anyway, the wedding is hosted at the basement level (Open Air style) area for around 20+ tables with nice design. I saw a lot of the guest wearing those Peranakan costume which later I found out that the groom is from Indonesian who is a Peranakan working in Singapore while the bride is a Malaysian (Rachel’s Friend’s Sister) who is also working in Singapore.Talk about Love has no boundaries when both people from different countries are able to find each other and decided to tight the knot and live happily together for the rest of their lives.

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Nov 11

A Primary School Gathering

Yes, what you have see on the subject title is correct! After so many years and all (Almost) of our primary school friends are still in touch with each other and this is consider the biggest gathering we have ever had since we graduate from Shuqun Primary School. This time round, we organise a potluck theme where each of us will bring something for our gathering and one of our friends, PeiShi is kind enough to provide her house as the gathering point of our potluck session cum primary school gathering.

So on Sunday (14 October 2012), I met up with Betty at Jurong Point who is our recommended “HQ” to buy our own item. I bought some titbits while she bought some fruits for these potluck. Jackson came to fetch us to Peishi house as he is also on the way there so we are able to reach there on time. (Actually we are one of the earliest to reach there).

It is great to be able to catch up with so many of my Primary School friends and most of them are either married or already have kids in their families. One thing great about these event is that we can get to stay in contact with each other and this one is one of the best as some of them are actually joining us for the first time since we had left our school.

What can you ask for with so many primary school friends still in contact with each other.

Some group photos during our time over there.

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Nov 07

A dinner date at Skinny Pizza

Thanks God It’s Friday!!!! (12 October 2012) and Rachel and I will be meeting up with her sisters Laurel and Angel for dinner after our work.

As usual, I waited for Rachel to off work before going to Buona Vista to go City Hall MRT together as they arranged to eat at Skinny Pizza for dinner. Been eaten at Skinny Pizza for a few times before I started this Shoot & Blog personal blogger page so this will be the first time I writing about it in shoot & blog.

When we reached City Hall Mrt, Laurel is still working while Angel is waiting for her before meeting up with us for dinner so we decided to take these time to have a short windows shopping within Raffles City Shopping Centre.

There are a lot of stall selling finger food and dessert in basement level and we walked pass one of the stall selling Fried French Fries call “Best Fries Forever”

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