Dec 31

OX Fish Slice Bee Hoon @ Chop Lian Hin Zi Char

It is a good Friday (23 November 2012) as I got to borrow my sister’s car for the weekends and went over to fetch Rachel from work before going for our dinner. Since I am driving, we decided to go Teban Garden for OX Fish Slice Bee Hoon as we have not been eating there since I switch company and it is near to Rachel’s company.

Parking is not an issue as there are a lot of parking space over there but to park infront of the restaurant, you need to know how to parallel parking. (Just got to drive my sister car and not yet used to the car, decided to park at another place).

DSC05003 DSC05000

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Dec 30

Dinner with Ex Infra Team

It have been a while since I eaten a dinner with only the ex-colleagues of the Infrastructure Team and on Thursday (22 November 2012), all of us decided to meet up for a short dinner break cum chatting together.

We decided to dine over at Kimly Live Seafood (金味活海鲜) which is located at Tradehub21 (I had another blog post on this: Click here to view) since they have never eaten at this place before. This is a Zi Char stall located inside a coffesshop and you can actually reach this place by private or public transport.

I had told them about this place while showing my previous photos of the dishes while eating with my family. Since all of us are working with different companies now (Some of us do not need to always stay back for OT), we are able to reached there quite early at around 6 plus – 7pm.


As the guys have not eaten any dishes over at this restaurant, I helped them to ordered some of the popular dishes which I think is nice and furthermore, the staff also recommended us to get a Lobster to be made into Lobster Salad.

The dishes are out quite fast except for the Crab dish as it needs more time to prepare and cook (Always needs to wait at least 15 minutes). Anyway, our dishes are as follows:

DSC04992 DSC04993
Crispy Fish Skin Served w/ Fragrant Brinjal @ $13

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Dec 29

Kazokutei (家族亭) Dinner at Bugis

After a day of work on Wednesday (21 November 2012), Rachel and I went to Bugis to meet up with Laurel and one of her colleague for a dinner. They decided to have dinner over at Kazokutei which is one of my favorite restaurant for their Soba and Udon handmade noodles. (Used to eat it at Bishan Junction 8)

When we reached there, Laurel and her colleague are already there looking at the menu. As I already know what to order, we are also able to order our dishes without much effort.

3 DSC04961

The restaurant over at Bugis level 2 looks like a smaller version of the ones in Bishan branch but it maybe due to their design of the restaurant in a thin rectangle shape. The ambience can be better if you are seated at the tables which are next to the balcony area where you can look down to watch people busy with their shopping while relaxing over a meal.

DSC04962 DSC04964

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Dec 28

You Ji Jia Chuan Duck Rice (友记家传鸭饭), TWG and Pastamania Trip

It is Deepavali Day on Tuesday (13 November 2012) which means it is a public holiday in Singapore. Both Rachel and I plan to go out for a relaxing windows shopping and dining together for the day. Our first stop for lunch is decided to be over at Bugis for duck rice as recommended by one of her friends and the place is actually a stall inside a coffeeshop opposite of Bugis Junction.

DSC04836 DSC04831

When I saw the stall, I remembered that there should be other branch inside foodcourt (Other places) which looks something like this stall too. Anyway since it is a coffeeshop kind of stall, there are no air conditioning and it is all depends on whether it is very hot and humid during the time you are there.

DSC04834 DSC04832

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Dec 27

Din Tai Fung (鼎泰丰) and Sushi Tei Day

It is a nice Saturday (3 November 2012) and Rachel and I planned to meet up with each other for a nice window shopping and having a nice meal together. Since Laurel and her will need to go Jurong Point Maybank to do something, we decided to meet over there for our brunch too.

After they are done with their stuff, we walk over to Din Tai Fung as we are thinking of eating Chinese Dim Sum for our breakfast cum lunch (Brunch) together. Been to Din Tai Fung for a few times already as I loves some of their dishes and likes their cleanliness of the restaurant (The decoration is very comfortable and cozy).

DSC04751 DSC04750 DSC04743

Anyway, we started to check out the menu and took down what we wish to eat before handed over to the staff when they called our number. We are bought into the restaurant area (Normally we are seated outside) and it is also nice as we get to walk pass the open glass concept kitchen where the chefs are busy preparing the dim sum for the customers.

DSC04772 DSC04771

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Dec 26

Dinner at Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe @ City Square Mall

As with my previous post on the milkshake at Makeshake post, we went to have dinner before having our milkshake on Thursday (6 December 2012) and here we are, we went over to this restaurant named as Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe recommended by Michael.

This is the first time I have eaten at this place so it seems to be quite interesting to me as it is mentioned to be an Italian Restaurant. Based on the namecard I got from there, they said they are the most famous Italian restaurant in Japan so I guess there should be some mixture between Italian and Japanese style of food too.

DSC05239 DSC05240 DSC05241

The restaurant is very big and they really made full use of their space by having a lot of tables and other than taking orders from us, most of the things like drinking glass, water, sauce and etc at self service at different small station in the restaurant.

As we know that we will be drinking makeshake later on after our dinner, we do not dare to order too much dishes hence, we ordered a few dishes to share between each other so we can enjoy different variety of food yet do not eat till very full.

DSC05262 DSC05263
Salmon Pizza @ $7.90: Using Norwegian Smoked Salmon as the main ingredient for the pizza.

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Dec 26

Bing Bian (An Affair with Ice) Menu @ Millenia Walk

Another menu I got when I am around at Millenia Walk and it seems to be an interesting stall which sell different types of desserts mixing around fruits and etc all together. Interesting concept to me though I haven’t try it out as of now.

Here you are, the menu if you wish to get any of them.

BingBian1 BingBian2