Jan 29

Lunch over at Seven Seas Restaurant & Bar

It was a raining day on Sunday (25 November 2012) morning and Angel (Rachel’s sister) will be going back home in Malaysia. We planned to go to this restaurant called Seven Seas since I have a $50 Voucher which I won from a Facebook Contest. The restaurant is actually located inside Changi Sailing Club and we had some problem getting there (We are driving there and it is raining) and kind of got lost along the way.


Nevertheless, we manage to find the place and here we are, the restaurant is easily found when you entered the main entrance of the Changi Sailing Club lobby. The place is indeed a very nice place to relax as you are able to see the beach, the sea and some people having water activities near the coast of the Changi Sailing Club. The restaurant is designed in 2 different parts mainly members and non members and from the non members side where we are, the design is using open air concept so no air conditioning. We are lucky that it rain and kind of stopped when we are there so the weather is actually quite cooling.

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Jan 25

Ambush @ Jurong Point and Fish Spa Day

Since I borrowed a car from my sister who went oversea, I decided to bring Rachel and her sisters for a joy ride on Saturday (24 November 2012). Rachel and her sisters meet up with each other first and went over to Jurong Point to do some stuff while I sleep longer a bit before meeting them there.

It is just nice for a lunch so we decided to go for a lunch over at Ambush where I know they served great dishes. There are some other branches over at Junction 8 and Bugis Junction (Not sure about the rest) but I think the standard should be the same even though I haven’t eaten at other branch before.

DSC05020 DSC05050

There are quite a queue during the time we went there but was actually able to be allocated with a table by the staff without much waiting. The staff over at this restaurant is quite friendly though it is quite difficult to get their attention to take order or to request for things.

DSC05019 DSC05021

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