Feb 27

Knowledge: How Singapore Vehicles are Being Calculated

This is one very informative article I got from a share from FaceBook by one of my friend.

The article actually source from onemotoring website but I am unable to find that original link again as the link provided does not provide a direct link to that article.

Anyway, below is the exact copy of what is being shown:

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Feb 15

Random: A Complaint Letter to Crystal Jade (Jurong Point Branch) – Part 1

Had a very bad experience Tuesday (12 February 2013) when having meal and lo Hei session with ex-infra team friends over at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at their Jurong Point Branch.

Their service really is not up to standard and it actually spoilt our mood a bit during that time. As such, I decided to write a complaint letter to their head office on it the very night.

I just wish to post out my letter for all to see and on what they had replied back to me for all to reference and maybe, this is just a one time off type of bad service (Or maybe I am unlucky to encounter these type of service during that time)

This post is a special no photos, all words type of post so bare with me if you wish to know what is happening.

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Feb 14

Christmas cum Birthday Celebration at Japanese Dining SUN

It is Christmas Day (25 December 2012) which falls on a Tuesday. As my birthday is also around the corner, Rachel decided to help celebrate Christmas and my birthday together by having a dinner over at Japanese Dining SUN restaurant as she knows I loves to eat Japanese dishes.

Rachel made a point to made a reservation before Christmas so we are able to get a seat earlier when we are there. As both of us to not own a vehicle, we took public transport and reached City Hall MRT station before walking toward Chijmes where the restaurant is located.


As the restaurant is at level 2, we are able to find the building which linked to this restaurant without much difficulty though from the look of it, this restaurant is not wheelchair friendly as there are no lift to reach level 2 (Based on my knowledge while looking around). You need to walk up a flights of stairs before getting to the front of the restaurant.

Front view from ground floor of the entrance to the restaurant

No lift for wheelchair bounded people so only suitable for those who can walk up the stairs

DSC05443 DSC05444
Glass door to the restaurant when you are at level 2

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Feb 13

Gathering Steamboat Buffet Dinner at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

One of my ex-colleagues organized a steamboat buffet dinner including his brother and Rachel on Tuesday (18 December 2012) for a gathering after our work. The location chosen is at Holland Village and as I am working very near to the location, I was able to meet up with them even thought I had to do some OT within a last minutes notice.

The crystal Jade restaurant is located near to Holland food center and there are 2 levels in total for customer to have their meals at the restaurant. When I reached the restaurant (They seated at level2) after my OT, they had already start their steamboat buffet while waiting for me. The restaurant is quite crowded and there are not much walking space for customer to walk around to get their sauce (Which is placed at one corner of the restaurant) or to go to the washroom.

DSC05431 DSC05430
Kitchen located at level 1

As this is a steamboat buffet, the kitchen provide only those cooked dishes like La Main and etc which is not included in the buffet menu. Anyway, a look at the menu shows that they served quite a lot of variety of steamboat items which shows why there are so many people having their meals over there.

DSC05433 DSC05432

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Feb 13

Contest: Stamford Catering Services FaceBook Contest

One of my ex-colleague Michael had won a FaceBook contest organized by Stamford Catering Service Pte Ltd for a free catering dishes to celebrate his birthday. So Michael actually arrange the catering to be setup on Sunday (16 December 2012) at a void deck near his house and invited his families and friends especially those who helped by voting for him during the contest. (This is those type of contest which needs a lot of votes from public)

The weather during that day is not so good as it rained in the late afternoon but by the time Rachel and I reached the location, the rain had already stopped but the ground is still wet. Michael is waiting at the location to welcome his guest and also to tell us to help ourselves with the free food from the catering company.

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Feb 08

Hemorrhoids (Aka Piles) Removal

It is very common for people to have Piles or where the doctors called it, Hemorrhoids. I too was also one of the many people who had it for many years till now (Hope it will not happen again) and I would like to tell all my readers of my experience from what I have been through.

For one, I will not talk about the suffering one must go through while having those piles within your body as these can be found anywhere in the Internet.

You will know what are the different types of Symptoms and what might have caused it.

More details can be found on the Singapore Singhealth website:


Anyway, back to my experience on these. While having these within me, I tried to go for treatment (Medication or applying onto the piles) which did not help at all. In the end, I went directly to one of the clinic from Raffles Medical Group as recommended by somebody. (Did some research on the Internet too during these time to understand about it)

This is the first time I did the removal which is a few years ago. The doctor who does the Ligation for me during my first time can secure only half of the piles as he mentioned that it is very big for the device to cover all of it. I had a very painful experience which lasted for about 2 to 3 weeks due to pain. (Do not listen to those doctors saying that it is not painful at all. They are all bullshitting!!!) I could not even sleep during the first few days and took almost 3 weeks or more to fully recover back to normal.

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