Mar 31

Bangkok Trip (January 2013) Day 2

Sunday (6 January 2013) and it is our 2nd day in Bangkok. We wake up at about 7 plus in the morning to go for our complimentary breakfast provided by the hotel which starts from 6:30am to 11:00am (On Sunday schedule). There are a total of 3 choices for breakfast, mainly,

  1. American (consist of toast bread, ham, sunny-side-up, sausage)
  2. Continental (consist of salad, toast)
  3. Asian (porridge)

I believe they never change their menu as there are many other people talking about it over the internet (TripAdvisor).

1 DSC05733
View from hotel room.

2DSC05743 DSC05744
They provide drinks station where you can get your free drinks here. The cup is very cute with handles


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Mar 31

Bangkok Trip (January 2013) Day 1

It is Saturday (5 January 2013) and both Rachel and I are going for a holiday trip to Thailand (Bangkok) by ourselves for a 3 days 2 nights of fun, eating, relaxing and most important, non-stop shopping. Since the departure flight is in the evening 5 plus, we are able to get enough rest, have a nice lunch at my house before both of us start to move out toward the Singapore Changi Airport.

All sets to go to the airport. (Do note that I have a small luggage stored inside the big one.)

We took public transport to the airport as we do not have a lot of things to carry and there are normally not much people taking train during that time. We are able to reached the airport at about 2 hours earlier so we proceed to check-in our luggage and proceed to walk around the airport since there is still enough time.

DSC05583 1 2 3

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Mar 17

Dinner at Coffee Club @ IMM

It was a Thursday (3 January 2013) and both Rachel and I decided to meet up for dinner as I have a Coffee Club vouchers after redeeming it from my credit card points. We meet up with each other after our work at IMM as we know there is one restaurant located there and it is near to her workplace.

There are a lot of people around in IMM by the time we reached there and almost all the restaurants are queuing with customers but when we reached the Coffee Club restaurant, there are not much people inside the restaurant but since we are there, we just proceed into the restaurant and start to look through the menu before ordering our dishes.

DSC05573 DSC05574
There are still quite a lot of empty seats when we are there.

Simple menu design

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Mar 12

Dinner at Earle Swensen’s for Last Day of the Year 2012

It is the last day of the year and what would you do to celebrate this date? For me, I went out with Rachel with her sister, Laurel and laurel friend for a dinner on Sunday (31 December 2012) to mark out last day of the year. We predicted that there will be super crowded in town area so we decide to go VivoCity instead as there should be better in terms of town area plus we might be able to catch the fireworks from the Sentosa.

As we are all thinking of healthy food, we went to Earle Swensen’s for our dinner which include salad buffet (One of my favorite place). Laurel and her friends are also happy to eat over there as you know, girls are always trying to eat healthy to stay pretty and slim.

When we reached vivocity, our prediction went wrong as there are also a lot of people flocking in to this place and the whole shopping mall is starting to get crowded even though it is still early in the evening.

Queue forming up

There was already a long queue when we reached the restaurant and I decide to walk in to take some photos of the restaurant first while the girls continue to wait in the queue.

DSC05544 DSC05545
There are some empty tables but nobody clear up the mess or lead the waiting customers to be seated

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Mar 08

Wedding Dinner at Parkroyal Hotel (Kitchener Road)

I was invited to one of my secondary school classmate (Simon and his wife, Felicia) wedding dinner on Saturday (30 December 2012). How time flies, we have known each other for so long and now everyone is either getting married or already have kids by now and most of us are too busy with either work or family that we seldom meet up for outings or gathering.

He hosted his wedding Banquet at Park Royal Hotel located at Kitchener Road. Going there by public transport is quite easy as you can alight at Farrer Park (Purple Line) MRT station and walk over to the hotel (Around 5 – 10 mins walk) but one thing bad (In my opinion) is as it is weekends, evening time will have a lot of foreigner hanging around those area. Not to say a bad thing but it is kind of crowded to me.

Hotel from the outside

Crowded area during the weekends evening

Some decoration as it is still Christmas season

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Mar 08

Random: A Complaint Letter to Crystal Jade (Jurong Point Branch) – Part 2

This is actually a follow up post based on my earlier complaint letter. After getting the reply from Crystal Jade, Ashley, on 13 February 2013, I actually thought that that is the end of this complaint letter as I did not received any reply from them since then.

But I was wrong, on 19 February 2013, I received another e-mail reply from them and this time, from Raymond Wong. He  apologized about this incident that I had experience and stated that they had since identify and provided some re-training and counseling the staff involved. (Hope that this is truth).

Below is what he had e-mailed to me:

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