Apr 28

Dining at Table Manners

There is a travel event hosted at EXPO these few days and Laurel, Laurel’s friend, Rachel and I decided to go there to take a look and see if there is any nice deal for our upcoming Taiwan Holiday trip and also New Zealand Holiday Trip.

Meet up with Laurel’s friend at Expo mrt station in the afternoon and started to walk around the travel fair for good deals but too bad, we did not sign up any package at all as they are either not what we really wish to have or too expensive to get it from them. So in the end, we are just there to join the fun of the travel fair. Oh, we did sign up for the travel insurance for our upcoming trip in Taiwan during the March timing which I will blog about it soon. (Hopefully got time)

Anyway, we met up with Hazel after we had done our window shopping as she also wish to find some good deal from the travel fair. At a later stage, we met up with more of Hazel’s friends who are also there to look for good deal for their projected honeymoon too but too bad none of us actually signed up any holiday package during the travel fair. I feels that the travel fair are more for those families who needs travel agency and guide for their holiday trip and not for people like us who likes to plan for free and easy without any restrictions. To me, there are nothing much except information that you can use for your own free and easy holiday trip.

By the time all of us are done with the travel fair walk, we decided to walk over to Changi City Point which is a new shopping mall opened next to Expo MRT station. Walking through some of the restaurants, we decided to settle for “Table Manners” for our dinner as their simple yet unique decoration kind of attract us to dine here.

Special long connected tables

The seating of the restaurant are very special as they do not really have separate tables but more on those long type of tables for all different customer to seat. Read somewhere said that this restaurant idea is to let customer mingle with each other and make friends with strangers eating there too.


In terms of space wise, they have indoors and outdoors dining area and I like the one below a tent type but too bad during that time when we are there, some other customer are already there having their meals.

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Apr 26

A Foodie Day out with Rachel and Laurel

Rachel managed to borrow her family car to come into Singapore as she needs to use it to fetch her father from the Airport later on so on Saturday (23 February 2013), she drive into Singapore together with Laurel, come to fetch me and off we go for a day of foodie trip (To some places normally we will not go) and our first stop is Tiong Bahru for Shark meat Lor Mee which Laurel had never eaten before and both Rachel and I wish to intro her to it and in the same time have our lunch there as we did not eat at this place for quite a while.

The lor mee stall is located at level 2 of the Tiong Bahru old market (Level 1 is wet market) and this place is famous for it good food (A few popular stall located here). As usual, when we reached the place, there are quite a lot of people having their meals here and there is already a queue at the Shark Meat Lor Mee stall.

Famous Shark Meat Lor Mee 178

You will be able to see there is always a queue at this stall for their Lor Mee (There are other stall selling lor mee too) and the staff inside are seen to be always deep frying Shark meat Nuggets and some other side dishes of the Lor Mee.

DSC06294 DSC06295 DSC06296
Shark Meat Nuggets with a lot of crispy bits and some pork slice meat

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Apr 25

Dinner Over at Toa Payoh Central

As Rachel wish to buy something over at Toa Payoh Central, we arranged to go there right after our work on Friday (22 February 2013) for dinner before looking around as windows shopping to see if we can find what Rachel wish to buy. Laurel and one of her colleague joined us for the dinner and in the first place, Rachel actually wanted to find a stall selling Peranakan dishes but found out that it is no longer operating their business in that stated place.

In the end, we end up dining over at this hawker/restaurant stall named “Hiang Ji Roasted Meat & Noodle House” at one corner of the back lane as the staff is very persistent in getting us to dine at their place and since I saw that there are quite a lot of customer eating at this place, we thought that their food should be quite nice to eat.

Front View of the restaurant

The restaurant is actually a stand alone hawker stall with their own sets of tables and chairs. We looked through the menu and started to order our dish. Overall, the staff are very attentive and is quick to answer our queries and request.

Duck Rice

Very bad choice to eat at this place as the rice is very hard. Should be never put enough water to cook or taken out before it is fully cooked. Meat wise is even worst!!! There are not much edible meat given but mostly is bones while the meat texture is quite tough and when you eat, you could even eat or bite into some crushed bones (Though the duck did taste nice) which gives an overall bad dining experience at this stall. There are no side soup given as what other duck rice stall would do and I think the only good thing is their sauce.

Duck Noodle

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Apr 25

Pre-CNY Lo Hei at Suishi Tei Raffles City Branch

Chinese (Lunar) New Year is coming very soon and since Rachel and I will not be meeting each other on the eve of Chinese New Year, we decided to have a pre Chinese New Year celebration together with her sisters first. We arranged to meet on Friday (8 February 2013) for dinner and also Lo Hei together as Angel is also around in Singapore on that day.

Laurel asked one of her friends to come along too to join in the fun. We met up at City Hall as we wanted to dine in at Sushi Tei for dinner. We are lucky as there are not many people queuing at Sushi Tei too and was able to be allocate a round table for the 6 of us.

Since I had blogged about Sushi Tei at Raffles City, I will just post the dishes that we had order instead for this post:

DSC06221 DSC06220DSC06223
Japanese Style Fa Cai Yu Sheng @ $36.80

What will be a Chinese New Year Dinner be without Fa Cai Yu Sheng. I loves Japanese Yu Sheng more than the Chinese style as I can get to eat fresh fish (Sashimi) while the Chinese style might not be able to compare with the freshness (and thickness too).

Yu Sheng after adding all side dishes into it

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Apr 23

Pre-CNY food Dinner at Shan Ming Seafood Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

Chinese New Year is coming soon and I went to Malaysia with Rachel to visit her family on Saturday (2 February 2013) plus to give some Chinese New Year snack to them. (My parent ask me to bring over to them).

The travel from Singapore back to Malaysia on weekends is super crowded as most Singaporean went there for meals or shopping while Malaysian going back home to visit their families. It took quite a while before we can clear the custom and luckily Rachel’s mother is good enough to come fetch us in their car.

We stayed within the house till dinner time when Rachel’s father decided to go to a restaurant which they reserved for reunion dinner as a “pre-tasting” dinner there.

Front View of the restaurant

Open space type of Zi Char Restaurant


We got to the restaurant around 6 plus in the evening and the sun is still quite bright. The restaurant staff are quick to allocate a table for us and said that this will also be the table for the reunion day too. The restaurant is an non air-con Zi Char stall with quite a lot of tables for guest to eat there where there are a few fans blowing to keep the customer cool.

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Apr 22

Dinner over at FISH at 313 Somerset

After a hard day at work, both Rachel and I decided to go down town for a dinner on Tuesday (22 January 2013) and as Laurel is also knocking off from work, we asked her to join us for dinner too.

There are a lot of people over at Somerset when we reached there by MRT and so many of the restaurants are either having long queues or we do not wish to dine at that restaurant. It was when we saw a restaurant which we had never really tried before and there are also salad buffet (Seems to be similar with Swensen’s at Vivo City) and furthermore, this is a branch from the popular Fish & Co. Singapore.

DSC06152DSC06154 DSC06155
Salad Bar counter

There are still a lot of empty tables there and we though we are lucky to be able to find a table so quickly as it is consider still peak hours for restaurant when we are there. The tables are spread nicely apart which makes us feel quite nice and comfy. As there is a salad buffet at $5.90 if you ordered a main course or as a stand alone, we decided to dine in this restaurant to try it out. (Do not really wish to keep going to Vivo Swensen for salad buffet)

Nice menu design

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Apr 11

Ex-Infra Gathering over at PS Cafe for Dinner

After our short dinner session over at Lavender foodcourt a few days earlier, we arrange to go for another dinner session in town area on Wednesday (16 January 2013) and decided to go have our dinner at PS Cafe since we have never eaten at this restaurant before and had always hear about it from our friend (Saw some uploaded photos taken from PS Cafe though).

DSC06126 1

We meet up after our work at Orchard MRT and walked to Paragon where PS Cafe is located at level 3 of the building. Actually we thought that the cafe is actually at the walkway next to the escalator but the staff bring us into a retail store and there is another part of the cafe within hidden in the retail store called “Project Shop” selling stylish bags. This is quite a surprise and the environment inside is also quite different from the outside seats too. I would say the inside of the cafe is more cozy and romantic due to dim lighting.

DSC06134 DSC06131

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