Jun 30

Dinner over at Aussie Roll and Relaxation Over at Starbucks

It was a Friday (26 April 2013) night and Rachel had an facial appointment where I will always wait for her before having dinner together. As it was still very early before she needs to go for the appointment, we decided to go over to Aussie Roll Cafe which sells ready made sushi rolls. We had been passing by this place but never really went in to try out their dishes so this time round, we decided to try it out since it is still quite early.

Restaurant front view of Aussie Roll

A look from the front shows that they were being featured in one of the food critic magazine/newspaper as there are some print out and photocopied cutting being shown on the glass wall. There are not much tables and chairs inside the restaurant but these was not an issue as there are many tables (public usage) outside of the restaurant as these were some sort of min food court over at this place. A lot of people bought their sushi rice as take away and they will help customer to cut those long sushi into bite size (You can choose to eat it as a whole without cutting too).

DSC08089 1
Nice and attractive display of their sushi rice rolls



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Jun 26

Facebook Free Gift from BlackBox

I had just received a free gift send right to my door step on Thursday (25 April 2013). This was a totally free gift given by a company called “The Black Box” which had a page in Facebook.


All you have to do was just to like them on Facebook and subscribe to their website. They will deliver their Black box to you at your door steps and all these for free.

So what was inside the black box as mentioned. These are all the samples that the company had gotten from different brands putting all of them into 1 black box.

DSC08079 DSC08081
Free samples and vouchers inside The Black Box

They are said to be sending out Black Box soon but to selected subscriber. Guess that there are too many people being a member and there are not enough stock for all of them.

Hope I can get another of the black box again some day.

Website: http://blackbox.sg


Jun 24

Men-Ichi Janpanese Ramen (Jurong Point)

Both Rachel and I planned to have our dinner fix at Jurong Point on Wednesday (24 April 2013) and to have some windows shopping around the place.


Walking around the many restaurants, we decided to have our meals over at Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen Restaurant as both of us had eaten at this restaurant before last time and always been wanting to have it again here.

Small and fully utilized kitchen

The restaurant was located along the Japanese Village of Jurong Point Shopping Mall with a very small shop front though their signage is quite big. There were quite a lot of people having their dinner fix here too but we were lucky to be able to get a seats without much waiting.

Tables and chairs are all placed near to each other due to small restaurant size

As for the space of the restaurant, due to smaller space constraint, the tables and chairs are placed near to each other though that did not bother most of the people in there due to nice ramen being served here.

DSC08059 DSC08074
They provide Free Upsize for noodles (Ramen)

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Jun 23

Dining Experience at Fruit Paradise (Raffles City)

It was Tuesday (23 April 2013), both Rachel and I decided to meet together for a dinner at Raffles City beside City hall MRT station. Walking around for some windows shopping around the place looking for some stuff for our important event.

DSC08051DSC08052 DSC08050 23Apr2013

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Jun 20

Nice dining Experience at Rock and Ash Restaurant

Both Rachel and I decided to go City Hall for some windows shopping and dinner straight after work on Thursday (18 April 2013). As usual, I will normally wait for her at Bouna Vista MRT station before going together with her to City hall MRT station. Going through the City Link underground mall, we passed by a few stalls and was also looking at the prices for manicure as Rachel needs to go for it very soon.

DSC08031 3
They do not accept Credit Card payment but accept NETS / EZ-LINK / CASH

Along the way, we passed by a restaurant who had a staff (Uncle type) trying to get customer to come eat in their restaurant, we took a look at the menu and the staff was very friendly and was able to introduce some of their plus point to dine at their restaurant. The restaurant served different kinds of dishes including finger food and main course like western or pasta and etc. I think one of the plus point which made us dine in the place is their free flow of soft drinks (Carbonated type so I did not drink any) and “Soup of the Day” for each set meal ordered (There are free wireless too but is not one of the plus point to me). In term of pricing, they are considering on the value type.

DSC08027 DSC08005 1

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Jun 17

Seoul Yummy Dinner at The Central

It was a Friday (5 April 2013). Rachel asked me to tag along for a dinner together with her sisters (Laurel and Angel). As Angel will be at The Central, they decided to just go there for our dinner which I agreed as it had been a long time since the last time we went there for a meal.

I am able to reach there earlier than normal as I am off work half an hour earlier at 5:30pm. Since I am here early, I just went walking around the place for some window shopping while waiting for the ladies. There were quite a lot of people around The Central with some bridal photo shooting exhibition at the ground floor and I was enjoying some of the photographer’s creativity photos (Did not took any photos of those). Rachel and her sisters started to show up quite soon and they decided to have Korean food at Seoul Yummy Restaurant after some walking around looking at different restaurants and discussion on what to eat.

Seoul Yummy Restaurant

There are quite a lot of people queuing up to have their meal fix here and we also joined in the queue too. Reason for selecting this restaurant was that they had a very nice display of Korean dishes, their environment looks cozy and of course, there were quite a lot of people queuing for it meaning it must be quite good.

Nice interior design

Seems like they change their operating hours so just took a photo of it too.

We waited for about 15 to 20 minutes before we were allocated with a table of 4 people. Since all of us were hungry from the waiting and it was already quite late, we looked through the menu and started to order our dishes.

Free flow side dishes for each table

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Jun 12

Mayim Chinese Cuisine @ West Mall (Bukit Batok)

My ex-Swiber colleagues and XB brother had earlier arrange for a dinner session after my Taiwan holiday trip and decided it to be on Friday (29 March 2013). So after my office work, I proceed to go to Bukit Batok where we meet up at West Mall Shopping mall. I had previously made a reservation for table at Mayim but nearly unable to make any reservation as their minimum number of people before they allow reservation were at 6 people.

I was thinking what the hell are they thinking that we cannot make reservation with less people. Anyway, just to fulfill their requirement, I said got 6 people (We had 5 people in total) and made a reservation which was a standard timing of starting time 7:30pm (Do not understand why even timing, they also need to control). As we reached (Around 7pm) the restaurant early which was at West Mall Shopping Mall Level 2. There was a lot of people queuing up for a meal at the restaurant and since we reached early, I looked for the staff intending to tell them we reached early so can wait for the next available table for us to seat at.

DSC07930 DSC07928

To my disappointment, the staff told me that there are no tables at the moment and ask us to walk around till our appointment time at 7:30pm (What are they thinking of? We reached early cannot go in to have our meals early?) In the same time, my ex-colleagues are already started to queue for it and chat up along the way. We saw a few families being called in to dine in the restaurant. (Reservation lose to people queuing there?).

DSC07965 DSC07932

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