Jul 31

Kuriya Japanese Fresh Fish Market at Causeway Point

The days went so fast and it was Thursday (9 May 2013) again. Meeting up with Rachel as usual for our dinner and this time we decided to go Woodlands causeway point shopping mall for our dinner instead of going town as it was nearlier to Rachel’s house.

Fresh Sashimi which you can buy and the chef will slice it for you on the spot

The price are cheaper than most of the Japanese restaurants

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Jul 26

Ramen Dining at Daikokuya (大黑屋) – Raffles City

Both Rachel and me had arrange to go out on Tuesday (7 May 2013) for some windows shopping to buy some accessories for some event and decided to go Raffles City Shopping Mall next to City Hall MRT station.


Since we had been eating at the same old places in Raffles City, we decided to try some other restaurant instead and in the end, decided to eat at a Japanese Restaurant, “Daikokuya (大黑屋)”


This was a small restaurant located at one side of the shopping mall and most of the tables and seats are quite close to each other. We were quite lucky as we were allocated with a table as soon as we entered the restaurant. The staff are all very busy due to dinner peak hours and there were people starting to form a queue outside while we are ordering our dishes.

Basic setup of the table for customer (Green Tea @ $1.00 each)

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Jul 24

Citibank Movie Event Plus Dinner at NYDC

It was Friday (3 May 2013) and my sister had earlier message me during office hour whether I am keen to go for a Citibank movie event which Citibank had given her company showing Ironman 3. Since I have not watched the show (And Rachel had watched it with her sisters), I readily agreed to go watch together with them. (Free movie why not? lolx).


And since it was a Friday, I am able to get off from work half an hour earlier so I kind of reached Shaw House (Orchard) by taking SBS 105 from Buona Vista bus stop. Guess I reached the place too early and I can see that Citibank have not complete their preparation as some cinema staff are preparing the popcorn and bottles of drinks (Coke). Each ticket entitled to 1 popcorn and drink.

Our Tickets to Ironman 3 with free popcorn and drinks

It was only till around 6pm plus, some people started to queue up for the tickets (First come first serve basis) but my second sister who reached not long ago told me to wait for a while as she mentioned that they normally give out the tickets starting from the back to the front so in order to get center seats, we need to wait a while longer. True enough, we received the seats which are not too far back and not too near to the screen in front.


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Jul 23

Tsubohachi @ Bugis+ and Hansang Korean Restaurant & Market at Old Turf City

Based on our Singapore Holiday, Wednesday (Today, 01 May 2013) was a public Holiday (Labour Day) and both Rachel and I had planned to go out and do some windows shopping around the place so we decided to go Bugis.


After finished our windows shopping for some ideas for our upcoming event, we decided to have a light lunch over at Bugis+ as both of us will be meeting up with my second sister for dinner. We actually do not know what we wanna eat and kindly of passed by this Japanese restaurant which kind of attracted our attention with lanterns at its main door.

Nice environment within the restaurant

The staff were very friendly and directed us to a table as soon as we step into the door. When we entered, I was quite impressed by the decoration and the layout of the place. There are some traditional style table seats which mimic Japanese seating while there are quite a lot of Japanese display within the restaurant. The whole place seems to be comfy and spacious too though I did not see a lot of customer eating here (Just 2 groups of customers when we were there).


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Jul 17

Dinner Time over at Brotzeit (The Star Vista)

My ex-colleagues had organized a dinner cum drinking gathering over at Brotzeit located at The Star Vista on Tuesday (30 April 2013). Since my office was very near to the location, I continue to work with my stuff while waiting for them to board the train at Jurong East before leaving my office and walked over to The Star Vista which was just next to Buona Vista MRT.


Long Queue to dine at the restaurant

For anyone who wish to have their meals at this place (Especially dinner), it would be best to call them and make reservation. When I was there, there were a lot of people queuing for their turn to dine in this place. Luckily we had make reservation as we had a bigger group of people eating.


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Jul 14

S.E.A. Aquarium @ Sentosa

As mentioned in my earlier blog post, after having our breakfast at ToastBox, we proceed to walk over to Sentosa as there are too many people queuing up to enter Sentosa via the Train.

This is just one part of the super long snake shape queue

Our tickets

Actually, the distance between VivoCity and Sentosa through the boardwalk is not very far and you can get to enjoy the scenery of the place where halfway through, you can find 2 cafe over at this place (One of them was Queen which we used to come and will still be for small gathering and chat).

Queue started to form at the entrance

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Jul 10

Quiz: To understand what type of person you are.

I came across a quiz in traditional Chinese in Facebook (Shared from my friends) which seems to be very interesting on knowing what type of a person you are. The only problem is that these are in traditional Chinese characters and might not be easy to read up even for me.

So here goes:

========================== Starting of the Quiz ============================

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