Aug 29

Woo Lee Jeeb Dae Bak Korean @ Food Republic (Causeway Point)

This Saturday (15 June 2013) was quite a special day for both Rachel and me as her family were coming to Singapore for a lunch and relaxation. I did not took any photos of the lunch event but while I am on my way back home, I did saw something very interesting which was a sport car caught fire along the expressway.

1 DSC09387 DSC09388

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Aug 28

Neighbourhood Zi Char Stall (You Le Tian Seafood Restaurant) @ Jurong West Street 41

Once a while, my family will go out to nearby coffeeshop to dine at the Zi Char stall nearby my house. This was just one of the Saturday (8 June 2013) which we went out for dinner instead of cooking at home. There were a few Zi Char stall nearby my area due to the many coffeeshop around these places (Around 7 coffeeshop walking distance from my block.


My family decided to dine over at a Zi Char stall called “You Le Tian Seafood Restaurant” (有樂天海鲜). When we reached the place, we were able to find a table without any waiting as these Zi Char stall will always “Reserved” some tables for people who dine at their stall. In terms of cleanliness of the place, do not expect too much air-conditioning restaurant style of place when you are at a open air coffeeshop.

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Aug 26

Bad Dining Experience at Punggol Nasi Padang @ Jcube

Thursday (6 June 2013) was just another one of our dining date together between Rachel and me, we decided to go Jcube for our dinner as it was easy to go back to our own home later on. We decided to eat over at Punggol Nasi Padang over at Jcube as we had been passing by this restaurant though never really eaten there before.

DSC09366 DSC09365 DSC09367

There were not many people dining over at this restaurant during our time of visit and mostly were Malays or Indians while some Chinese were there dining too. The tables were placed nicely and was not really too close to each others. To me, this place was like a normal coffee shop except there was only 1 stall inside as all things over at this place is self service for example, we need to look for tables ourselves and also to queue up to purchase our dishes.

There were 2 cash counters over at this place which I will explain more details

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Aug 23

Dining at The Rotisserie (Chicken and Gourmet Salads) @ Rochester Park

Having working near Buona Vista area, I got the chance to dine over at Rochester Park during our lunch break and it was known to me of this restaurant called The Rotisserie which served nice dishes. So on Sunday (2 June 2013), I decide to go there for a dinner together with Rachel to try out nice dining place together during the evening time.

DSC09332 DSC09334

The restaurant was located just beside Park Avenue Rochester Hotel together with some other restaurant beside it too. The whole place was giving people a relaxing feeling with not many people over at this place and it would be a great place for gathering and chilling out with friends with some other restaurants and cafe over at this area.

DSC09338 1
Relaxing place with comfortable environment and scenery

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Aug 21

Marina Square Relaxing Walk

Saturday (1 June 2013) was a special day as both Rachel and me needs to go Marina Square Shopping Mall to look at one of our event results. Both of us were very excited to see the result of our pass week (or Months) of effort. Rachel’s sisters (Laurel and Hazel) will be meeting us later on to give suggestion and etc too.

DSC09288 1
Angry Birds Hall of Fame

Did a short windows shopping while over at Marina Square too and there was an event of Angry Bird merchandize over there. Those who spend a minium amount of things at Marina Square will also be entitled to some games here too as you can see a lot of people especially kids were having fun over at this event.

DSC09297 DSC09295
Kids trying out the catapult for Angry Bird

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Aug 20

Nice Ramen at RamenPlay Restaurant

Rachel and I had arrange to go out for our dinner date together on Thursday (30 May 2013) so as usual, we will meet up at MRT before proceeding to our destination which was chosen to be NEX @ Serangoon Central.


As there was quite a lot of people shopping and dining around the place after work, we just choose somewhere which was not as crowded (No need to queue for too long) and so, we settle for a restaurant called RamenPlay which still had some queue but was not as long as the rest. Anyway, we had eaten in RamenPlay for a few times in other branches so decided to try this branch for our dinner.


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Aug 18

Change of Monitor to Philips 27″ Model 278C4

It was a very bad day for me as my trust worthy Samsung monitor died on me when I need it for some research over the Internet. This 19″ inch monitor had been showing me the wonders of the Internet cum movies for a few years and it suddenly died on me on 28 May 2013.

My 19″ Samsung LCD Montior ~~Good Bye~~

Without much choice, I went over to Sim Lim Square to find and get a new monitor for my system on the very next day after work. Had been doing some research over the net in office on what monitor I should get and was thinking of a 27″ inch one as the current standard one out there in the market are selling at minimum 24″ inch nowadays. Ofcourse as a loyal fans of Samsung, I decided to purchase Samsung brand monitor again and had thought what model to get.


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