Nov 29

Movie and Dinning Dates

A day had passed from our Pulau Ubin Trip and we had planned to meet up again to go for a movie date on Sunday (7 July 2013) at The Cathay for Despicable Me 2 as we had 2 x free tickets from my sister to watch it.

Reached The Cathay very early to redeem our free tickets and select a good seats before going for our lunch. We eaten our lunch at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen located at the basement of The Cathay (Too common so never took any photos of it). The time was just right for us to have our lunch first before going for our movie date together.


This was a great and funny show which was both suitable from young kids to adults with their cute minions. I loves the last part where they sang those pop songs.

Some photo taking while waiting for train.

After enjoying our movies, it was about 4plus in the afternoon. We decided to go over to city hall for some windows shopping as Plaza Singapura Shopping mall was full of crowds during the weekends. Over at City Hall, we walked around Raffles City Shopping Mall till it was time for us to eat our dinner.

DSC09849 DSC09851

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Nov 25

A Trip to Pulau Ubin

It was a great weather on Saturday (6 July 2013) and both Rachel and I planned to go for a photo shooting trip as she wish to train up her photo taking skill for our holiday during the October time. Early in the morning, we took public transport to Changi Village where there was Changi Point Ferry Terminal within walking distance which will be able to take us to Pulau Ubin.

Before we board the bus from Tanah Merah MRT Station to Changi Bus Terminal (Changi Village), we bought 2 x mineral water at the 7-11 store within the station thinking that the drinks over at Pulau Ubin sure will be more expensive than inland and went happily to board our bus.

Bus stop at Changi Village Food Centre

After reaching the place, we decided to have our brunch over at Changi Village first before proceeding to take the ferry. Over at Changi Village Food Centre, I hear that there was a very popular Nasi Lemak Stall which sell very nice dish but when I saw the queue, I decided to try other stall instead as it do not seems to be worth the time to queue so long for a Nasi Lemak.

DSC09719 DSC09721
The popular Nasi Lemak but the queue was too long

DSC09724 DSC09725
Another stall (International Muslim Food Stall) selling Nasi Lemak but shorter queue so I decided to buy from this stall instead

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