Dining Experience at Fruit Paradise (Raffles City)

It was Tuesday (23 April 2013), both Rachel and I decided to meet together for a dinner at Raffles City beside City hall MRT station. Walking around for some windows shopping around the place looking for some stuff for our important event.

DSC08051DSC08052 DSC08050 23Apr2013

After some windows shopping walk around, we end up just having a dinner over at Fruit Paradise when we saw it while searching for what place we should have our dinner fixed. There were not a lot of people having their meals there so it was quite easy to get a place to sit.

DSC08037 DSC08053

After making ourselves comfortable, we looked through the menu and started to order our meals. After ordering the meals, I was wondering why they do not serve us any plain water like what we had during our meals at Plaza Singapura (PS branch) but since the staff looked busy, I just thought that they had forgotten to serve us the plain water and asked for it from them. To my surpise, the staff told me that we need to pay $ in order to have plain water being served. I was like what??? PS branch never charge and yet here is charging $ to be served with normal tap water? In the end, I did not order any drinks as I was disappointed with the charges of plain water (Which I will never have my meals there again).

Rachel was actually on diet plan and bought her own fruits to eat as her dinner which she started to eat when my dishes was served but one staff came over and told us that no outside food is allowed in the restaurant and pointed us to a small label sticker on the end of the restaurant door.

No outside Food/Drinks allowed

If I had known the restaurant had strict rules on these, I would never had step into the restaurant in the first place (Come on.. Just 1 person having fruits also needs to get stopped. It is not as if we never order any meal from you).

DSC08047 DSC08048
Clam Japanese Sauce Spaghetti @ $9.90

There are not much clams being served in the dish (estimated about 6 clams) and though the dish was not bad with some Japanese seaweed being sprinkle on top of it. I believe they used some white wine to prepare this dish as it looks and taste a bit like the white wine clam pasta being served at “Ambush” but Ambush ones tasted much better than this place.

DSC08046 DSC08044
Mango Banana @ $6.80 per slice

As we wished to try different version of their fruit tart, we ordered mango banana instead. The tart is full of cream and there was some ripe slices of banana being added to the tart with a cheese based cream right at the bottom. I would say after having 3 different fruit tart to date, these fruit tart was actually not as great or nice as what I used to think they are.

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-44F, Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: 6333 4849
Website: http://www.fruitparadise.com.sg

Operating Hours (Daily):
11:30am – 10:00pm

Furthermore, from this incident where they charge for plain water and too strict on their rules, I decided not to patronize Fruit Paradise at Raffles City ever again unless really no choice given. For cakes and tarts, there are others restaurants which served much better values and nice dishes than these over marketed fruit tart.

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