Company Dinner and Dance

Having joined my current company for less than 1 year, I was able to attend the company dinner and dance celebration on Friday (12 July 2013). We were given early release from work at 3pm for us to go back home to change or to prepare ourselves for the dinner and dance. This was not like the one which I used to have from my ex-company (Christmas Party was being treated like Dinner and Dance there) where we need to become part of the dancer and etc for the entertainment which I really hate it as it was not taking part willingly type while dinner was always a buffet style instead of banquet dinner which most of the bigger companies will do.

Took this photos after the dinner and dance ended

DSC09890 DSC09891
Hotel area

Anyway, we were told to reached Carlton Hotel ballroom at 7pm where the dinner and dance will be hosted. The ballroom was located at level 2 and one can either take the lift or walk up the stairs. Finding our ballroom was not hard as there were big signboard of our company event along the walkway


There were a few freebies stall located just outside the ballroom for all employees to try out for example, the cartoon drawing of yourself, tattoos and even photo booth stall.

Photo Booth stall where any staff can select some tools for their photo shots.

Care for a tattoo over here?

2 DSC09906
Cartoon Drawing of myself and my colleagues

All the stalls outside were already paid for and all of us had a fun time trying out each of the stalls. There was also a nice piano just outside the ballroom too so I kind of took a photo of it too.


Seating arrangement of total 28 tables

Table arrangement and ballroom setup

The ballroom was quite spacious and we can walk freely without any knocking onto the chairs beside us.

Menu for the night

The menu provided was quite nice just like a standard wedding banquet type of dinner. Unlike my ex-company which only knows how to provide catering type of “Dinner and Dance” even in those high class places. This would be something new and what I expect a Dinner and Dance would be too.

Cold Dish Combination – Jellyfish, Roast Duck, Seafood Roll, Century Egg with Ginger, Deep fried Sliverfish

The cold dish was quite nice and I loves the duck meat the best as it was tender unlike those hard to bite type. The century egg was quite standard and nothing to comments about while the jelly fish was just normal to me. The sliver fish was quite salty in my opinion.

DSC09920 DSC09929
Eight Treasure Soup

Colleagues discussing stuff while looking at some of the performance on the stage.

Instead of having a Shark Fin soup, the restaurant now served different types of soup to all and this was just one example of the replacement in order to save them from extinction. The soup though to me was not as good as Shark fin soup, it was still nice with the crab meat, mushroom and etc. The taste too seems to mimic shark fins soup too.

Steamed Garoupa in Superior Soya Sauce after being cut by the waitress

The waitress who served us did not wait for us to take our photos and started to cut up the fish so I can just took the after cut photo. The fish was very fresh and the simple soya sauce on it does the wonders of making the whole dish nicer.

DSC09932 DSC09933
Sauteed Wasabi Prawns

The prawns were deep fried before mixed together with special wasabi sauce. Easy to eat while the wasabi to me was still fine and kind of sweet. Prawn wise, it was consider fresh but would preferred it to be a steamed type of dish instead of deep frying type.

6 DSC09943
Our table representative won us a prize

There were some games while dinner were being served and one of them required one of us on the table to be the representative and act as a woman. A lot of guys were fine to makeover themselves but do not think I would do that. Anyway, thanks to one of our colleague who was gamed enough to be our representative and even won the first prize for us. The prize was a small clip with stationary attached to it.

DSC09940 DSC09941
Braised Sea Cucumber with Black Mushrooms and Seasonal Greens

There were a lot of mushrooms in this dish and though I am not a fans of these type of dish, I was still able to eat some of the mushroom and sea cucumber.

DSC09945 DSC09946
Smoked Chinese Tea Soya Chicken

The chicken meat though was tender, there was not much taste on this dish as the meat did not really marinated with the soya sauce. It would be great if there were some taste on the chicken meat itself rather than just plain taste while outer layer were nice due to the sauce.

DSC09947 DSC09948
Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Straw Mushrooms and Chives

The noodles were a bit on the salty side but was still fine as all of us were quite full by the time we were eating this dish. In the end, I just had a bit of this dish.

DSC09950 DSC09953
Honeydew Sago with Seasonal Fruits

There were not much fruits in the dish (Or the bowl I had did not have much of the fruits) but there were full of sago in it. The soup itself was sweet and refreshing though I do not really like so many sago in it. Overall, it was a nice dish to have.

76 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189558

All of us proceed to go back home after the last dish (Some leave even earlier before the last dish) and we had an enjoyable night for my first Dinner and Dance with this new Company.

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