Dinner at Seoul Garden Clementi

It had been a long time since I had buffet dinner with the guys so we decided to meet up at Clementi Mall to have dinner on Saturday (13 July 2013) at Seoul Garden which was a newly opened restaurant at Clementi area.

DSC09957 DSC09958

The place looks clean with only a few dishes of cooked food were placed on the side of the dining area unlike the rest of the branch which place all raw and cooked food at the side of the restaurant for customer to get their own food themselves.

Monitor used for ordering of raw dishes

Customer will be able to order raw dishes either from the monitor next to each table or order directly from the staff who was walking by. The tables were quite near to each other which I am not really comfortable with and the place was quite noisy with lots of people trying to chat up with one another while having their fill at this restaurant.

DSC09960 DSC09963
Drinks corner

DSC09961 DSC09962
Cooked dishes

The staff seems to be busy walking here and there but was still able to served you with a smile when you got their attention which was still good.

Dessert corner

There was also a dessert corner where you can make your own ice-kachang or some fruits and cakes. Overall, the place was neat and tidy unlike most of the buffet place where dishes were all messed by due to customer anyhow take or mixed raw dishes together with each other.

Big size baby octopus which was quite hard to chew

3155 Commonwealth Avenue West
#05-18/19/20, The Clementi Mall
Singapore 129588
Tel: 6659 2339
(Buffet Ala-Carte)
Website: http://www.seoulgarden.com.sg
Price at $27.99 (Adult) for Weekend dinner (Exclude GST and Service Charge)
Safra member had 10% discount

Operating Hours (Daily):
11:30am – 10:30pm

After having our fill at Seoul Garden, we decided to go and find a place to chill out and since I had a car (Borrowed from my sister), we decided to go Buona Vista area to chill out. Actually we chosen to go to Michael previous workplace restaurant to have some dessert and chill out but too bad when we were there, they told us that their kitchen was closed and would not be able to sell finger food and etc to us.

Feeling a bit disappointed, we decided to walk around the area for a place to chill out instead and we saw this restaurant called “Pies & Coffee” and decided to chill out at this restaurant instead.

DSC09977 DSC09975
Some display and merchandise

There were not much people over at this place and it was a nice place for chilling out with friend as the place had indoor and outdoor tables for customer to choose from.

Indoor area (air-condition)

Outdoor (Nature Air)

Almost all the things were self service at this cafe for example, we need to find out own tables (Very easy to find while we were there) and we need to queue up to order then back to the counter to get our drinks. Even the tables which previous customer had left a bit of mess, it took the staff quite a while before clearing the tables.

Self service plain water corner for customer who order drinks from them.

Even though there were few people around, I felt that the service level was not really that high. To give a bit of credits, the staff at the counter were very friendly and was able to introduce some of the drinks to us when we do not know what to order.

DSC09979 DSC09978
Their pies and cakes were quite popular as I saw them from TV show

Japanese Ice Cream @ $4.80

Free Cookies when you buy Coffee

Remote Caller Device

After ordering our drinks, they handled a device to us and was asked to go back to our seat and wait for the device to sound and vibrate before going back to counter and get our drinks. Interesting device and was good as it allow us to go back to our seats to wait instead of standing there waiting for our drinks.

DSC09985 DSC09986
Our drinks and took some cookies from the jar

35 Rochester Drive
#01-02 Rochester Mall
Singapore 138639
Tel: 6570 0080
Website: http://www.piesncoffee.com (Some issue with official link)

Operating Hours (Daily)
9:00am – 11:00pm

After we had finished our chilling out session, we decided to go back home to rest for the day as it was getting very late so I send all of them back home first before going back home to rest.

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