Seafood Lunch Across the Causeway

Rachel had planned to go back Malaysia on Saturday (20 July 2013) so I went together with her back to stay over for 1 night. The traffic at custom were always so slow which caused a long queue.

Anyway, Rachel’s mother was good enough to come fetch us when we reached Malaysia to go back to their house. We just put our stuff and without much delay, the whole family started to go for lunch to celebrate Rachel’s younger sister’s birthday. Her parents decided to go for a seafood lunch at one of the popular location in Malaysia. Rachel’s father said a lot of Singaporean will come all the way there to have their seafood fix due to freshness and “cheap” (Due to exchanged rates).

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The restaurant was seems to be quite old with a big open air sandy “car park” covered (Take care as there were quite a lot of big holes here and there). The restaurant was located just by the sea using woods to hold them together. There were quite a lot of rubbish around the place as they were washed up by the sea along the beach. Inside the restaurant which was an open air concept using natural sea breeze and electric fan to keep the place cooling.

Nice scenery

The restaurant location allows you to see a nice view of the sea which makes us relax listening to the sea breeze but if the restaurant were to be crowded full of people, it will be a very noisy place.

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Just like Singapore Turf City where they allow customers to choose their live seafood, the restaurant here allow you to choose from their different types of seafood caught on that day. The staff were said to be from those mountain side working here to earn a living.


Though they were quite friendly, they were quite simple and do not really understand what you requested (Made some mistake here and there or forgotten to bring things after request). There were not many people having their lunch here so we were able to choose which table to sit.

Small washing basin which drain directly into the sea

Menu with pricing

Rachel’s father went directly over to the selection area to choose what seafood and dishes to order for our lunch before back to the table to wait for our dishes to be prepared. Maybe due to not many people having their meals here during this time, our dishes was served to our table without much delay.

DSC00020 DSC00021
Ascargo @ 100g for RM4.50 (Paid RM 22.50)

This Ascargo (As written on the receipt) was prepared something like a cold dish. I really loves the crunchiness and freshness of this dish. The mixture of spices, chili and onions really helps in making us wanting for more. Highly recommended dish to order from here.

DSC00013DSC00014 DSC00018
Mussels (Large Portion) (大头) @ RM 20.00

As the mussels here were all very fresh, the dish was nice even though it was using simple way of preparing it. The clams were very fresh and clean unlike some places which still had a lot of sands and etc in it. The sauce does enhanced the overall taste of the clams which were big in size and very juicy.

DSC00022 DSC00023
Vegetable with Mushroom (Medium portion) @ RM 24.00

The mushroom was big and juicy while the vegetables were very fresh and crunchy. Too bad I am not really a vegetable type of person so not much comments on it.

DSC00016 DSC00017
Hokkien Noodles (Medium Portion) @ RM 10.00

The ingredients was a bit on the salty side in my view though others may think the taste was just nice. The noodles were nicely prepared and watery unlike some places which were quite dry.

DSC00024 DSC00026
Cereal Crabs @ Rm 55.00

The crabs were fresh which was as expected of it but the style of cooking really cannot make it. We ordered for cereal crab but this dish was nothing like the usual cereal crab that I had eaten so far. Those bits were more of coconut bits rather than cereal as I can really tasted the coconut bit while the overall taste was much destroyed as they do not really mixed well. Recommended to try other cooking style instead.

Shell Crusher

Something which we Singaporean never really see in Singapore was this shell crusher which I think was specially made and used only by this restaurant. Very innovative and solid though was quite bulky unless you were having meals on a big table.

DSC00028 20July2013
Star Grouper (Hong Kong Style) @ RM 161.00

The fish was very fresh as you can feel the meat being soft but tough when you tried to take one piece of it. The meat had those QQ feeling when you bite on them and the body meat was just like eating on the fish cheeks. Highly recommended to order over at this restaurant.

Restoran Todak
No.1 Kg. Orang Asli, Telok Jawa,
Masai, 81750, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +60 7386 3696

Operating Hours (Daily):
11:30am – 11:30pm

After having our fill, Rachel’ father suggested to go purchase some dessert to bring back home to eat and relax so he drove us to a place which which looks like a hawker center style though I do not know the address.


Maybe somebody will know this place after looking at the photos. Anyway this was the stall which we bough those dessert from.

DSC00038 DSC00042
Quite a lot of customer bought dessert from them.

List of menu and pricing

To me, these were quite normal and does not really taste that great though it was still nice to have a cooling dessert to cool yourself from the hot and humid weather.

Did not managed to took any photos of the dessert that we bought as they were melting by the time we reached back home.

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