Poor Service Level at Ichiban Boshi (CentrePoint)

Rachel and her sisters had organized a pre Chinese New Year gathering cum Lo Hei session on Wednesday (22 January 2014) night together with one of their couple friends (Justin and Daphne). All of us decided to meet directly over at the planned restaurant called Ichiban Boshi over at CentrePoint Branch as we kind of loves Japanese food so decided to have our first Lo Hei there.

Yu Sheng Display at most of the restaurants can be seen outside just like this one.

There were quite a lot of customer having their meals there too but did not over crowded the restaurant (No queuing required when we were there). There were different seating mainly able to cater up to around 6 to 7 people which also had some sushi bar counter seating (If the group had more than 6 people, they should be combining tables to cater for these group of people.)

Ichiban Boshi Yu Sheng Menu

Tables space were still quite apart and since the restaurant was not fully seated, the sound level was also acceptable and allow comfortable eating of our meals there. The staff were not as good though as it was quite difficult to get their attention to attend to our request or order. We will need to keep looking out for them (Who were always standing near the entrance but looking at other areas other than our table) and get their attention when they saw us to order our dishes or to get them to refill our drinks (Yes, we need to keep asking them to refill our drinks else they would not even look at it).

Ok, to give a benefits of doubts, they do come refill our tea once but missed refilling 2 of the cups as she never see them and just walked away without even care much. We would need to get their attention again and ask them to refill the reminding drinks. This was just one of the example that I quoted here during our dinner there.

After we had ordered our dishes, we waiting for quite a while before our dishes were being served but here was another issue, as 2 of our friends where quite hungry, they ordered a handroll each along with the order thinking that a handroll should be able to be prepared faster than our main dish so they can at least fill a bit of their stomach first. In the end, the handroll was served later than our main dish which was cooked food and we do not think a handroll needs to take so long to prepare.

Salmon Avocado HandRoll @ $2.40++

What makes it worst was that they had recorded only 1 handroll which was the Salmon Avocado Handroll but never add any Avocado in it when it was served. After complaining about this, the staff took back the handroll and served again with just a few small pieces of avocado and based on the photo taken, it seems that they never redo the whole handroll and rather just add in the few pieces of avocado instead.

For the other forgotten handroll which was the California Handroll (how long and difficult was it to make this one?), she decided to cancel the order for the handroll as she was already finishing her main dishes.

Now lets talk about food.

DSC04695 DSC04696
Chicken Nanban Wazen @ $18.90++

One of the set menu which looks appetizing with 4 pieces of Salmon Sashimi, Soft Shell Crab, Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet with some special cream which tasted with a bit of wasabi taste. To finished the whole set, it included white rice, miso soup and fruit (Watermelon).

The top is frozen while the bottom was after changed. There was so much difference on it.

There was a side dish of small piece of tofu but was frozen with ice. When we query about it, the staff even tried to said it was supposed to be like that. I had eaten so many different Japanese set meal and had never seen a tofu with ice inside. After the staff bought the tofu back to the kitchen to check on it, he bought back another plate of tofu which was nice and smooth. It was no longer any frozen type and the staff never did apologize to us on the mistakes at all….

Sauce for Soft Shell Crab

Rest of the items like chicken cutlet and etc were all nicely done except for the tofu part which really brings down the service level when they kept saying it was suppose to be like that.

DSC04707 DSC04708DSC04709 DSC04710
Kurobuta Nabe Gozen @ $23.90++

This was another set meal which we had ordered but I never tasted it so not much comments on it. The presentation of the dish was nice so nothing to complain about.

DSC04700 DSC04703 DSC04704
Ishiyaki Kurobuta Rice Set @ $17.90++

Slices of black pork meat were marinated with capsicum making it bursting with taste when you bite on it. As the meat were sliced to very thin, you hardly notice any fats on the meat itself. The rice was in a hotstone bowl when it was being served and if you did not mixed it as soon as possible, the bottom rice will become a bit burn which seems like those claypot chicken rice. I kind of like the overall taste of this dish and will certainly come back for it (though not at this branch due to service level issue). The set comes with Salmon sashimi which was quite fresh and tender when you ate it. I likes the taste of their miso soup too as it had a strong miso taste unlike some restaurant which seems diluted.

DSC04712 3
Tokusen Beef & Foie Gras Don @ $22.90++

One of the most expensive dish (Foie Gras aka Goose Liver) but now seems to be on a much cheaper dish like this one. For a $22.90++, you will get to eat sliced beef with a sliced pieces of Foie Gras. To me, it seems quite worth the price but it was a pity I do not eat beef so did not try out the taste of this dish.

DSC04721 DSC04722 DSC04723
Saba Kamameshi @ $12.90++

Rachel ordered this dish which was served on a hot pot with teriyaki sauce on it. The Mackerel contain quite a bit of small and thin bones so it would not be suitable for kids or older people who will have problem detecting and removing the bones before eating it. There was a bit of stronger fish taste when I tried a piece of it and do not really like the taste (personal opinion as I am not really a fish eater).

DSC04717 DSC04718
Fried Salmon Skin @ $2.40++

One of Rachel’s favorite dish though I do not think it was a nice one as this type of salmon skin comes together with meat itself. I preferred those which was really just fried skin by itself.

Hotate Cheese Yaki @ $11.90++

Justin ordered this dish and later on, ordered a rice to go with the food. The hotplate does keep the cheese and scallop warm for quite a while and based on Justin, this dish was a bit on the salty end which he do not really like so in the end, did not really finish the whole dish.

DSC04724 DSC04728
Yu Sheng @ $21.80++ (Before and after adding of powder and sauce)

There were 12 slices of salmon by default for this smaller portion of Yu Sheng. Normally people would eat it first before the main dish but for us, we decided to order it after we had finished our main dish to have a better estimation of how much more we can eat.

Toss for good lucky in year 2014

Group Photos taken by the young staff

This was actually a good idea as we saw the table of customer next to us who actually wanted to have Yu Sheng to be served first before the main course and in the end, the Yu Sheng did come first but before they can finished the Yu Sheng, the main course was served and in the end, their table were messy with Yu Sheng plus all the dishes on it. It does not looked nice at all as the staff never wait for the customer to finished the Yu Sheng, clear the table before serving the dishes. The plate of the Yu Sheng was left on their table up till they left. No body wanted to clear our table too when we ask for it. It was only after a few times of asking then they ask a young girl staff to come refill tea and clear the table all by herself.

176 Orchard Road
#01-49/52, CentrePoint
Singapore 238844
Tel: 6737 7232
Website: http://www.res.com.sg

Operating Hours:
Monday till Friday: 11:30am – 10:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am – 10:30pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 10:00pm

After having our dinner fixed, we called it a day and headed back home to rest as we still need to work the next day.

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