Farewell Dinner with Ex-colleague at Crystal Jade (La Mian Xiao Long Bao)

It was a Tuesday (30 July 2013) and Xiang Bao organized a farewell dinner together with his “god-sister” as she will be leaving company and going oversea to be with her hubby. Since we had eaten over at Crystal Jade located at Holland Village branch before, we decided to have our farewell dinner at this place.

Waiting for our turn to enter the restaurant

As we were early and the restaurant was not opened for business (Buffet section), we had to wait for them to start and go up to have our dinner. There were many others who were also waiting to have their dinner fix over at this place too and this was even when we had reserved our tables in advance.

Price list of the buffet

Menu of the buffet

When the restaurant started to open for business, we were guided to our table without much delay and the staff were quick to handle the rest of the customers to their tables. Within a few minutes, the whole restaurant at level 2 which was allocated for the steamboat buffet was full of customers. We did not waste our time and started to order our dishes during these time.

Though I would say the space between each tables were quite near to each other and if the restaurant were full house, it would be quite noisy and crowded with not much space to move around as the staff were quite busy serving and clearing up empty plates. If the table you were seated at where at one hidden corner, you would have some problem in getting the attention of the staff to answer to your request and etc.

DSC00158 DSC00159
Different sauce for us to choose

There was a corner for customer to self service and get their own creation of sauce with different items for you to mix and match. Most popular one I guess would be the peanut sauce and chilies.

All tables were equipped with this electric heater

There goes the time where steamboat restaurant uses charcoals fire for steamboat. Nowadays almost all steamboat buffet restaurant uses these type of electric heater or gas fire type for heating. This would be much easier to control the heat but less the traditional feel of steamboat buffet.

Ying Yang Steamboat

There were a few different soup base to choose from while a few of them would be chargeable at an additional rate. As those free soup based were more than enough, we just choose those free type for our steamboat buffet.

Fresh Prawns

There were free fresh prawns of 2 per person (one time only) which would be served to the table once we started our steamboat. The prawns were indeed fresh but too bad it was not a free flow type of dish.

DSC00167 DSC00170
Xiao Long Bao (Free Flow)

Ginger slices for Xiao Long Bao (Very little but can ask for more if you want)

One would not be consider as eaten in this restaurant if you never ordered their Xiao Long Bao which was a eat as much as you can dish. The skin was a bit thick though I would say the meat and the juice in it was wonderful and sweet.

There were too many other dishes to choose from and below are just a few photos taken for reference.

DSC00164 DSC00165
Char Siew Bao (Char Siu Bao/叉烧包)

Cucumber (Cold dish)

Assorted Fresh Vegetables

Assorted Meat and mushrooms

Close up shot

DSC00160 DSC00161
Mutton and Pork meat slices

What is steamboat without any of these meat. There were beef slices too but since some of us (Including me) do not eat beef, we did not order any for this meal. The meat were fresh and easy to cook as they are being slices to thin portion.

Star of the night (Center)

After having our fill, we proceed to go out of the restaurant (Of course paid our bill first) and had some photo shoot before going for some coffee break at Starbucks (Never took any photos) and went home after that.

241 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278976
Tel: 6463 0968
Website: http://www.crystaljade.com

Operating Hours (Daily):
A la carte: 11:00am – 10:30pm
Buffet: 5:00pm – 12:00am

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