Nov 29

Movie and Dinning Dates

A day had passed from our Pulau Ubin Trip and we had planned to meet up again to go for a movie date on Sunday (7 July 2013) at The Cathay for Despicable Me 2 as we had 2 x free tickets from my sister to watch it.

Reached The Cathay very early to redeem our free tickets and select a good seats before going for our lunch. We eaten our lunch at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen located at the basement of The Cathay (Too common so never took any photos of it). The time was just right for us to have our lunch first before going for our movie date together.


This was a great and funny show which was both suitable from young kids to adults with their cute minions. I loves the last part where they sang those pop songs.

Some photo taking while waiting for train.

After enjoying our movies, it was about 4plus in the afternoon. We decided to go over to city hall for some windows shopping as Plaza Singapura Shopping mall was full of crowds during the weekends. Over at City Hall, we walked around Raffles City Shopping Mall till it was time for us to eat our dinner.

DSC09849 DSC09851

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Nov 25

A Trip to Pulau Ubin

It was a great weather on Saturday (6 July 2013) and both Rachel and I planned to go for a photo shooting trip as she wish to train up her photo taking skill for our holiday during the October time. Early in the morning, we took public transport to Changi Village where there was Changi Point Ferry Terminal within walking distance which will be able to take us to Pulau Ubin.

Before we board the bus from Tanah Merah MRT Station to Changi Bus Terminal (Changi Village), we bought 2 x mineral water at the 7-11 store within the station thinking that the drinks over at Pulau Ubin sure will be more expensive than inland and went happily to board our bus.

Bus stop at Changi Village Food Centre

After reaching the place, we decided to have our brunch over at Changi Village first before proceeding to take the ferry. Over at Changi Village Food Centre, I hear that there was a very popular Nasi Lemak Stall which sell very nice dish but when I saw the queue, I decided to try other stall instead as it do not seems to be worth the time to queue so long for a Nasi Lemak.

DSC09719 DSC09721
The popular Nasi Lemak but the queue was too long

DSC09724 DSC09725
Another stall (International Muslim Food Stall) selling Nasi Lemak but shorter queue so I decided to buy from this stall instead

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Oct 14

Sushi Tei Dining at Raffles City

One of my NS friends and I arranged to meet up with each other since it had been a while since we last went out for dining together and both of us loves Japanese food. Met him together with Rachel at City Hall as we initially decided to eat over at Buffet Town located at basement level of Raffles City on Friday (5 July 2013) but change of plan as there was a super long queue for this place. In the end we decided to make do with Sushi Tei as it was of kind of a better standard in terms of their Japanese dishes.

1 2

The queue over at this restaurant was always quite long during the evening time and it was the same when we were there. waited for almost 20 to 30 minutes just to be allocated with a table seat.

Operating Hours

Without much delay, we started to order our dishes as all of us were quite hungry by the time we got a table seat. The staff were friendly even though we can see that they were busy serving all the crowds dining at Sushi Tei. The dishes were served without much delay and most importantly, they were freshly made as what I had requested during the ordering of dishes.

This was one of the reason why I am always coming back to this restaurant for dining as they served quality food. If there was any wrong about the dish like not very fresh, you can ask the staff to get another one for you (I did requested change of dishes when they served me dishes from the belt which was not very fresh anymore).

Chuka Chinmi (Scallop) @ $5.20

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Oct 01

Photo Shooting and Food Trail

I was lucky enough to be able to loan my sister’s car on Saturday (29 June 2013) so had arrange to meet up with the guys (Michael and Mingyan) for a day of photo shooting time together. Our first stop was to go Labrador Park as it was known as a place for taking nice photos.


There were quite a few families over there relaxing while having fun with their children and for us, we just walk and took some photos here and there.

DSC09608 DSC09610
An Abandoned Machine Gun Post from World War II

As per our history, Singapore leaders pointed most of the attack resources at the sea while the enemy attacked us from the back. So in this case, this gun post did not really served its purpose during the world war II period to protect Singapore.

Posing for a photo

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Sep 23

Gurney Drive Dining at Causeway Point

Had arranged to have dinner together with Rachel after a Friday (28 June 2013) work and we had decided to go Causeway Point for dinner as it was near to Rachel house so she will be able to reach home earlier to rest for the day as we have a long day outing on Saturday.

DSC09575 DSC09579

As usual, there were a lot of people around at Causeway Point and almost all the restaurants we had passed by were full of people inside dining and outside queuing for their turn. This was when we saw Gurney Drive restaurant do not have a lot of people and decided to dine here instead as it was more quiet and comfortable without many people.

Still quite a lot of empty tables not taken up

They also sold some of their products in the restaurant too

We were able to get a table seats without any waiting and the staff was friend to show us to our seats while giving us the menu to look through what we wanted to order.

Menu Book

After ordering our dishes, we happily chat up while waiting for our food to be served. Time taken for them to served the dishes was about 15mins of waiting time but the dishes was not really hot (More on warm temperature heat).

Ampla Juice @ $3.80 (Regular)

For those who do not know, these are made from a fruit called “Buah long long” which was said to be high in antioxidants and Vitamin C. Not as good as the one we had drank over at Malacca trip but still fine and cooling to drink it.

Gurney Special Fried Rice @ $6.90

The fried rice was soft and fluffy with 2 prawns on top of it while few other ingredients like pineapple, raisins, and chicken meat to make the dish taste nicer. In terms of quality, it was not a bad dish to have but in terms of quantity, they are very stingy as the plate of rice was small in portion for a price of $6.90 (Maybe one third of those Chinese Zi Char Stall).

Penang Fried Kway Teow @ $7.50

Same as the fried rice, there were 2 prawns being added onto it with quite a lot of bean sprouts and some other ingredients. The kway teow was a bit oily yet will give a dry taste. I believe these dishes were ready made but re-heated / cooked when customer ordered it. It looked and taste warm and not hot at all.

Grilled Stingray @ $8.20

The chili was quite spicy which was good for those who love spices. The portion was as usual, given in a small portion. Overall this dish was not a bad one as the meat was still soft and juicy.

DSC09596 DSC09597
Lemon Mantis Prawn @ $6.90

This was the first time I had eaten a Mantis Prawn so do not really know what was its original taste like. In this dish, I was able to taste a very strong powering of lemon with some strange smell and I guess that should be the smell of the mantis Prawn. Quite crispy those it felt like the meat was minced with quite a lot of flour so cannot see anything like what I should see in a prawn (Mantis was still consider a prawn type so the meat should be around the same yet I did not see it here).

DSC09599 DSC09602
Penang Cendol @ $3.50

One of the worst Cendol I had ever eaten so far. The ingredients were given in a super stingy way and there was not much taste of any black sugar like what I had eaten in Malacca or some other dessert restaurants. Totally not worth the price of $3.50 for a small portion and stingy ingredient dish.

Trying to have fun with our camera.

1 Woodlands Square
#05-11/12, Causeway Point
Singapore 738099
Tel: 6894 7872
(Updated as of 23 September 2013: They had change it into Penang Buffet Restaurant instead)

Operation Hour (Daily):
11:00am – 10:00pm
Last order: 9:30pm

Sep 10

Dinner with the guys at LEE’s Taiwanese @ JEM

Decided to meet up with the guys on Tuesday (25 June 2013) for dinner over at JEM again since it was so near to their workplace and there were still a lot of restaurant to try out over here. We had decided earlier to dine over at this restaurant called LEE’s Taiwanese as the guys had eaten there before during one of their dinner trip after OT in office.


They wish to introduce this restaurant to us since they served value added set meals. The queue was not long even though the restaurant was packed with people dining there so we do not really need to wait for too long before we can get a table suitable for our group of 5 people.

DSC09546 DSC09545DSC09570

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Sep 04

Dining over at Earle Swensen’s @ JEM®

As JEM shopping mall had just opened for business, both Rachel and I decided to go look around and have our dinner over at this place on Monday (24 June 2013). Met her after work at Jurong East MRT where we can walk toward JEM through a connected bridge just next to the MRT.

When we were there, we were quite surprise to see that JEM was just like a mini Orchard shopping paradise as you get to see a lot of different branded stalls which only can be found around town area right here in Jurong East just next to the MRT.


We did some walking around to look at different stalls and to find a nice place for dinner when we saw Swensen which served salad buffet just like the one at Vivo. My mind was like great, I do not need to go so far just to have my salad buffet fix. We decided to walk into the restaurant partly was also due to the friendly manager who keeps trying to guide us into the restaurant and we hope to try out whether the variety here was as good as Vivo branch.

Nice comfortable feel while dining here

The restaurant was using warm lighting to allow customer to have a comfortable dining within the restaurant while the tables were spaced nicely apart without being too close to your neighbor.

Lucky Draw event during the opening

There was also lucky draw spin where you get to spin and win something after spending a sum of money dining in the restaurant.

DSC09525 DSC09524

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