Jan 21

Birthday Celebration for Ex-Colleague

One of our ex-colleague’s birthday is around the corner and her boyfriend (Who was in the same group of friends) organized a dinner cum drinking celebration as a get together. The date was decided to be on Friday (26 July 2013) right after our work and since it was a Friday, we get to stay out late as all of us do not need to work on Saturday.

We all meet up over at City Hall MRT before walking over to “The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC)” Beach Center Branch as they mentioned had lesser crowd so we can relax and enjoy our meal in a quiet environment. As most of us were TCC members and whenever any of our birthday was on that month, we will get 50% off our total bills and our birthday girl was also a member too.

DSC00043 DSC00044

The restaurant was true enough to be quite comfortable without many people having their meals there (The place was quite a far walking distance too) as we saw only 2 groups of diners there. The environment was nice too with a few sofa seats and the space between each tables where nicely apart so you will not feel uncomfortable with other people too near to you.

DSC00046 1

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Dec 21

Tian Tian Huo Guo (天天火锅) @ Bugis

Have arranged to meet up with some of my ex-colleague for dinner on Thursday (1 November 2012) but ended up with some ex-vendors joining us for dinner too. Nice in a way as I have not been in contact with them for quite a while since I left my ex-company. (We used to have dinner together since we have a lot of projects together)

Anyway, we arranged to meet for dinner at this popular steamboat BBQ buffet location called Tian Tian Huo Guo near to Bugis Junction. There are other steamboat buffet places around that location but this one is opposite to the one I always go to and since the guys wish to have dinner there, I might as well go there and try it out.


There are a lot of people eating there and the staff is able to “open” more tables by setting it up as and when there are more people eating there but there are still some construction going on over there so there are some part of the restaurant being covered up (Outside area).

Quite a lot of youngest eating over at this restaurant

I actually wish to take more photos of the food inside the restaurant but was stopped by one of the staff saying no photo taking inside. (Not friendly type of stopping)

The sauce area is very messy to me and stopped me from getting any sauce from here

The guy stopping me from taking photos.
Food are not refill when they are finished (Or can say very slow in refilling especially those nicer dishes)

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