Jun 09

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 6

It was the first day of our self explore holiday on Monday (25 March 2013) and started to go out of the hotel earlier than usual as we needs to take the metro to our first location for breakfast. The place that we intend to go is highly recommended by Tim who said is much better than Yong He Beancurd (永和豆漿大王) which is our initial plan.

ShanDao Temple Station (Blue Line) Exit 5

Based on Tim direction, we reached ShaoDao Temple Metro Station and proceed to exit 5 where we will find the building where Tim mentioned. The beancurd stall is at level 2 of this building though it seems that the building haven’t even started to open yet.

HuaShan Market Mall (华山市场)

Fu Hang Beancurd Shop (阜杭豆浆店)

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Jun 04

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 5 (Part 1)

Its coming to our 5th day of our holiday on Monday (24 March 2013) and also the last day of hiring Tim’s minibus services. As breakfast is not included during our stay over at City Inn Plus Hotel, Tim fetch us at 9am as usual and helped us decide our breakfast location which is at an old alley road side restaurant.

Qing Dao Dou Jiang Dian (青島豆漿店)

Staff busy at work which started way before 5:30am

Freshly made beancurd

Freshly made ingredient for their buns

Actually we are not very sure of this place and it seems quite old and dirty with a lot of locals buying their meals here. Manage to get one table and seat for all of us and Tim helped to order some of the well-known dishes for us. (Did some background check recently and found out that this place is actually quite a popular location for breakfast)

Soya Drinks @ NT$15 (Small) NT$20 for bigger size

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Apr 23

Pre-CNY food Dinner at Shan Ming Seafood Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

Chinese New Year is coming soon and I went to Malaysia with Rachel to visit her family on Saturday (2 February 2013) plus to give some Chinese New Year snack to them. (My parent ask me to bring over to them).

The travel from Singapore back to Malaysia on weekends is super crowded as most Singaporean went there for meals or shopping while Malaysian going back home to visit their families. It took quite a while before we can clear the custom and luckily Rachel’s mother is good enough to come fetch us in their car.

We stayed within the house till dinner time when Rachel’s father decided to go to a restaurant which they reserved for reunion dinner as a “pre-tasting” dinner there.

Front View of the restaurant

Open space type of Zi Char Restaurant


We got to the restaurant around 6 plus in the evening and the sun is still quite bright. The restaurant staff are quick to allocate a table for us and said that this will also be the table for the reunion day too. The restaurant is an non air-con Zi Char stall with quite a lot of tables for guest to eat there where there are a few fans blowing to keep the customer cool.

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Oct 17

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd @ CityVibe (Clementi)

Rachel always wanted to eat Lao Ban Soya Beancurd as she never gets to eat it even though there was a time when we went all the way to old airport road there to get their soya beancurd but to our disappointment, they sold out before we can get our hands on it.

Since this east side beancurd had opened one stall over at the west in CityVibe (Clementi), we decided to go there on Wednesday (26 September 2012) right after our work to try out (I had eaten quite a few times of Lao Ban Soya Beancurd as my sisters usually will buy it back to my house for us to eat. heh heh)

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Aug 20

Lunch at People’s Park Complex Food Center

As per my previous wedding event post, Rachel and I went for lunch at People’s Park Complex Food Center after collecting our tickets for Flyers and Garden by the Bay. (Will be going there on different dates) before going for wedding event show.

I decided to post it as a new post as it is not related to the wedding event shows at all and a lot of events on Saturday itself so will divide them into different post.

It is very hot inside the food center but strange enough, there are still a lot of people eating there and some stalls are even having super long queue. We took a while to find a table (Sharing seats with a couple) and went to buy our lunch.

Qun’s Noodles (群记) selling wanton noodles

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