Oct 01

Photo Shooting and Food Trail

I was lucky enough to be able to loan my sister’s car on Saturday (29 June 2013) so had arrange to meet up with the guys (Michael and Mingyan) for a day of photo shooting time together. Our first stop was to go Labrador Park as it was known as a place for taking nice photos.


There were quite a few families over there relaxing while having fun with their children and for us, we just walk and took some photos here and there.

DSC09608 DSC09610
An Abandoned Machine Gun Post from World War II

As per our history, Singapore leaders pointed most of the attack resources at the sea while the enemy attacked us from the back. So in this case, this gun post did not really served its purpose during the world war II period to protect Singapore.

Posing for a photo

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Sep 04

Dining over at Earle Swensen’s @ JEM®

As JEM shopping mall had just opened for business, both Rachel and I decided to go look around and have our dinner over at this place on Monday (24 June 2013). Met her after work at Jurong East MRT where we can walk toward JEM through a connected bridge just next to the MRT.

When we were there, we were quite surprise to see that JEM was just like a mini Orchard shopping paradise as you get to see a lot of different branded stalls which only can be found around town area right here in Jurong East just next to the MRT.


We did some walking around to look at different stalls and to find a nice place for dinner when we saw Swensen which served salad buffet just like the one at Vivo. My mind was like great, I do not need to go so far just to have my salad buffet fix. We decided to walk into the restaurant partly was also due to the friendly manager who keeps trying to guide us into the restaurant and we hope to try out whether the variety here was as good as Vivo branch.

Nice comfortable feel while dining here

The restaurant was using warm lighting to allow customer to have a comfortable dining within the restaurant while the tables were spaced nicely apart without being too close to your neighbor.

Lucky Draw event during the opening

There was also lucky draw spin where you get to spin and win something after spending a sum of money dining in the restaurant.

DSC09525 DSC09524

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Sep 02

Buffet Dinner at Feast@East Buffet Restaurant

My third sister arranged to have a family buffet dinner at Feast@East Buffet Restaurant on Saturday (22 June 2013) as she had received some vouchers to dine over there. It was a long journey for us as all of us were living at western end of Singapore while the restaurant was located far east. Anyway it was good to try out new places once a while.

DSC09474 DSC09477 DSC09478
Ground area of the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel

As the restaurant was located within the level 3 of the hotel, we need to get there through the lift of the hotel. The hotel itself had a very spacious ground level and gives me a very welcoming feeling as the floor was very clean and there were some sofa for guest to relax over a cup of coffee or tea while waiting or relaxing around the place.

Entrance of the restaurant at level 3

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Aug 12

3 Days 2 Nights Malacca Trip Day 2 Part 1

Rise and shine, one day had passed from our 3 days trip and since Saturday (25 May 2013) is a weekend which means a lot of people should be going to those popular attractions which we had planned to go too. First thing we must do after washing up was to go for our complimentary breakfasts at ground level of the hotel.

Refresh from a day rest

Restaurant which catered for our breakfast for these 2 days.

There were quite a lot of Indians guest having their breakfast at the restaurant when we were there and it seems that they were here on business trip as most of them wearing formal attire. Anyway the staff took our coupon for breakfast and just let us free and easy for us to find and get tables for ourselves before going for the breakfast buffet. The dishes there were quite acceptable but most or all of the dishes were not warm / hot.


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May 16

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 2 (Part 1)

It was day 2 of our holiday trip at Taiwan on Thursday (21 March 2013) and we wake up early in the morning to go and have our FOC breakfast buffet which was provided by the hotel during the reservation of our rooms. The place for breakfast was located at level 12 restaurant next to the lobby area. The space of the restaurant is quite spacious considering this is a small building for a hotel and can see that they focus more on comfortable rather than quantity of people into the restaurant.

Quite empty when we went for our breakfast as we are very early

Different section of their breakfast buffet

Their breakfast buffet though was not the best that I had eaten, they were able to provide most of the common stuff like Cooked / Cold dish section, Bread and cereal section, Salad bar (Very limited variety) and drinks station where you can drink from hot milk / tea to cold drinks / juice.

Some of the stuff that I had eaten over there.

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May 09

Fruit Tart and Dinner at Hifumi Japanese Restaurant

Both Rachel and I have been busy these few weeks windows shopping and buying spree which we have been enjoying even though it is quite tiring. It is just another Saturday (16 March 2013) and we had decided to go for another usual windows shopping trip which we decided to go Plaza Singapura where quite a lot of people mention Spotlight is selling some portable Helium gas which interest us a lot. In order to find out the truth, we decide to go there to take a look.

Out of our disappointment, we did not see any portable helium gas tank being sold and got the news that it is actually sold out and the sales do not know when the stock will be coming back.

Having unable to see that, we just continue to shop around Plaza Singapura as they just recently did a renovation work with a new expansion wing (Just like Jurong Point). Time goes quite fast and it is around evening time by the time we felt a bit tired and decide to find a place to sit down while waiting for Rachel’s sisters who is meeting us for dinner. As we are a bit hungry, Rachel suggested to go eat Fruit Tart at Fruit Paradise as she knows that I always wanted to try out the fruit tart though have no chance to try it out (Rachel eaten these way before me. 😡 )

Fruit Paradise is located at level 4 Japanese corner at the far end between Ajisen Ramen and Kazokutei. The whole area is called “Tokyo Walker” and based on the company stated in my bill, it should be under Bachmann Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd.


One can seat in any of these restaurant and order the dishes from the other restaurant next to it (Interesting and space saving) though we are lucky enough to be able to sit at the tables within Fruit Paradise restaurant. The fruit tarts being on display looks so pretty and tasty that I always been wanting to try out.

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May 06

Just Another Busy Weekends

It is a Saturday (9 March 2013) and my father is treating the family for a buffet lunch (Inviting Rachel along too). As both of us had another appointment together with Rachel’s sisters at 2:30pm, my family decided to set the lunch time to be around 11plus at Jurong Point Branch. We had been wanting to go back to eat at Kuishin Bo for their Japanese buffet but always get hold back due to their expensive price tag but since my father wanted to treat the meal over there, we a most happy to do so.

DSC06423 DSC06436
Jurong Point’s Japanese street which consist of a few Japanese restaurants

As we had earlier reserved the table at Kuishin Bo, we are able to get a table without much waiting. There are already people queuing up to enter the restaurant by the time we are there (Those who walk-ins)

2 1
Different variety of Japanese dishes including cold dishes of sashimi, seafood and etc

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