Dec 08

Company Dinner and Dance

Having joined my current company for less than 1 year, I was able to attend the company dinner and dance celebration on Friday (12 July 2013). We were given early release from work at 3pm for us to go back home to change or to prepare ourselves for the dinner and dance. This was not like the one which I used to have from my ex-company (Christmas Party was being treated like Dinner and Dance there) where we need to become part of the dancer and etc for the entertainment which I really hate it as it was not taking part willingly type while dinner was always a buffet style instead of banquet dinner which most of the bigger companies will do.

Took this photos after the dinner and dance ended

DSC09890 DSC09891
Hotel area

Anyway, we were told to reached Carlton Hotel ballroom at 7pm where the dinner and dance will be hosted. The ballroom was located at level 2 and one can either take the lift or walk up the stairs. Finding our ballroom was not hard as there were big signboard of our company event along the walkway


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Aug 05

Moving around between Singapore and Malaysia

After just meeting with Rachel on Friday evening for dinner cum drinking session, we meet up with each other on Saturday (11 May 2013) again as we need to go Bugis to survey on some of the things which we had been preparing to buy before planned to go back to Malaysia to have dinner together with Rachel’s Family.

So we meet at up Jurong East before proceeding to Bugis. Before proceeding to shop around, we stopped by the Bugis hawker center for a lunch first. There were quite a lot of people having their meals there as from what I know there were some very popular stall over at these area and some of them even being interviewed by some of the food critics shows.

DSC08682 DSC08683
Black Carrot Cake

Forgotten which stall are more popular ones, we just proceed to look around the place and buy anything that caught our eyes. In the end, I bough black carrot cake (Aka “Chai Tao Kway”) which was not well prepared as I was still able to taste that raw black soya sauce not really mixed well with the carrot cake though the carrot cake by itself was soft and powdery (Did not put any spring onions on top of it like most of the other carrot cake stall too). Rachel on the other hand bought Mee Rebus from one of the Malay stall (There are many more selling the same stuff).

DSC08680 DSC08681
Mee Rebus

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Jul 23

Tsubohachi @ Bugis+ and Hansang Korean Restaurant & Market at Old Turf City

Based on our Singapore Holiday, Wednesday (Today, 01 May 2013) was a public Holiday (Labour Day) and both Rachel and I had planned to go out and do some windows shopping around the place so we decided to go Bugis.


After finished our windows shopping for some ideas for our upcoming event, we decided to have a light lunch over at Bugis+ as both of us will be meeting up with my second sister for dinner. We actually do not know what we wanna eat and kindly of passed by this Japanese restaurant which kind of attracted our attention with lanterns at its main door.

Nice environment within the restaurant

The staff were very friendly and directed us to a table as soon as we step into the door. When we entered, I was quite impressed by the decoration and the layout of the place. There are some traditional style table seats which mimic Japanese seating while there are quite a lot of Japanese display within the restaurant. The whole place seems to be comfy and spacious too though I did not see a lot of customer eating here (Just 2 groups of customers when we were there).


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Jul 01

Wonderful Roasted Duck at The Asian Kitchen (Bugis+)

Nice Saturday (27 April 2013) and Rachel and I had planned to go Bugis for some windows shopping around the area to find balloons and helium gas which based on some website/forum, there are some store selling them but to our disappointment, we found none of the mentioned shop selling helium gas (Portable and disposable type). There were some store selling balloons and rental helium gas which we do not wanted it.


After some long windows shopping, the sky was dark in no time and it was time for dinner. We meet up with Rachel’s sisters (Hazel and Laurel) at Bugis+ where they decided to go The Asian Kitchen – Dragon Inn (亚洲小厨) for dinner since Hazel had eaten here before (Due to Blogger event) and said the dishes here was not bad.


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Feb 08

Hemorrhoids (Aka Piles) Removal

It is very common for people to have Piles or where the doctors called it, Hemorrhoids. I too was also one of the many people who had it for many years till now (Hope it will not happen again) and I would like to tell all my readers of my experience from what I have been through.

For one, I will not talk about the suffering one must go through while having those piles within your body as these can be found anywhere in the Internet.

You will know what are the different types of Symptoms and what might have caused it.

More details can be found on the Singapore Singhealth website:

Anyway, back to my experience on these. While having these within me, I tried to go for treatment (Medication or applying onto the piles) which did not help at all. In the end, I went directly to one of the clinic from Raffles Medical Group as recommended by somebody. (Did some research on the Internet too during these time to understand about it)

This is the first time I did the removal which is a few years ago. The doctor who does the Ligation for me during my first time can secure only half of the piles as he mentioned that it is very big for the device to cover all of it. I had a very painful experience which lasted for about 2 to 3 weeks due to pain. (Do not listen to those doctors saying that it is not painful at all. They are all bullshitting!!!) I could not even sleep during the first few days and took almost 3 weeks or more to fully recover back to normal.

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Dec 29

Kazokutei (家族亭) Dinner at Bugis

After a day of work on Wednesday (21 November 2012), Rachel and I went to Bugis to meet up with Laurel and one of her colleague for a dinner. They decided to have dinner over at Kazokutei which is one of my favorite restaurant for their Soba and Udon handmade noodles. (Used to eat it at Bishan Junction 8)

When we reached there, Laurel and her colleague are already there looking at the menu. As I already know what to order, we are also able to order our dishes without much effort.

3 DSC04961

The restaurant over at Bugis level 2 looks like a smaller version of the ones in Bishan branch but it maybe due to their design of the restaurant in a thin rectangle shape. The ambience can be better if you are seated at the tables which are next to the balcony area where you can look down to watch people busy with their shopping while relaxing over a meal.

DSC04962 DSC04964

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Dec 26

Waroeng Penyet @ Bugis Outlet Menu

Walked passed a Indonesian Food restaurant selling Penyet meals when I went to Bugis Junction and kind of took one of their menu to share with all.

There is one branch over at Jurong East too but I think that is a stall inside a coffeeshop unlike this one which is open as a restaurant.

WaroengPenyet1 WaroengPenyet2