Dec 29

Kazokutei (家族亭) Dinner at Bugis

After a day of work on Wednesday (21 November 2012), Rachel and I went to Bugis to meet up with Laurel and one of her colleague for a dinner. They decided to have dinner over at Kazokutei which is one of my favorite restaurant for their Soba and Udon handmade noodles. (Used to eat it at Bishan Junction 8)

When we reached there, Laurel and her colleague are already there looking at the menu. As I already know what to order, we are also able to order our dishes without much effort.

3 DSC04961

The restaurant over at Bugis level 2 looks like a smaller version of the ones in Bishan branch but it maybe due to their design of the restaurant in a thin rectangle shape. The ambience can be better if you are seated at the tables which are next to the balcony area where you can look down to watch people busy with their shopping while relaxing over a meal.

DSC04962 DSC04964

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Dec 28

You Ji Jia Chuan Duck Rice (友记家传鸭饭), TWG and Pastamania Trip

It is Deepavali Day on Tuesday (13 November 2012) which means it is a public holiday in Singapore. Both Rachel and I plan to go out for a relaxing windows shopping and dining together for the day. Our first stop for lunch is decided to be over at Bugis for duck rice as recommended by one of her friends and the place is actually a stall inside a coffeeshop opposite of Bugis Junction.

DSC04836 DSC04831

When I saw the stall, I remembered that there should be other branch inside foodcourt (Other places) which looks something like this stall too. Anyway since it is a coffeeshop kind of stall, there are no air conditioning and it is all depends on whether it is very hot and humid during the time you are there.

DSC04834 DSC04832

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Nov 22

Everything With Fries (Bugis Branch)

After a day work on a Wednesday (24 October 2012), I went to meet up with Rachel as she will be eating together with her cousins and Laurel over at Bugis. We kind of reached the place earlier so we just started with some windows shopping before meeting up with one of her cousin, Carmen who had just reached Bugis Junction too.


When we meet up with all of them, we decided to go have dinner at “Everything with Fries” at level ?? of Bugis Junction. This place is actually a small corner beside the escalator, on the same level as the cinema. In terms of location, it is not a bad place as top level of the building are normally more quiet and nice place to chill out. Even though this is not the first time I had eaten over at this restaurant, I normally eat it at their Holland Village branch (I believe is the HQ too).

Tarte Aux Pommes – Apple Tart @ $7.90 (Nothing to do so just took a photo of this dessert. Will try it when I have the chance)

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Sep 15

Eating and Windows Shopping at Bugis

It is a warm afternoon on Sunday (2 September 2012). Rachel (came back from Malaysia in the morning) and I have actually plan to go over to Bugis today to have our lunch and to go for some windows shopping for new clothes for her friends wedding dinner in Malaysia. Since her sister, Laurel is working half day on that day, we ask her to tag long with us for the day after her work.

We meet at Jurong East before heading over to Bugis MRT station together and started to look for food to eat. Walked around quite a few stalls and restaurant before we stopped at one of the HK style restaurant called “HonGuo (红锅)”

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Aug 06

Xin Yuan Ji Seafood Restaurant and Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

It is Friday (3 August 2012) and my sister have asked Rachel and me out for dinner. It is also my third sister’s birthday. After work, I waited for Rachel at Buona Vista Mrt since I am off from work early, I just stay near the mrt playing my games on the phone till she called me to prepare to go into the mrt where she will be in.

We reached Bugis mrt to meet up with my sisters and decided to go for a seafood restaurant which we have eaten before and their food is nice over there. When we walk out of Bugis mrt, we are quite disappointed as it started to rain very heavily.

The restaurant we decided to go is the bright colored (White with yellow windows) location.

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