Aug 29

Woo Lee Jeeb Dae Bak Korean @ Food Republic (Causeway Point)

This Saturday (15 June 2013) was quite a special day for both Rachel and me as her family were coming to Singapore for a lunch and relaxation. I did not took any photos of the lunch event but while I am on my way back home, I did saw something very interesting which was a sport car caught fire along the expressway.

1 DSC09387 DSC09388

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May 13

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 1 (Part 1)

As it will be super long blog post if I were to post everything done in 1 day, I had divided it into different parts depending on the length of my post. So here goes.

Continuing my previous Taiwan Holiday Summary post, Rachel and I have been preparing for this Taiwan trip for a long time since last year (2012) and it would also be my very first time planning the whole holiday itinerary (Last time only follow while my family do the planning). To cut things short, today is the first day of flying over to Taiwan!!! There are a total of 5 person (Including me) for this holiday trip making 2 girls (Rachel and Laurel) and 3 guys (Me, Xiang Bao (XB) and XB’s brother).

Since our flight is on Wednesday (20 March 2013) at 8:30am in the morning, we must reached Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, 2 hours earlier which means by 6:30am, we need to start checking in our luggage. As it would be difficult and expensive to take cab alone to the airport, I had make arrangement for both Rachel and Laurel to stay over-night at my house (with me giving up my bed for them and sleeping on the mattress on the floor) and to take the maxi cab together to the airport (Actually also to pick up XB and his bro but they went to airport there to sit the whole night to save on the cab. :p ).

The taxi driver who are assigned to fetch us was very punctual and called us up when he never see us at the assigned location (He arrived early and we are still not consider late. ;p ). Even so, he is quite friendly and helped us with the luggage to be loaded in the maxi cab. We paid him cash when we arrived at the airport and he gives me his namecard just in case we need to hire him some other days

Maxi Cab Driver: Anthony Chin
Contact: 8180 3581

Actually we never really get much sleep as we went out the night before to relax before returning back to my house so all of us are kind of stoning when we are at the airport. We met up with XB and his brother, went to check in our luggage before proceed to have our early morning breakfast at McDonalds as the time is still early. Time goes very fast and we need to proceed to the loading of our plane using Tiger Airways.

Checked in and ready to fly

Clear blue sky during the journey (Lucky able to get windows seat)

As we are taking budget airlines, there are no free food provided unless you are willing to spend on it. This is quite good for us as we will know the staff will not bother us in our sleep during these time too. Took a nap during the whole journey (Waking up a while here and there to take photos) to get back some of our energy.

Touch down at Tao Yuan Airport (Taiwan)

The whole process of checking in from Singapore airport to exit Taiwan Airport was fast and not much of any issue. When we touch down at the airport, we split into 2 groups as I went to purchase a pre-paid SIM Card to allow unlimited Internet Access and some free call time for us to use during the whole duration in Taiwan while Rachel and the rest went to find the Youth Counter to collect some freebies as mentioned in a lot of Taiwan blogs.

ChungHwa Telecom – 7 Days unlimited Data usage with some bundled voice calls @ NT$450

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May 08

Random Dinner at The Sushi Bar

It was Tuesday (12 March 2013) and Rachel told me that she will be meeting with one of her cousins and Laurel for dinner after work. They invited me to join them for dinner but since I never bring my trustworthy camera along that day, I just use my mobile to took all the photos instead (Hope it is clear enough).

Their cousin recommended this restaurant for dinner as they sell nice value meals.

IMAG0321 IMAG0323

This restaurant is located at one corner of the shopping mall near to the entrance path toward the toilet which it took us a while to find this place (First time eating here). Though the restaurant is small, there are a lot of people having their meals there and we have to wait for around 15 to 20 minutes before we are able to find a table to sit on. (Free sitting). Tables are very near to each other and I bump onto other people whenever I need to get something.

The staff service wise, they never really help to refill the drinks as they are mostly too busy or never take notice of it until somebody request for refill (Provided you are able to get their attention). In the end, I need to go to the counter myself and get hot water to refill our cups of green tea myself.

Anyway, in terms of the food wise, I would say it is value for money with different variety of dishes (Though smaller portion) for customer to choose from.

Since we are there, we just look through the menu and started to order our dinner.

Salmon Avocado Roll @ $7.90 and Soft Shell Crab Roll @ $8.90

The seaweed wrapping the sushi roll is not crispy (Guess they delay in serving the dishes to us) though the taste is still not bad while the salmon can be said to be freshly made. This is not a bad dish to have as snack.

Salmon Ikura Don (Salmon + Roe) @ $16.90

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May 04

Re-Visiting HinoMaru Japanese Restaurant with Rachel Family

As Rachel family will be going to have an yearly dinner with one of their good friends (This is their family yearly celebration of CNY with one of their friends), I was invited there to join them for the celebration on Saturday (2 March 2013). There are a lot of people going back Malaysia too as there seems to be an event going on that day where they bring gods for a walk around Johor Bahru. Nevertheless, Rachel’s father come to pick us up back to their home to rest for a while before setting of for the dinner. (We reached Malaysia during the late afternoon time).

Hear from Rachel that they always went back to HinoMaru Japanese Restaurant for these yearly event celebration and so, we will be there for dinner tonight. As during the Chinese New Year dinner, the dishes over there is not really that up to standard (Too small portion and nothing to choose), this time round will be different as the CNY is already over.

When we reached the restaurant, it is as usual except that we are the first customer to arrive the place. The main door to level 2 is still closed. The lady staff is nice enough to open the gate for us to go up into the restaurant even though we reached the place too early.

After their good friend’s family arrived, they started to look through the menu and order the dishes for the dinner. (As this is a celebration with their friend’s family, I did not get any details of the pricing or name of the dishes we had eaten.)

DSC06386 DSC06387

Free starter given by the restaurant. It is a mixture of potato and mayo topped with some roe. Nice compilation and good to try when you are there.

DSC06390 DSC06391
Salmon and Salmon belly sashimi

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Apr 26

A Foodie Day out with Rachel and Laurel

Rachel managed to borrow her family car to come into Singapore as she needs to use it to fetch her father from the Airport later on so on Saturday (23 February 2013), she drive into Singapore together with Laurel, come to fetch me and off we go for a day of foodie trip (To some places normally we will not go) and our first stop is Tiong Bahru for Shark meat Lor Mee which Laurel had never eaten before and both Rachel and I wish to intro her to it and in the same time have our lunch there as we did not eat at this place for quite a while.

The lor mee stall is located at level 2 of the Tiong Bahru old market (Level 1 is wet market) and this place is famous for it good food (A few popular stall located here). As usual, when we reached the place, there are quite a lot of people having their meals here and there is already a queue at the Shark Meat Lor Mee stall.

Famous Shark Meat Lor Mee 178

You will be able to see there is always a queue at this stall for their Lor Mee (There are other stall selling lor mee too) and the staff inside are seen to be always deep frying Shark meat Nuggets and some other side dishes of the Lor Mee.

DSC06294 DSC06295 DSC06296
Shark Meat Nuggets with a lot of crispy bits and some pork slice meat

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Apr 11

Ex-Infra Gathering over at Lavender Food Square

Its been a while since I last met up with my ex-colleague cum buddies over for a dinner and chat up on recent activities so we took this chance to meet up with each other on Monday (14 January 2013) over at Lavender Food Square (Or some called it “Eminent Food Centre”) which one of them want to introduce to me the food being sold there. (They had eaten there before and think it is very nice so wish to share it with me and another ex-colleague).

As all of us do not own any vehicles, we took public transport (MRT) to Lavender MRT station before walking about 10 to 15 minutes to reach our destination. This place looks a lot like Lau Pa Sat located in the CBD area and there are quite a lot of people visiting this place too.


Based on some of the reviews which I checked later on, there are quite a lot of people giving this place a thumb up for its good food.

Anyway, my friends started to go buy the dishes to share the food together which includes the following:

DSC06103 DSC06105 DSC06104
Chicken Wings @ $1.20 per wing and Satay @ $0.50 per stick

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Apr 02

Bangkok Trip (January 2013) Day 3

Another day of our Bangkok holiday have gone by and it is now Monday (7 January 2013). As usual, we get up to eat our breakfast at the hotel cafe before moving out for more shopping and enjoying our time together.

Day view of the waiting area at the hotel lobby. Bright and cozy place to relax while waiting for driver.

The McDonald restaurant which we eaten our dinner last night in day view

DSC05910 DSC05909
Rachel busy looking around for nice pretty clothes while I took photos here and there (Also shopping in the same time)

The first stop is back to Pratunum Shopping Mall for a short morning shopping where we bought more clothes for ourselves and also to shop around enjoying the time together. Not sure why but there seems to be more people at the mall as compared during the weekends (Sunday).

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