Jun 20

Nice dining Experience at Rock and Ash Restaurant

Both Rachel and I decided to go City Hall for some windows shopping and dinner straight after work on Thursday (18 April 2013). As usual, I will normally wait for her at Bouna Vista MRT station before going together with her to City hall MRT station. Going through the City Link underground mall, we passed by a few stalls and was also looking at the prices for manicure as Rachel needs to go for it very soon.

DSC08031 3
They do not accept Credit Card payment but accept NETS / EZ-LINK / CASH

Along the way, we passed by a restaurant who had a staff (Uncle type) trying to get customer to come eat in their restaurant, we took a look at the menu and the staff was very friendly and was able to introduce some of their plus point to dine at their restaurant. The restaurant served different kinds of dishes including finger food and main course like western or pasta and etc. I think one of the plus point which made us dine in the place is their free flow of soft drinks (Carbonated type so I did not drink any) and “Soup of the Day” for each set meal ordered (There are free wireless too but is not one of the plus point to me). In term of pricing, they are considering on the value type.

DSC08027 DSC08005 1

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May 14

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 1 (Part 2)

Continuing from Day 1 Part 1, we entered the only cafe / restaurant selling main dishes in Moncoeur named as “Chin Chin (親親我的家)”. Though there is another outdoor cafe which is shown at Day 1 part 1, they are just selling ice-cream / Sundaes. Anyway, when you entered the cafe, the staff are well prepared to welcome you and bring you up to level 2 where customer are allocated a table (Just like home dinning table style), you will be able to see a lot of different themed stuff there including bed rooms and etc.

Very nice and cosy feeling place

We notice that they also sell couple cups for customer to buy back home to use too which is a good way of getting more income as most people tend to buy these to keep as souvenirs.

Couple Cup as usable souvenirs (NT$450 / cup or NT$850 / pair)

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May 05

Ex-Swiber Infra Team Gathering for Food

Even though I had left Swiber (My ex company) for nearly a year now, a few of our infrastructure team members (Some are working in other place too) are still gathering together for a meet up and to eat meals together to relax from our daily stressful lives. We had planned to meet up with each other on Sunday (3 March 3013) for dinner cum chatting session.

Since I returned home in the morning, I sleep through the day till it is time for me to meet up with them. We meeting each other at Jurong Point and decided to eat at one of the Hong Kong Restaurant named “Central Hong Kong Café” at level 3.

DSC06397 DSC06398 DSC06399

Right when we reached the entrance of the restaurant, there are quite a lot of people having their meals over there too but still there are still some empty tables so we are able to get a table without any issue. The tables are being placed quite near to each other but still able to let some slim people walk around the place especially the staff there serving dishes to the customers. We had no problem ordering from the menu which is a laminated A3 size paper.

Classic Hong Kong steam food on sticks

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Mar 12

Dinner at Earle Swensen’s for Last Day of the Year 2012

It is the last day of the year and what would you do to celebrate this date? For me, I went out with Rachel with her sister, Laurel and laurel friend for a dinner on Sunday (31 December 2012) to mark out last day of the year. We predicted that there will be super crowded in town area so we decide to go VivoCity instead as there should be better in terms of town area plus we might be able to catch the fireworks from the Sentosa.

As we are all thinking of healthy food, we went to Earle Swensen’s for our dinner which include salad buffet (One of my favorite place). Laurel and her friends are also happy to eat over there as you know, girls are always trying to eat healthy to stay pretty and slim.

When we reached vivocity, our prediction went wrong as there are also a lot of people flocking in to this place and the whole shopping mall is starting to get crowded even though it is still early in the evening.

Queue forming up

There was already a long queue when we reached the restaurant and I decide to walk in to take some photos of the restaurant first while the girls continue to wait in the queue.

DSC05544 DSC05545
There are some empty tables but nobody clear up the mess or lead the waiting customers to be seated

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Sep 08

Dinner at Nando’s in JCube

Both Rachel and I met up on Wednesday (29 August 2012) evening as we wanted to try out a restaurant in JCube called “Nando’s”  as I have a free voucher won from one of the Facebook contest for a free 1 quarter chicken with 2 side dishes.

The restaurant is located just next to the ice-skating rink so if you are afraid of cold, do bring some sweater along if you wish to eat your meals and chit chatting over in the restaurant.

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