Aug 26

Bad Dining Experience at Punggol Nasi Padang @ Jcube

Thursday (6 June 2013) was just another one of our dining date together between Rachel and me, we decided to go Jcube for our dinner as it was easy to go back to our own home later on. We decided to eat over at Punggol Nasi Padang over at Jcube as we had been passing by this restaurant though never really eaten there before.

DSC09366 DSC09365 DSC09367

There were not many people dining over at this restaurant during our time of visit and mostly were Malays or Indians while some Chinese were there dining too. The tables were placed nicely and was not really too close to each others. To me, this place was like a normal coffee shop except there was only 1 stall inside as all things over at this place is self service for example, we need to look for tables ourselves and also to queue up to purchase our dishes.

There were 2 cash counters over at this place which I will explain more details

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Sep 08

Dinner at Nando’s in JCube

Both Rachel and I met up on Wednesday (29 August 2012) evening as we wanted to try out a restaurant in JCube called “Nando’s”  as I have a free voucher won from one of the Facebook contest for a free 1 quarter chicken with 2 side dishes.

The restaurant is located just next to the ice-skating rink so if you are afraid of cold, do bring some sweater along if you wish to eat your meals and chit chatting over in the restaurant.

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Aug 24

BBQ Chicken Wings @ BGAIN 130 Eating House

It have been a very long time since I eaten the BBQ Chicken Wings at one of my coffeeshop in Jurong East and just in time, Rachel ask if I wish to join the Swiber IT colleagues for a BBQ Chicken Wings dinner on Thursday (23 August 2012). I readily agreed to it and we arranged to meet at Jcube first before walking over to the coffeehouse.

As I reached there earlier (They need to do a bit of OT as usual), I went up the level and seated at the viewer corner to watch other people ice-skating around the rink. Really missed the days when I always went for ice-skating during my secondary school days. (Will skate at least once a week)

After a while of watching, Rachel called me to tell me that they are reaching soon and will meet them at the ground level of Jcube to walk there together.

We walked over to the coffeeshop which is at Blk 130 next to the CPF Building and was quite easy to get a table for us to seat (It is not really easy to find seats during dinner time.)

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Aug 23

ShareTea (歇脚亭) Menu

I have added in new category on Menu and one of them will be popular Bubble Tea menus. It is good for those who wish to ask your friends who is there to order bubble tea but do not have menu to look at which bubble tea to order.

Here it is for ShareTea (歇脚亭) where I get the menu from JCube Branch.

This branch provide free delivery of bubble tea services (With terms and conditions) which is a good way of getting more business.

All Branch as of 23 Aug 2012:

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Aug 19

Dinner and nights out with ex-colleagues

It was a long day at work on Friday (10 August 2012). After working so hard at work, I meet up with my ex-colleagues from Swiber IT Department for dinner.

As I am off early on every Friday (5:30pm off work) I went directly to Jurong East first for a short walk and windows shopping while waiting for them to come. (Arranged to meet for BBQ chicken wing dinner but later on changed to Jcube meet instead)

When they reached, we just have a short walk around and decided to eat over at “Canton Paradise” for dim sum dinner since we have eaten there before and the food over at this restaurant is good. (First time for Rachel and Nicole though)

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Jul 12

Pique Nique @ Jcube

After a long day at work, it is great to meet up with my girlfriend for a dinner. Since we are all in the west area, Jcube at Jurong East is chosen to be our meeting point for a nice dinner.

I been to Jcube for a few times and have passby this restaurant near Macdonald which serve main course and most importantly macaroons!!!

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