Jan 19

Seafood Lunch Across the Causeway

Rachel had planned to go back Malaysia on Saturday (20 July 2013) so I went together with her back to stay over for 1 night. The traffic at custom were always so slow which caused a long queue.

Anyway, Rachel’s mother was good enough to come fetch us when we reached Malaysia to go back to their house. We just put our stuff and without much delay, the whole family started to go for lunch to celebrate Rachel’s younger sister’s birthday. Her parents decided to go for a seafood lunch at one of the popular location in Malaysia. Rachel’s father said a lot of Singaporean will come all the way there to have their seafood fix due to freshness and “cheap” (Due to exchanged rates).

DSC00035 4 1

The restaurant was seems to be quite old with a big open air sandy “car park” covered (Take care as there were quite a lot of big holes here and there). The restaurant was located just by the sea using woods to hold them together. There were quite a lot of rubbish around the place as they were washed up by the sea along the beach. Inside the restaurant which was an open air concept using natural sea breeze and electric fan to keep the place cooling.

Nice scenery

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Aug 05

Moving around between Singapore and Malaysia

After just meeting with Rachel on Friday evening for dinner cum drinking session, we meet up with each other on Saturday (11 May 2013) again as we need to go Bugis to survey on some of the things which we had been preparing to buy before planned to go back to Malaysia to have dinner together with Rachel’s Family.

So we meet at up Jurong East before proceeding to Bugis. Before proceeding to shop around, we stopped by the Bugis hawker center for a lunch first. There were quite a lot of people having their meals there as from what I know there were some very popular stall over at these area and some of them even being interviewed by some of the food critics shows.

DSC08682 DSC08683
Black Carrot Cake

Forgotten which stall are more popular ones, we just proceed to look around the place and buy anything that caught our eyes. In the end, I bough black carrot cake (Aka “Chai Tao Kway”) which was not well prepared as I was still able to taste that raw black soya sauce not really mixed well with the carrot cake though the carrot cake by itself was soft and powdery (Did not put any spring onions on top of it like most of the other carrot cake stall too). Rachel on the other hand bought Mee Rebus from one of the Malay stall (There are many more selling the same stuff).

DSC08680 DSC08681
Mee Rebus

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Apr 23

Pre-CNY food Dinner at Shan Ming Seafood Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

Chinese New Year is coming soon and I went to Malaysia with Rachel to visit her family on Saturday (2 February 2013) plus to give some Chinese New Year snack to them. (My parent ask me to bring over to them).

The travel from Singapore back to Malaysia on weekends is super crowded as most Singaporean went there for meals or shopping while Malaysian going back home to visit their families. It took quite a while before we can clear the custom and luckily Rachel’s mother is good enough to come fetch us in their car.

We stayed within the house till dinner time when Rachel’s father decided to go to a restaurant which they reserved for reunion dinner as a “pre-tasting” dinner there.

Front View of the restaurant

Open space type of Zi Char Restaurant


We got to the restaurant around 6 plus in the evening and the sun is still quite bright. The restaurant staff are quick to allocate a table for us and said that this will also be the table for the reunion day too. The restaurant is an non air-con Zi Char stall with quite a lot of tables for guest to eat there where there are a few fans blowing to keep the customer cool.

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Feb 06

Family Trip to Johor Bahru for Dinner

My Family knows that I had eaten beggar chicken over at Malaysia and have been talking about trying it out if there is a chance. So I took the chance to organize a lunch over at that restaurant again on Saturday together with Rachel’s Family as a treat to all of them.

As usual, we need to pre-order all the dishes at least 1 day before we go over to the restaurant for our lunch.

We got stuck inside a traffic jam between the causeway (At least 2 hours of jam) while on the way there so in the end, it is too late for lunch so it become early dinner instead. (Around 5pm)

This is the first time my parents meeting up with Rachel’s parents but do not think too much as this is just a normal meeting over a meal just to get to know each other first. 😉

As this is the second time I been to this restaurant, I just took the dishes that we had ordered.

The staff opening our dishes

Acar @ RM$4.00

Given when we are seated at the table. I believe is homemade preserved pickles. Not bad as it is very crunchy and sweet sour taste.

Oyster Rice (枕头饭) @ RM$22.00

glutinous rice are being wrap inside a leaf before covering it with clay (or mud) before sending it for slow cooking over charcoal. A bit dry when we have this dish maybe it is a bit over cooked since we are late (Actually should be lunch)

Beggar Chicken @ RM$33.00

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Dec 17

A Day Trip of Food Trail in Johor Bahru

I have been thinking of bringing some of my ex-colleagues over to Malaysia for a day of eating trip but always unable to do so due to work or busy schedules. Finally on Saturday (27 Oct 2012), all of us arranged to go Malaysia (Johor Bahru) for a day of eating trip. (Ofcourse special thanks to Rachel as she needs to drive us around to our planned food destination using her family car.)

All of us (except Rachel) meet up at Kranji MRT station where we took SBS 170 to reached Causeway Checkpoint (Super crowded with slow bus frequency in the morning rush hours). When we reached Malaysia Custom, Rachel waited for us at the planned pick up point (Been to Malaysia a few times with Rachel so we know where she will pick us up) and we started our journey to our first food destination.

As it is still early to go for lunch (Around 9:15am), Rachel introduce to us one of the popular porridge stall that is quite near to the custom for our breakfast while waiting for the time for our lunch.

Looking at KSL City from the stall location

The porridge stall is located at a older part of the road quite near to a Shopping Center (KSL City) and it is like a small stall inside a olden coffeeshop (There are other stall in this place too). Since all of us knows that we will be eating like non-stop, we decided to just purchase 2 bowls (Add RM$0.50 for additional of egg) of porridge and shared between the 5 of us.

DSC04571DSC04574 DSC04575
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Nov 20

Free and Easy Day Trip to Malacca

I took one of my annual leave on Friday (19 October 2012) as both Rachel and me planned to go for a one day trip over to Malacca with her Mother and Laurel. We went there using one of their cars and took around 2 hours to reached Malacca from Johor Bahru. Poor Rachel needs to drive so long and I cannot help her as I cannot drive Malaysia car.

As we are first time driving into Malacca and not very sure about what place or road to go so in the end we just drove right into the Malacca town (around 11:25am) where most of the attractions and popular food are located there.

As it is also lunch time, we drove into Mahkota Parade to park the car before going up to the food court in the shopping mall to have our lunch. The place is quiet as there are not a lot people around here having their lunch.

Claypot Chicken with Salted fish @ RM 5.50 and Claypot Chicken with Mushroom @ RM 6.00

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Oct 13

Wedding Banquet @ Restoran Pekin,北京楼 (Malaysia)

Rachel’s friends (Daphne Tee and Justin Yap) invited both of us together with Hazel (Rachel’s sister) to their wedding banquet over at Restoran Pekin,北京楼 (Johor Bahru, Malaysia). Since it is a Saturday (22 September 2012) dinner banquet, I went into Malaysia to meet up with Rachel over at her house before going to the restaurant together using their family car. (Rachel and Hazel is one of the “Jie Mei” for this wedding)

By the time I reached Rachel’s house, it is about 3plus already and Rachel is already preparing inside her room to go for the wedding. They had a lot of fun “bullying” the “Xiong Di” during the morning session. (Guys are so pitiful during this day)

We managed to reach the location at around 7pm just nice for the cocktail reception. They are serving soft drinks and some fried finger food for the guests who had arrived early to the place.

Who wish to buy 4D can buy this number. Heh Heh.
Took photos of us together with the groom, Justin Yap.

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