Dec 28

You Ji Jia Chuan Duck Rice (友记家传鸭饭), TWG and Pastamania Trip

It is Deepavali Day on Tuesday (13 November 2012) which means it is a public holiday in Singapore. Both Rachel and I plan to go out for a relaxing windows shopping and dining together for the day. Our first stop for lunch is decided to be over at Bugis for duck rice as recommended by one of her friends and the place is actually a stall inside a coffeeshop opposite of Bugis Junction.

DSC04836 DSC04831

When I saw the stall, I remembered that there should be other branch inside foodcourt (Other places) which looks something like this stall too. Anyway since it is a coffeeshop kind of stall, there are no air conditioning and it is all depends on whether it is very hot and humid during the time you are there.

DSC04834 DSC04832

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Jul 30

Potato Depot and Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie

Thanks God it is Friday (TGIF: 27 July 2012).

After a long day at work, I meet up with Rachel for a dinner together and to buy a birthday gift for one of my ex-colleague (Her currently colleague) in a mind of giving her a surprise gift.

We meet up at Buona Vista Mrt since I am working nearby and went directly to City Hall Mrt in search for the present.

After getting the present (A Kate Spate Wallet) and giving her a surprise (She is also there eating with the guys so we just surprised her and give her the present). We went over to Potato Depot for our dinner since both of us do not really wish to eat too full for our dinner (Also, our first choice for dinner, Ding Tai Fung is too crowded)

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