Aug 21

Marina Square Relaxing Walk

Saturday (1 June 2013) was a special day as both Rachel and me needs to go Marina Square Shopping Mall to look at one of our event results. Both of us were very excited to see the result of our pass week (or Months) of effort. Rachel’s sisters (Laurel and Hazel) will be meeting us later on to give suggestion and etc too.

DSC09288 1
Angry Birds Hall of Fame

Did a short windows shopping while over at Marina Square too and there was an event of Angry Bird merchandize over there. Those who spend a minium amount of things at Marina Square will also be entitled to some games here too as you can see a lot of people especially kids were having fun over at this event.

DSC09297 DSC09295
Kids trying out the catapult for Angry Bird

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Jun 20

Nice dining Experience at Rock and Ash Restaurant

Both Rachel and I decided to go City Hall for some windows shopping and dinner straight after work on Thursday (18 April 2013). As usual, I will normally wait for her at Bouna Vista MRT station before going together with her to City hall MRT station. Going through the City Link underground mall, we passed by a few stalls and was also looking at the prices for manicure as Rachel needs to go for it very soon.

DSC08031 3
They do not accept Credit Card payment but accept NETS / EZ-LINK / CASH

Along the way, we passed by a restaurant who had a staff (Uncle type) trying to get customer to come eat in their restaurant, we took a look at the menu and the staff was very friendly and was able to introduce some of their plus point to dine at their restaurant. The restaurant served different kinds of dishes including finger food and main course like western or pasta and etc. I think one of the plus point which made us dine in the place is their free flow of soft drinks (Carbonated type so I did not drink any) and “Soup of the Day” for each set meal ordered (There are free wireless too but is not one of the plus point to me). In term of pricing, they are considering on the value type.

DSC08027 DSC08005 1

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Feb 06

Buffet Lunch Treat at “Edge” (Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore)

I have been send for a 5 days VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage course by my company to prepare me for upcoming Virtualization projects and during our last day (Friday, 7 December 2012) of course, the instructor inform us that there will be a free lunch provided by the training center so all of us are happy and excited to know where we will be going for lunch later.

DSC05329 DSC05323
A lot of reservation from different training courses are seen here

During the lunch break (Which is also marking the end of our course as we had finished all those that we need to know.), the instructor bought us to a restaurant named “Edge” located at level 3 in Pan Pacific Hotel. This is the first time I went inside this hotel and is quite surprise to see that there are quite a lot of people eating at this place during these timing. Edge restaurant served different types of dishes as International Buffet style though there are no Sashimi during the lunch hours.

The restaurant is having an open concept where you can see the chef preparing all those dishes and put on the plates for customer to take. I like the Satay session the best as it is very nice to eat. Another station which I like is the desserts where you can choose from ice-cream to sweets, cakes and even chocolate fondue.

The staff are very friendly and they are very attentive to clear our plates as soon as possible so we can just get more food to eat at our table. In term of space wise, the tables are spread nicely between each other giving ample space for walking around and to relax without feeling the squeeze from the crowd. (Maybe it is due to lunch time so not many people around)

After I actually eaten my full (Need to enjoy the food first) before starting to take photos of the places.

1 DSC05308

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Dec 26

Bing Bian (An Affair with Ice) Menu @ Millenia Walk

Another menu I got when I am around at Millenia Walk and it seems to be an interesting stall which sell different types of desserts mixing around fruits and etc all together. Interesting concept to me though I haven’t try it out as of now.

Here you are, the menu if you wish to get any of them.

BingBian1 BingBian2

Aug 10

Din Tai Fung (鼎泰丰), StarBucks, LongRun Tea

It’s National Day (9 August 2012) and it is a public holiday to most people except for some who still needs to wake up early and go to work (Yes, I need to go back to office to do something before I can go off and enjoy the holiday)

To cut short of the working part, after work, I went directly to Orchard as I am being invited to this Sony “Closed Door” event between 11am to 2pm that is opened only for Sony members and the first 100 members will be able to received a Sony Goodie Bag.

Since I need to work for a while in the morning, I just went directly over there hoping to be within the first 100 members but guess I am too early as the gate to Isetan is still closed and I am the first person to be there. 😡

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