Aug 06

The Asian Kitchen @ ION Orchard

Meeting Rachel on Wednesday (15 May 2013) over at Orchard today for a dinner date. As usual, I will always wait for her at Buona Vista MRT before proceeding to our location. When we reached Orchard, we actually do not know what we wanted to eat for dinner as we have been eating western food for quite a few times so this time round, we decided to eat something else and decided to eat over at “Lu Gang Xiao Zhen – The Asian Kitchen” when we walked pass that place.


Reason eating there was also partly due to the nice food we eaten at this restaurant in Bugis+ branch. Getting a  table was not difficult even though there were quite a lot of people dinning there, there were still some empty tables seats for us to have our meals there.


The main layout of the restaurant was in red theme as all pillars, tables and chairs were using red as the theme. The staff were busy and it was quite hard to get their attention though they were still friendly in treating customers. As both of us were already hungry, we quickly scanned through the menu and started to order our meals.

Grandpa Wu’s Vegge @ $8.40

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Jul 24

Citibank Movie Event Plus Dinner at NYDC

It was Friday (3 May 2013) and my sister had earlier message me during office hour whether I am keen to go for a Citibank movie event which Citibank had given her company showing Ironman 3. Since I have not watched the show (And Rachel had watched it with her sisters), I readily agreed to go watch together with them. (Free movie why not? lolx).


And since it was a Friday, I am able to get off from work half an hour earlier so I kind of reached Shaw House (Orchard) by taking SBS 105 from Buona Vista bus stop. Guess I reached the place too early and I can see that Citibank have not complete their preparation as some cinema staff are preparing the popcorn and bottles of drinks (Coke). Each ticket entitled to 1 popcorn and drink.

Our Tickets to Ironman 3 with free popcorn and drinks

It was only till around 6pm plus, some people started to queue up for the tickets (First come first serve basis) but my second sister who reached not long ago told me to wait for a while as she mentioned that they normally give out the tickets starting from the back to the front so in order to get center seats, we need to wait a while longer. True enough, we received the seats which are not too far back and not too near to the screen in front.


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May 11

Dim Sum Treat at Hua Ting Restaurant

It is a lazy Sunday (17 March 2013) morning and I nearly unable to wake up from my sleep as I slept late the previous night. Lucky for me, that there was a direct bus to Orchard as I am meeting my sisters there for Dim Sum treat. My sister just signed up as a member of a F & B group and was given some vouchers to have dim sum at Hua Ting Restaurant located at Orchard Hotel.

DSC06535 DSC06533

As I am late, they had already started having a few dishes of the dim sum so I did not get to take all the photos of the dishes ordered during our meal there. The restaurant was not hard to find and looks quite grand on the outside. More of a Chinese style high class dining location. Not to mention that each of the tables and chairs were nicely space apart and very comfortable. Expect no less from this restaurant.

DSC06532 DSC06526

Staff here were very friendly and will help to refill your drinks as soon as your glass was half filled even though I can see that they were quite busy trying to serve the dishes and to take notice of any request from the customer.

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Apr 22

Dinner over at FISH at 313 Somerset

After a hard day at work, both Rachel and I decided to go down town for a dinner on Tuesday (22 January 2013) and as Laurel is also knocking off from work, we asked her to join us for dinner too.

There are a lot of people over at Somerset when we reached there by MRT and so many of the restaurants are either having long queues or we do not wish to dine at that restaurant. It was when we saw a restaurant which we had never really tried before and there are also salad buffet (Seems to be similar with Swensen’s at Vivo City) and furthermore, this is a branch from the popular Fish & Co. Singapore.

DSC06152DSC06154 DSC06155
Salad Bar counter

There are still a lot of empty tables there and we though we are lucky to be able to find a table so quickly as it is consider still peak hours for restaurant when we are there. The tables are spread nicely apart which makes us feel quite nice and comfy. As there is a salad buffet at $5.90 if you ordered a main course or as a stand alone, we decided to dine in this restaurant to try it out. (Do not really wish to keep going to Vivo Swensen for salad buffet)

Nice menu design

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Apr 11

Ex-Infra Gathering over at PS Cafe for Dinner

After our short dinner session over at Lavender foodcourt a few days earlier, we arrange to go for another dinner session in town area on Wednesday (16 January 2013) and decided to go have our dinner at PS Cafe since we have never eaten at this restaurant before and had always hear about it from our friend (Saw some uploaded photos taken from PS Cafe though).

DSC06126 1

We meet up after our work at Orchard MRT and walked to Paragon where PS Cafe is located at level 3 of the building. Actually we thought that the cafe is actually at the walkway next to the escalator but the staff bring us into a retail store and there is another part of the cafe within hidden in the retail store called “Project Shop” selling stylish bags. This is quite a surprise and the environment inside is also quite different from the outside seats too. I would say the inside of the cafe is more cozy and romantic due to dim lighting.

DSC06134 DSC06131

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Dec 27

Din Tai Fung (鼎泰丰) and Sushi Tei Day

It is a nice Saturday (3 November 2012) and Rachel and I planned to meet up with each other for a nice window shopping and having a nice meal together. Since Laurel and her will need to go Jurong Point Maybank to do something, we decided to meet over there for our brunch too.

After they are done with their stuff, we walk over to Din Tai Fung as we are thinking of eating Chinese Dim Sum for our breakfast cum lunch (Brunch) together. Been to Din Tai Fung for a few times already as I loves some of their dishes and likes their cleanliness of the restaurant (The decoration is very comfortable and cozy).

DSC04751 DSC04750 DSC04743

Anyway, we started to check out the menu and took down what we wish to eat before handed over to the staff when they called our number. We are bought into the restaurant area (Normally we are seated outside) and it is also nice as we get to walk pass the open glass concept kitchen where the chefs are busy preparing the dim sum for the customers.

DSC04772 DSC04771

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Oct 28

A Dinner Date with Rachel, Laurel and Hazel

To continue with my earlier blog post (Too long so split to 2 post instead) after a day walk on Sunday (30 September 2012), the time goes very fast and it is time for dinner. As Rachel and Laurel had planned to have dinner with Hazel, we went from Bugis to Somerset to meet up with her before going for our dinner together.

The restaurant is “Ootoya Japanese Restaurant” located at Orchard Central and since I have eaten at this restaurant before, the food there is quite nice based on my memories.

As there are not much people in the restaurant having their meals, we have no problem finding a table even though we did not make any reservation. So there are no waiting time needed during our visit.

This restaurant is nicely designed as they make used of their area well even though they do not have much space for usage.

The lights are not too bright so makes our dinning more comfortable

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