Oct 14

Sushi Tei Dining at Raffles City

One of my NS friends and I arranged to meet up with each other since it had been a while since we last went out for dining together and both of us loves Japanese food. Met him together with Rachel at City Hall as we initially decided to eat over at Buffet Town located at basement level of Raffles City on Friday (5 July 2013) but change of plan as there was a super long queue for this place. In the end we decided to make do with Sushi Tei as it was of kind of a better standard in terms of their Japanese dishes.

1 2

The queue over at this restaurant was always quite long during the evening time and it was the same when we were there. waited for almost 20 to 30 minutes just to be allocated with a table seat.

Operating Hours

Without much delay, we started to order our dishes as all of us were quite hungry by the time we got a table seat. The staff were friendly even though we can see that they were busy serving all the crowds dining at Sushi Tei. The dishes were served without much delay and most importantly, they were freshly made as what I had requested during the ordering of dishes.

This was one of the reason why I am always coming back to this restaurant for dining as they served quality food. If there was any wrong about the dish like not very fresh, you can ask the staff to get another one for you (I did requested change of dishes when they served me dishes from the belt which was not very fresh anymore).

Chuka Chinmi (Scallop) @ $5.20

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Jul 26

Ramen Dining at Daikokuya (大黑屋) – Raffles City

Both Rachel and me had arrange to go out on Tuesday (7 May 2013) for some windows shopping to buy some accessories for some event and decided to go Raffles City Shopping Mall next to City Hall MRT station.


Since we had been eating at the same old places in Raffles City, we decided to try some other restaurant instead and in the end, decided to eat at a Japanese Restaurant, “Daikokuya (大黑屋)”


This was a small restaurant located at one side of the shopping mall and most of the tables and seats are quite close to each other. We were quite lucky as we were allocated with a table as soon as we entered the restaurant. The staff are all very busy due to dinner peak hours and there were people starting to form a queue outside while we are ordering our dishes.

Basic setup of the table for customer (Green Tea @ $1.00 each)

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Jun 23

Dining Experience at Fruit Paradise (Raffles City)

It was Tuesday (23 April 2013), both Rachel and I decided to meet together for a dinner at Raffles City beside City hall MRT station. Walking around for some windows shopping around the place looking for some stuff for our important event.

DSC08051DSC08052 DSC08050 23Apr2013

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Apr 25

Pre-CNY Lo Hei at Suishi Tei Raffles City Branch

Chinese (Lunar) New Year is coming very soon and since Rachel and I will not be meeting each other on the eve of Chinese New Year, we decided to have a pre Chinese New Year celebration together with her sisters first. We arranged to meet on Friday (8 February 2013) for dinner and also Lo Hei together as Angel is also around in Singapore on that day.

Laurel asked one of her friends to come along too to join in the fun. We met up at City Hall as we wanted to dine in at Sushi Tei for dinner. We are lucky as there are not many people queuing at Sushi Tei too and was able to be allocate a round table for the 6 of us.

Since I had blogged about Sushi Tei at Raffles City, I will just post the dishes that we had order instead for this post:

DSC06221 DSC06220DSC06223
Japanese Style Fa Cai Yu Sheng @ $36.80

What will be a Chinese New Year Dinner be without Fa Cai Yu Sheng. I loves Japanese Yu Sheng more than the Chinese style as I can get to eat fresh fish (Sashimi) while the Chinese style might not be able to compare with the freshness (and thickness too).

Yu Sheng after adding all side dishes into it

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Nov 07

A dinner date at Skinny Pizza

Thanks God It’s Friday!!!! (12 October 2012) and Rachel and I will be meeting up with her sisters Laurel and Angel for dinner after our work.

As usual, I waited for Rachel to off work before going to Buona Vista to go City Hall MRT together as they arranged to eat at Skinny Pizza for dinner. Been eaten at Skinny Pizza for a few times before I started this Shoot & Blog personal blogger page so this will be the first time I writing about it in shoot & blog.

When we reached City Hall Mrt, Laurel is still working while Angel is waiting for her before meeting up with us for dinner so we decided to take these time to have a short windows shopping within Raffles City Shopping Centre.

There are a lot of stall selling finger food and dessert in basement level and we walked pass one of the stall selling Fried French Fries call “Best Fries Forever”

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Jul 30

Potato Depot and Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie

Thanks God it is Friday (TGIF: 27 July 2012).

After a long day at work, I meet up with Rachel for a dinner together and to buy a birthday gift for one of my ex-colleague (Her currently colleague) in a mind of giving her a surprise gift.

We meet up at Buona Vista Mrt since I am working nearby and went directly to City Hall Mrt in search for the present.

After getting the present (A Kate Spate Wallet) and giving her a surprise (She is also there eating with the guys so we just surprised her and give her the present). We went over to Potato Depot for our dinner since both of us do not really wish to eat too full for our dinner (Also, our first choice for dinner, Ding Tai Fung is too crowded)

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