Mar 08

Random: A Complaint Letter to Crystal Jade (Jurong Point Branch) – Part 2

This is actually a follow up post based on my earlier complaint letter. After getting the reply from Crystal Jade, Ashley, on 13 February 2013, I actually thought that that is the end of this complaint letter as I did not received any reply from them since then.

But I was wrong, on 19 February 2013, I received another e-mail reply from them and this time, from Raymond Wong. HeĀ  apologized about this incident that I had experience and stated that they had since identify and provided some re-training and counseling the staff involved. (Hope that this is truth).

Below is what he had e-mailed to me:

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Feb 15

Random: A Complaint Letter to Crystal Jade (Jurong Point Branch) – Part 1

Had a very bad experience Tuesday (12 February 2013) when having meal and lo Hei session with ex-infra team friends over at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at their Jurong Point Branch.

Their service really is not up to standard and it actually spoilt our mood a bit during that time. As such, I decided to write a complaint letter to their head office on it the very night.

I just wish to post out my letter for all to see and on what they had replied back to me for all to reference and maybe, this is just a one time off type of bad service (Or maybe I am unlucky to encounter these type of service during that time)

This post is a special no photos, all words type of post so bare with me if you wish to know what is happening.

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Dec 20

Random Photos Gallery

Have been taking random photos during all my trips and to showcase all these at once.


Nov 11

A Primary School Gathering

Yes, what you have see on the subject title is correct! After so many years and all (Almost) of our primary school friends are still in touch with each other and this is consider the biggest gathering we have ever had since we graduate from Shuqun Primary School. This time round, we organise a potluck theme where each of us will bring something for our gathering and one of our friends, PeiShi is kind enough to provide her house as the gathering point of our potluck session cum primary school gathering.

So on Sunday (14 October 2012), I met up with Betty at Jurong Point who is our recommended “HQ” to buy our own item. I bought some titbits while she bought some fruits for these potluck. Jackson came to fetch us to Peishi house as he is also on the way there so we are able to reach there on time. (Actually we are one of the earliest to reach there).

It is great to be able to catch up with so many of my Primary School friends and most of them are either married or already have kids in their families. One thing great about these event is that we can get to stay in contact with each other and this one is one of the best as some of them are actually joining us for the first time since we had left our school.

What can you ask for with so many primary school friends still in contact with each other.

Some group photos during our time over there.

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Oct 08

Random: Photos taken over times

Here are some random photos taken over the times just as and when I like.

Sep 24

Random: Annoying Bosses!

Saw this news while browsing through yahoo news and wish to share it over at my blog. This source is actually fromĀ jobscentral (

There are basically five categories of bosses that drive their staff nuts and toss in a tip or two on how to handle them – after all, he or she writes your appraisal!

The Micromanager

He’s there every step of the way – literally. He checks in with you almost every hour for the progress of the report and makes sure to guide you on what to do on a project that you have completed countless times before. Whether your manager is a newbie who is not confident in leading his own team yet or someone who refuses to relinquish control and doesn’t trust that things won’t go astray if his instructions aren’t followed to the T, here’s how you can get around a micromanaging boss.

Tip: Reassure your superior by over-communicating – give frequent updates of your work before he asks. By taking the initiative to report to him and trying to highlight any potential issues, be it how small, he might be more comfortable to relinquish some control. That’s when you can suggest coming to an agreement on which steps you can start taking on independently.

The Mind Changer

One moment he tells you to follow up with clients by calling them, the next he asks why you haven’t sent emails to touch base with customers. Your boss’ whims and fancies switches like a difficult-to-please girlfriend who changes her mind all the time. You are exhausted just trying to keep up with him.

Tip: Help your boss out by reminding him of his instructions. It could be as simple as dropping an email after a meeting to highlight the expectations, points of actions and deadlines that have been raised. If he does dish out different details subsequently, follow up with another email to point out the understanding certain points previously have been updated with the new ones.

The Long Winded One

Everyone dreads attending meetings with him – discussions have been known to drag on for more than an hour because your boss has the tendency to get sidetracked by the littlest distraction, be it the current cute thing that his kid has done or the latest development in the US presidential election. All that’s on your mind is how much over time you have to clock to make up for the work you could have done if he had just got to the point.

Tip: Diplomatically steer the conversation to the matter at hand. Acknowledge the interesting topic that is being discussed with a “How exciting that must be for you! Why don’t we take this offline and you can tell us more about it over drinks after work? Now before I forget, what is our next step going to be for XYZ project?”

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Jul 13

Knowledge: How to Be a Good Manager

Suddenly have this on my mind on how do you know you have a good boss (Manager) who takes care of his subordinates and have the charisma to make his subordinates to follow and work for him willingly.

Also, if you are a manager / team lead, do you know that you are a good leader who have the qualities to take care of your subordinates and to have them follow and work for you willingly.

Kind of saw this article which I think is a very good example on what I have mention:

“How to be a Good Manager”
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