Nov 25

A Trip to Pulau Ubin

It was a great weather on Saturday (6 July 2013) and both Rachel and I planned to go for a photo shooting trip as she wish to train up her photo taking skill for our holiday during the October time. Early in the morning, we took public transport to Changi Village where there was Changi Point Ferry Terminal within walking distance which will be able to take us to Pulau Ubin.

Before we board the bus from Tanah Merah MRT Station to Changi Bus Terminal (Changi Village), we bought 2 x mineral water at the 7-11 store within the station thinking that the drinks over at Pulau Ubin sure will be more expensive than inland and went happily to board our bus.

Bus stop at Changi Village Food Centre

After reaching the place, we decided to have our brunch over at Changi Village first before proceeding to take the ferry. Over at Changi Village Food Centre, I hear that there was a very popular Nasi Lemak Stall which sell very nice dish but when I saw the queue, I decided to try other stall instead as it do not seems to be worth the time to queue so long for a Nasi Lemak.

DSC09719 DSC09721
The popular Nasi Lemak but the queue was too long

DSC09724 DSC09725
Another stall (International Muslim Food Stall) selling Nasi Lemak but shorter queue so I decided to buy from this stall instead

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Apr 22

Dinner over at FISH at 313 Somerset

After a hard day at work, both Rachel and I decided to go down town for a dinner on Tuesday (22 January 2013) and as Laurel is also knocking off from work, we asked her to join us for dinner too.

There are a lot of people over at Somerset when we reached there by MRT and so many of the restaurants are either having long queues or we do not wish to dine at that restaurant. It was when we saw a restaurant which we had never really tried before and there are also salad buffet (Seems to be similar with Swensen’s at Vivo City) and furthermore, this is a branch from the popular Fish & Co. Singapore.

DSC06152DSC06154 DSC06155
Salad Bar counter

There are still a lot of empty tables there and we though we are lucky to be able to find a table so quickly as it is consider still peak hours for restaurant when we are there. The tables are spread nicely apart which makes us feel quite nice and comfy. As there is a salad buffet at $5.90 if you ordered a main course or as a stand alone, we decided to dine in this restaurant to try it out. (Do not really wish to keep going to Vivo Swensen for salad buffet)

Nice menu design

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Apr 02

Bangkok Trip (January 2013) Day 4 (Flying Back to Singapore)

Tuesday (8 January 2013) is here and this is our last day holiday in Bangkok. Kind of sad as time goes so fast while a bit happy as you can get to go back and see your family and friends again. As our flight back Singapore is during the evening and the driver who will fetch us to airport will come at 4pm, we started to go out right after our breakfast at the hotel.

The first stop we sent is to find a popular duck rice restaurant that Rachel found out from the Internet during her research for places around Bangkok. This restaurant is said to be located near Saphan Taksin BTS so we just took the BTS over to this place.

Saphan Taksin BTS

As we are not very sure of the place, we just ask around for information on this duck rice restaurant and true enough, even the BTS staff knows about this popular duck rice restaurant. So we just follow the direction from the staff and located the duck rice stall.

The duck rice restaurant is right opposite of this green building

This is the restaurant that a lot of people are talking about.

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Apr 02

Bangkok Trip (January 2013) Day 3

Another day of our Bangkok holiday have gone by and it is now Monday (7 January 2013). As usual, we get up to eat our breakfast at the hotel cafe before moving out for more shopping and enjoying our time together.

Day view of the waiting area at the hotel lobby. Bright and cozy place to relax while waiting for driver.

The McDonald restaurant which we eaten our dinner last night in day view

DSC05910 DSC05909
Rachel busy looking around for nice pretty clothes while I took photos here and there (Also shopping in the same time)

The first stop is back to Pratunum Shopping Mall for a short morning shopping where we bought more clothes for ourselves and also to shop around enjoying the time together. Not sure why but there seems to be more people at the mall as compared during the weekends (Sunday).

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Mar 17

Dinner at Coffee Club @ IMM

It was a Thursday (3 January 2013) and both Rachel and I decided to meet up for dinner as I have a Coffee Club vouchers after redeeming it from my credit card points. We meet up with each other after our work at IMM as we know there is one restaurant located there and it is near to her workplace.

There are a lot of people around in IMM by the time we reached there and almost all the restaurants are queuing with customers but when we reached the Coffee Club restaurant, there are not much people inside the restaurant but since we are there, we just proceed into the restaurant and start to look through the menu before ordering our dishes.

DSC05573 DSC05574
There are still quite a lot of empty seats when we are there.

Simple menu design

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Feb 14

Christmas cum Birthday Celebration at Japanese Dining SUN

It is Christmas Day (25 December 2012) which falls on a Tuesday. As my birthday is also around the corner, Rachel decided to help celebrate Christmas and my birthday together by having a dinner over at Japanese Dining SUN restaurant as she knows I loves to eat Japanese dishes.

Rachel made a point to made a reservation before Christmas so we are able to get a seat earlier when we are there. As both of us to not own a vehicle, we took public transport and reached City Hall MRT station before walking toward Chijmes where the restaurant is located.


As the restaurant is at level 2, we are able to find the building which linked to this restaurant without much difficulty though from the look of it, this restaurant is not wheelchair friendly as there are no lift to reach level 2 (Based on my knowledge while looking around). You need to walk up a flights of stairs before getting to the front of the restaurant.

Front view from ground floor of the entrance to the restaurant

No lift for wheelchair bounded people so only suitable for those who can walk up the stairs

DSC05443 DSC05444
Glass door to the restaurant when you are at level 2

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Feb 06

Family Trip to Johor Bahru for Dinner

My Family knows that I had eaten beggar chicken over at Malaysia and have been talking about trying it out if there is a chance. So I took the chance to organize a lunch over at that restaurant again on Saturday together with Rachel’s Family as a treat to all of them.

As usual, we need to pre-order all the dishes at least 1 day before we go over to the restaurant for our lunch.

We got stuck inside a traffic jam between the causeway (At least 2 hours of jam) while on the way there so in the end, it is too late for lunch so it become early dinner instead. (Around 5pm)

This is the first time my parents meeting up with Rachel’s parents but do not think too much as this is just a normal meeting over a meal just to get to know each other first. 😉

As this is the second time I been to this restaurant, I just took the dishes that we had ordered.

The staff opening our dishes

Acar @ RM$4.00

Given when we are seated at the table. I believe is homemade preserved pickles. Not bad as it is very crunchy and sweet sour taste.

Oyster Rice (枕头饭) @ RM$22.00

glutinous rice are being wrap inside a leaf before covering it with clay (or mud) before sending it for slow cooking over charcoal. A bit dry when we have this dish maybe it is a bit over cooked since we are late (Actually should be lunch)

Beggar Chicken @ RM$33.00

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