Dec 24

Dinner at Seoul Garden Clementi

It had been a long time since I had buffet dinner with the guys so we decided to meet up at Clementi Mall to have dinner on Saturday (13 July 2013) at Seoul Garden which was a newly opened restaurant at Clementi area.

DSC09957 DSC09958

The place looks clean with only a few dishes of cooked food were placed on the side of the dining area unlike the rest of the branch which place all raw and cooked food at the side of the restaurant for customer to get their own food themselves.

Monitor used for ordering of raw dishes

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Aug 23

Dining at The Rotisserie (Chicken and Gourmet Salads) @ Rochester Park

Having working near Buona Vista area, I got the chance to dine over at Rochester Park during our lunch break and it was known to me of this restaurant called The Rotisserie which served nice dishes. So on Sunday (2 June 2013), I decide to go there for a dinner together with Rachel to try out nice dining place together during the evening time.

DSC09332 DSC09334

The restaurant was located just beside Park Avenue Rochester Hotel together with some other restaurant beside it too. The whole place was giving people a relaxing feeling with not many people over at this place and it would be a great place for gathering and chilling out with friends with some other restaurants and cafe over at this area.

DSC09338 1
Relaxing place with comfortable environment and scenery

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