Jan 25

Poor Service Level at Ichiban Boshi (CentrePoint)

Rachel and her sisters had organized a pre Chinese New Year gathering cum Lo Hei session on Wednesday (22 January 2014) night together with one of their couple friends (Justin and Daphne). All of us decided to meet directly over at the planned restaurant called Ichiban Boshi over at CentrePoint Branch as we kind of loves Japanese food so decided to have our first Lo Hei there.

Yu Sheng Display at most of the restaurants can be seen outside just like this one.

There were quite a lot of customer having their meals there too but did not over crowded the restaurant (No queuing required when we were there). There were different seating mainly able to cater up to around 6 to 7 people which also had some sushi bar counter seating (If the group had more than 6 people, they should be combining tables to cater for these group of people.)

Ichiban Boshi Yu Sheng Menu

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Oct 14

Sushi Tei Dining at Raffles City

One of my NS friends and I arranged to meet up with each other since it had been a while since we last went out for dining together and both of us loves Japanese food. Met him together with Rachel at City Hall as we initially decided to eat over at Buffet Town located at basement level of Raffles City on Friday (5 July 2013) but change of plan as there was a super long queue for this place. In the end we decided to make do with Sushi Tei as it was of kind of a better standard in terms of their Japanese dishes.

1 2

The queue over at this restaurant was always quite long during the evening time and it was the same when we were there. waited for almost 20 to 30 minutes just to be allocated with a table seat.

Operating Hours

Without much delay, we started to order our dishes as all of us were quite hungry by the time we got a table seat. The staff were friendly even though we can see that they were busy serving all the crowds dining at Sushi Tei. The dishes were served without much delay and most importantly, they were freshly made as what I had requested during the ordering of dishes.

This was one of the reason why I am always coming back to this restaurant for dining as they served quality food. If there was any wrong about the dish like not very fresh, you can ask the staff to get another one for you (I did requested change of dishes when they served me dishes from the belt which was not very fresh anymore).

Chuka Chinmi (Scallop) @ $5.20

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Oct 01

Photo Shooting and Food Trail

I was lucky enough to be able to loan my sister’s car on Saturday (29 June 2013) so had arrange to meet up with the guys (Michael and Mingyan) for a day of photo shooting time together. Our first stop was to go Labrador Park as it was known as a place for taking nice photos.


There were quite a few families over there relaxing while having fun with their children and for us, we just walk and took some photos here and there.

DSC09608 DSC09610
An Abandoned Machine Gun Post from World War II

As per our history, Singapore leaders pointed most of the attack resources at the sea while the enemy attacked us from the back. So in this case, this gun post did not really served its purpose during the world war II period to protect Singapore.

Posing for a photo

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Aug 17

3 Days 2 Nights Malacca Trip Day 3

Time always goes so fast when you are having fun or enjoying your holiday season. It was Sunday (26 May 2013) and it was our last day (To be exact, half day) over at Malacca before we need to drive back to Johor and I need to get back to Singapore.

We eaten our breakfast buffet at hotel level 1 as usual before going back to our hotel room for a final pack up before checking out of hotel.


One of the car having a flat battery and Rachel’s father decided to use another car (We have a total of 2 cars driving to Malacca) and bring all of us to one of the nearby Japanese restaurant named “Ohan Japanese Restaurant Sdn Bhd” which Rachel’s parent went for their dinner last night and feels that they were nice and wish to eat again for lunch.

This restaurant accept Credit Card payment only if your bill was above RM80.00

Nice location with comfortable layout

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Aug 05

Moving around between Singapore and Malaysia

After just meeting with Rachel on Friday evening for dinner cum drinking session, we meet up with each other on Saturday (11 May 2013) again as we need to go Bugis to survey on some of the things which we had been preparing to buy before planned to go back to Malaysia to have dinner together with Rachel’s Family.

So we meet at up Jurong East before proceeding to Bugis. Before proceeding to shop around, we stopped by the Bugis hawker center for a lunch first. There were quite a lot of people having their meals there as from what I know there were some very popular stall over at these area and some of them even being interviewed by some of the food critics shows.

DSC08682 DSC08683
Black Carrot Cake

Forgotten which stall are more popular ones, we just proceed to look around the place and buy anything that caught our eyes. In the end, I bough black carrot cake (Aka “Chai Tao Kway”) which was not well prepared as I was still able to taste that raw black soya sauce not really mixed well with the carrot cake though the carrot cake by itself was soft and powdery (Did not put any spring onions on top of it like most of the other carrot cake stall too). Rachel on the other hand bought Mee Rebus from one of the Malay stall (There are many more selling the same stuff).

DSC08680 DSC08681
Mee Rebus

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May 04

Re-Visiting HinoMaru Japanese Restaurant with Rachel Family

As Rachel family will be going to have an yearly dinner with one of their good friends (This is their family yearly celebration of CNY with one of their friends), I was invited there to join them for the celebration on Saturday (2 March 2013). There are a lot of people going back Malaysia too as there seems to be an event going on that day where they bring gods for a walk around Johor Bahru. Nevertheless, Rachel’s father come to pick us up back to their home to rest for a while before setting of for the dinner. (We reached Malaysia during the late afternoon time).

Hear from Rachel that they always went back to HinoMaru Japanese Restaurant for these yearly event celebration and so, we will be there for dinner tonight. As during the Chinese New Year dinner, the dishes over there is not really that up to standard (Too small portion and nothing to choose), this time round will be different as the CNY is already over.

When we reached the restaurant, it is as usual except that we are the first customer to arrive the place. The main door to level 2 is still closed. The lady staff is nice enough to open the gate for us to go up into the restaurant even though we reached the place too early.

After their good friend’s family arrived, they started to look through the menu and order the dishes for the dinner. (As this is a celebration with their friend’s family, I did not get any details of the pricing or name of the dishes we had eaten.)

DSC06386 DSC06387

Free starter given by the restaurant. It is a mixture of potato and mayo topped with some roe. Nice compilation and good to try when you are there.

DSC06390 DSC06391
Salmon and Salmon belly sashimi

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May 04

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant @ Far East Shopping Centre

As I need to collect some vouchers from OpenRice on Monday (25 February 2013), both Rachel and I decided to meet up at Orchard for dinner right after I collected my vouchers. OpenRice vouchers are quite troublesome to collect it since they do not open on weekends and can only collect it during weekdays. So no choice must rush down after work just to collect 1 voucher.


Anyway, after collecting the voucher and meet up with Rachel, I decided to go have a nice French dinner called “Shashlik Restaurant” at Far East Shopping Centre but sad to say, they are closed due to power outage. Thinking of what else to eat, we tried to go some other places to eat but as it is raining heavily, we just walk around the shopping centre to check if there is any other nice restaurant which we can try out and this is when we saw a Japanese Restaurant called “Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant” which seems to be quite nice but very quiet. There are just about 2 small groups of customer eating inside the restaurant when we walked in but the staff are very welcoming which makes us feels quite cozy. The restaurant looks nice with wooden decoration design theme and they display some of their seafood (Though some of them are fake) on the counter.

DSC06385 1 2

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