Dec 08

Company Dinner and Dance

Having joined my current company for less than 1 year, I was able to attend the company dinner and dance celebration on Friday (12 July 2013). We were given early release from work at 3pm for us to go back home to change or to prepare ourselves for the dinner and dance. This was not like the one which I used to have from my ex-company (Christmas Party was being treated like Dinner and Dance there) where we need to become part of the dancer and etc for the entertainment which I really hate it as it was not taking part willingly type while dinner was always a buffet style instead of banquet dinner which most of the bigger companies will do.

Took this photos after the dinner and dance ended

DSC09890 DSC09891
Hotel area

Anyway, we were told to reached Carlton Hotel ballroom at 7pm where the dinner and dance will be hosted. The ballroom was located at level 2 and one can either take the lift or walk up the stairs. Finding our ballroom was not hard as there were big signboard of our company event along the walkway


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Nov 29

Movie and Dinning Dates

A day had passed from our Pulau Ubin Trip and we had planned to meet up again to go for a movie date on Sunday (7 July 2013) at The Cathay for Despicable Me 2 as we had 2 x free tickets from my sister to watch it.

Reached The Cathay very early to redeem our free tickets and select a good seats before going for our lunch. We eaten our lunch at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen located at the basement of The Cathay (Too common so never took any photos of it). The time was just right for us to have our lunch first before going for our movie date together.


This was a great and funny show which was both suitable from young kids to adults with their cute minions. I loves the last part where they sang those pop songs.

Some photo taking while waiting for train.

After enjoying our movies, it was about 4plus in the afternoon. We decided to go over to city hall for some windows shopping as Plaza Singapura Shopping mall was full of crowds during the weekends. Over at City Hall, we walked around Raffles City Shopping Mall till it was time for us to eat our dinner.

DSC09849 DSC09851

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Aug 06

The Asian Kitchen @ ION Orchard

Meeting Rachel on Wednesday (15 May 2013) over at Orchard today for a dinner date. As usual, I will always wait for her at Buona Vista MRT before proceeding to our location. When we reached Orchard, we actually do not know what we wanted to eat for dinner as we have been eating western food for quite a few times so this time round, we decided to eat something else and decided to eat over at “Lu Gang Xiao Zhen – The Asian Kitchen” when we walked pass that place.


Reason eating there was also partly due to the nice food we eaten at this restaurant in Bugis+ branch. Getting a  table was not difficult even though there were quite a lot of people dinning there, there were still some empty tables seats for us to have our meals there.


The main layout of the restaurant was in red theme as all pillars, tables and chairs were using red as the theme. The staff were busy and it was quite hard to get their attention though they were still friendly in treating customers. As both of us were already hungry, we quickly scanned through the menu and started to order our meals.

Grandpa Wu’s Vegge @ $8.40

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May 13

Taiwan Trip (March 2013) Summary of Itinerary

Rachel and I planned for holiday trip over to Taiwan since last year and decided to fly during the March 2013, we will start our holiday trip on Wednesday (20 March 2013).

Actually planned to go as a couple trip but after some discussion, we decided that it was much cheaper and fun if we go as a group reason being, we would be able to taste more variety of snacks, share cost of hiring a driver cum van, and able to enjoy more as a group.

Our summary of itinerary was as follows: (This is not really my original itinerary as planned due to time issue but near to it)

Day 1: (20 March 2013)
Arrived at Tao Yuan Airport -> Meet Driver -> Lunch and Dessert ->Moncoeur (心之芳庭) scenery viewing plus dinner -> Gong Yuan Yan Ke / Miyahara (宫原眼科) for dessert -> Check in at TaiChung Hotel -> Shopping and eating at Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市) -> Back to Hotel to rest.

Day 2: (21 March 2013)
Breakfast at hotel -> Sky Ladder (天梯梯子吊橋) -> Taiji Canyon (太極峽谷) -> Green Dragon Waterfall(青龙瀑布) -> Lunch at a restaurant recommended by driver -> Devil Village (妖怪村) -> Yichung Jie (一中街) to eat snack as our dinner -> Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市) to eat snack as our dinner  -> Back to Hotel

Day 3: (22 March 2013)
Breakfast at hotel and checked out -> Purchase of local snack at Yi Fu Tang (一福堂) -> Lunch time at Su Mama Tang Yuan (苏妈妈汤圆) recommended by Tim -> Hehuanshan (合歡山) -> Green Green Grasslands (青青草原)  and Sheep shearing at Cingjing Farm (清境農場觀山牧區) -> Checked in Minsu -> Little Swiss Garden (小瑞士花園) -> Carton King (紙箱王) for dinner -> Back to Minsu

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May 09

Fruit Tart and Dinner at Hifumi Japanese Restaurant

Both Rachel and I have been busy these few weeks windows shopping and buying spree which we have been enjoying even though it is quite tiring. It is just another Saturday (16 March 2013) and we had decided to go for another usual windows shopping trip which we decided to go Plaza Singapura where quite a lot of people mention Spotlight is selling some portable Helium gas which interest us a lot. In order to find out the truth, we decide to go there to take a look.

Out of our disappointment, we did not see any portable helium gas tank being sold and got the news that it is actually sold out and the sales do not know when the stock will be coming back.

Having unable to see that, we just continue to shop around Plaza Singapura as they just recently did a renovation work with a new expansion wing (Just like Jurong Point). Time goes quite fast and it is around evening time by the time we felt a bit tired and decide to find a place to sit down while waiting for Rachel’s sisters who is meeting us for dinner. As we are a bit hungry, Rachel suggested to go eat Fruit Tart at Fruit Paradise as she knows that I always wanted to try out the fruit tart though have no chance to try it out (Rachel eaten these way before me. 😡 )

Fruit Paradise is located at level 4 Japanese corner at the far end between Ajisen Ramen and Kazokutei. The whole area is called “Tokyo Walker” and based on the company stated in my bill, it should be under Bachmann Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd.


One can seat in any of these restaurant and order the dishes from the other restaurant next to it (Interesting and space saving) though we are lucky enough to be able to sit at the tables within Fruit Paradise restaurant. The fruit tarts being on display looks so pretty and tasty that I always been wanting to try out.

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Dec 31

OX Fish Slice Bee Hoon @ Chop Lian Hin Zi Char

It is a good Friday (23 November 2012) as I got to borrow my sister’s car for the weekends and went over to fetch Rachel from work before going for our dinner. Since I am driving, we decided to go Teban Garden for OX Fish Slice Bee Hoon as we have not been eating there since I switch company and it is near to Rachel’s company.

Parking is not an issue as there are a lot of parking space over there but to park infront of the restaurant, you need to know how to parallel parking. (Just got to drive my sister car and not yet used to the car, decided to park at another place).

DSC05003 DSC05000

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Oct 15

Durian Mooncakes from 717 Trading

It is the month of the Mid-Autumn Festival (Newer generation also called it mooncake festival). Both Rachel and I decided to give each of our families a box of durain mooncakes since we saw a special deal which cost $48 for 9 peices of mini “Mao Shan Wang” Durian Mooncakes from 717 Trading.

The taste of the “Mao Shan Wang” Mooncakes is very nice with you able to feel the texture and the goodness in each and every bite of the mooncake.

Anyway, just a few photos of the durian mooncakes to show.

Will buy from them again when there is a chance (Provided there is a offer for it again else will be quite expensive)

Metal Box to keep all the 9 pieces of durian mooncakes

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