Jan 25

Poor Service Level at Ichiban Boshi (CentrePoint)

Rachel and her sisters had organized a pre Chinese New Year gathering cum Lo Hei session on Wednesday (22 January 2014) night together with one of their couple friends (Justin and Daphne). All of us decided to meet directly over at the planned restaurant called Ichiban Boshi over at CentrePoint Branch as we kind of loves Japanese food so decided to have our first Lo Hei there.

Yu Sheng Display at most of the restaurants can be seen outside just like this one.

There were quite a lot of customer having their meals there too but did not over crowded the restaurant (No queuing required when we were there). There were different seating mainly able to cater up to around 6 to 7 people which also had some sushi bar counter seating (If the group had more than 6 people, they should be combining tables to cater for these group of people.)

Ichiban Boshi Yu Sheng Menu

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Sep 23

Gurney Drive Dining at Causeway Point

Had arranged to have dinner together with Rachel after a Friday (28 June 2013) work and we had decided to go Causeway Point for dinner as it was near to Rachel house so she will be able to reach home earlier to rest for the day as we have a long day outing on Saturday.

DSC09575 DSC09579

As usual, there were a lot of people around at Causeway Point and almost all the restaurants we had passed by were full of people inside dining and outside queuing for their turn. This was when we saw Gurney Drive restaurant do not have a lot of people and decided to dine here instead as it was more quiet and comfortable without many people.

Still quite a lot of empty tables not taken up

They also sold some of their products in the restaurant too

We were able to get a table seats without any waiting and the staff was friend to show us to our seats while giving us the menu to look through what we wanted to order.

Menu Book

After ordering our dishes, we happily chat up while waiting for our food to be served. Time taken for them to served the dishes was about 15mins of waiting time but the dishes was not really hot (More on warm temperature heat).

Ampla Juice @ $3.80 (Regular)

For those who do not know, these are made from a fruit called “Buah long long” which was said to be high in antioxidants and Vitamin C. Not as good as the one we had drank over at Malacca trip but still fine and cooling to drink it.

Gurney Special Fried Rice @ $6.90

The fried rice was soft and fluffy with 2 prawns on top of it while few other ingredients like pineapple, raisins, and chicken meat to make the dish taste nicer. In terms of quality, it was not a bad dish to have but in terms of quantity, they are very stingy as the plate of rice was small in portion for a price of $6.90 (Maybe one third of those Chinese Zi Char Stall).

Penang Fried Kway Teow @ $7.50

Same as the fried rice, there were 2 prawns being added onto it with quite a lot of bean sprouts and some other ingredients. The kway teow was a bit oily yet will give a dry taste. I believe these dishes were ready made but re-heated / cooked when customer ordered it. It looked and taste warm and not hot at all.

Grilled Stingray @ $8.20

The chili was quite spicy which was good for those who love spices. The portion was as usual, given in a small portion. Overall this dish was not a bad one as the meat was still soft and juicy.

DSC09596 DSC09597
Lemon Mantis Prawn @ $6.90

This was the first time I had eaten a Mantis Prawn so do not really know what was its original taste like. In this dish, I was able to taste a very strong powering of lemon with some strange smell and I guess that should be the smell of the mantis Prawn. Quite crispy those it felt like the meat was minced with quite a lot of flour so cannot see anything like what I should see in a prawn (Mantis was still consider a prawn type so the meat should be around the same yet I did not see it here).

DSC09599 DSC09602
Penang Cendol @ $3.50

One of the worst Cendol I had ever eaten so far. The ingredients were given in a super stingy way and there was not much taste of any black sugar like what I had eaten in Malacca or some other dessert restaurants. Totally not worth the price of $3.50 for a small portion and stingy ingredient dish.

Trying to have fun with our camera.

1 Woodlands Square
#05-11/12, Causeway Point
Singapore 738099
Tel: 6894 7872
Website: http://www.gurneydrive.com.sg
(Updated as of 23 September 2013: They had change it into Penang Buffet Restaurant instead)

Operation Hour (Daily):
11:00am – 10:00pm
Last order: 9:30pm

Sep 02

Buffet Dinner at Feast@East Buffet Restaurant

My third sister arranged to have a family buffet dinner at Feast@East Buffet Restaurant on Saturday (22 June 2013) as she had received some vouchers to dine over there. It was a long journey for us as all of us were living at western end of Singapore while the restaurant was located far east. Anyway it was good to try out new places once a while.

DSC09474 DSC09477 DSC09478
Ground area of the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel

As the restaurant was located within the level 3 of the hotel, we need to get there through the lift of the hotel. The hotel itself had a very spacious ground level and gives me a very welcoming feeling as the floor was very clean and there were some sofa for guest to relax over a cup of coffee or tea while waiting or relaxing around the place.

Entrance of the restaurant at level 3

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Aug 29

Woo Lee Jeeb Dae Bak Korean @ Food Republic (Causeway Point)

This Saturday (15 June 2013) was quite a special day for both Rachel and me as her family were coming to Singapore for a lunch and relaxation. I did not took any photos of the lunch event but while I am on my way back home, I did saw something very interesting which was a sport car caught fire along the expressway.

1 DSC09387 DSC09388

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Aug 26

Bad Dining Experience at Punggol Nasi Padang @ Jcube

Thursday (6 June 2013) was just another one of our dining date together between Rachel and me, we decided to go Jcube for our dinner as it was easy to go back to our own home later on. We decided to eat over at Punggol Nasi Padang over at Jcube as we had been passing by this restaurant though never really eaten there before.

DSC09366 DSC09365 DSC09367

There were not many people dining over at this restaurant during our time of visit and mostly were Malays or Indians while some Chinese were there dining too. The tables were placed nicely and was not really too close to each others. To me, this place was like a normal coffee shop except there was only 1 stall inside as all things over at this place is self service for example, we need to look for tables ourselves and also to queue up to purchase our dishes.

There were 2 cash counters over at this place which I will explain more details

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May 13

Taiwan Trip (March 2013) Summary of Itinerary

Rachel and I planned for holiday trip over to Taiwan since last year and decided to fly during the March 2013, we will start our holiday trip on Wednesday (20 March 2013).

Actually planned to go as a couple trip but after some discussion, we decided that it was much cheaper and fun if we go as a group reason being, we would be able to taste more variety of snacks, share cost of hiring a driver cum van, and able to enjoy more as a group.

Our summary of itinerary was as follows: (This is not really my original itinerary as planned due to time issue but near to it)

Day 1: (20 March 2013)
Arrived at Tao Yuan Airport -> Meet Driver -> Lunch and Dessert ->Moncoeur (心之芳庭) scenery viewing plus dinner -> Gong Yuan Yan Ke / Miyahara (宫原眼科) for dessert -> Check in at TaiChung Hotel -> Shopping and eating at Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市) -> Back to Hotel to rest.

Day 2: (21 March 2013)
Breakfast at hotel -> Sky Ladder (天梯梯子吊橋) -> Taiji Canyon (太極峽谷) -> Green Dragon Waterfall(青龙瀑布) -> Lunch at a restaurant recommended by driver -> Devil Village (妖怪村) -> Yichung Jie (一中街) to eat snack as our dinner -> Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市) to eat snack as our dinner  -> Back to Hotel

Day 3: (22 March 2013)
Breakfast at hotel and checked out -> Purchase of local snack at Yi Fu Tang (一福堂) -> Lunch time at Su Mama Tang Yuan (苏妈妈汤圆) recommended by Tim -> Hehuanshan (合歡山) -> Green Green Grasslands (青青草原)  and Sheep shearing at Cingjing Farm (清境農場觀山牧區) -> Checked in Minsu -> Little Swiss Garden (小瑞士花園) -> Carton King (紙箱王) for dinner -> Back to Minsu

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Oct 15

Durian Mooncakes from 717 Trading

It is the month of the Mid-Autumn Festival (Newer generation also called it mooncake festival). Both Rachel and I decided to give each of our families a box of durain mooncakes since we saw a special deal which cost $48 for 9 peices of mini “Mao Shan Wang” Durian Mooncakes from 717 Trading.

The taste of the “Mao Shan Wang” Mooncakes is very nice with you able to feel the texture and the goodness in each and every bite of the mooncake.

Anyway, just a few photos of the durian mooncakes to show.

Will buy from them again when there is a chance (Provided there is a offer for it again else will be quite expensive)

Metal Box to keep all the 9 pieces of durian mooncakes

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