Jan 28

Dinning out with Rachel and her Sisters

Was out windows shopping on Sunday (28 July 2013) and Rachel suggested to have an early dinner together with her sisters over at 313 Somerset. As both of us were tired from the walking, we went over there to wait for them to arrive before deciding what to have for dinner.

After meeting up with them, we walked around the basement area looking for a place for our dinner fix when we passed Fish and Co restaurant which was previously called F.I.S.H restaurant (Also under Fish and Co) which I had given a very bad reviewed about it in my past blog post.

1 DSC00110

Anyway, since it was a new restaurant (Considering in 313 Somerset), we decided to have our dinner at this restaurant instead as Fish and Co should be reliable and the standard should be much better as I had eaten in other branch without any issue.

Some top up menu to add-on to the main dish

The place as more spaciously set up with enough walking space between each table while standard setup of Fish and Co with Fish shape wooden base for each customer. Overall feel of this design and layout was nice and comfortable for chilling out and gathering with friends. Large group of people can actually join up the tables to allow large group dinning too. The staff were friendly and was attentive to customer’s request without much waiting but one thing to note was that there were not much customers having their meal at this restaurant so I am not sure if the service standard will drop when the restaurant were full of customers.

As all of us were quite hungry as it was late, we ordered a few dishes after looking through the menu and started relaxing and chatting up with each other. The food were served after waiting for around 15 minutes which were still acceptable for us.

DSC00120 DSC00125
Soup of the Day: Cream of vegetables complimentary in the set meal order of additional $5.50++ with a glass of drink

The soup was added with some stuff which seems to be like fish floss while there were bits of vegetables like carrots and potato in it. Overall taste of this starter was quite good (Or maybe we were hungry) though the pepper taste was a bit over powering.

DSC00126 DSC00130
Top up Scallops (5 pieces) @ $5.95++

The scallops was added with tomatoes sauce and cheese which was being baked till the cheese melted. As a cheese lovers, I would preferred they add in more cheese on the scallop but overall taste was still great as you will still be able to taste the juicy part of the scallop as the tomatoes sauce protected the scallop from being too dry from the baking process.

DSC00128 DSC00129
Top up Grilled Giant Squid @ $6.95++

One thing to say about the squid was that it was big (Too big that we were unable to finish it at the end) and it was super oily due to the chili oil sauce being added onto it. The squid was not too hard with those QQ feeling while biting onto it in your mouth. I would not order this dish again if I had a choice due to the oiliness which I cannot stand.

DSC00135 DSC00136 DSC00137
Grilled Peri Peri Chicken with Sword Fish Collar @ $20.95++

The whole of this dish was placed into a big plate (just like seafood platter for two type) and the chicken were added with their peri peri sauce which was very very oily. The whole dish comes with french fries and lots of coleslaw while the sword fish collar was actually a very hard piece of stuff.

Super oily sauce

I am not sure if it should be that hard but I do not really like it while the sauce for the chicken was too oily that I cannot stand it and took another photo of the after meal look of it.

DSC00132 DSC00133DSC00134
Grilled Peri Peri Chicken with Arctic Fish @ $19.95++

This dish comes with the same peri peri chicken plus a piece of arctic fish which comes with mashed potato and Fish and Co special rice. As per previous dish, the peri peri chicken was very oily and I think the mashed potato and rice had been mixed with the oil which lucky never really destroyed the overall taste of the mashed potato but rice was not so great after mixing it (We just ate those not mixed with the rice). The fish to me was quite normal or maybe I am not very good in eating fish so was not able to tell if it was fresh or not. The sauce on top of the fish was actually causing the crispy fish to being quite soft which I think they should separate it in future so people will be able to enjoy the crispness of the fish.

3 Somerset Road
#B3-37/38, 313@Somerset
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6634 0478
Website: http://www.fish-co.com

Operating Hours (Daily):
11:30am – 10:00pm

The meal though was not as good as we had expected it to be but the company was great while the place was good for gathering when not much people were dinning there (Do not like those coffeeshop type of noisiness).

We called it a day and went home after that.

Jan 25

Poor Service Level at Ichiban Boshi (CentrePoint)

Rachel and her sisters had organized a pre Chinese New Year gathering cum Lo Hei session on Wednesday (22 January 2014) night together with one of their couple friends (Justin and Daphne). All of us decided to meet directly over at the planned restaurant called Ichiban Boshi over at CentrePoint Branch as we kind of loves Japanese food so decided to have our first Lo Hei there.

Yu Sheng Display at most of the restaurants can be seen outside just like this one.

There were quite a lot of customer having their meals there too but did not over crowded the restaurant (No queuing required when we were there). There were different seating mainly able to cater up to around 6 to 7 people which also had some sushi bar counter seating (If the group had more than 6 people, they should be combining tables to cater for these group of people.)

Ichiban Boshi Yu Sheng Menu

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Aug 03

The Old Malaya Cafe at 313@Somerset

Friday (10 May 2013) was such a happy day which most of us will always looked upon as it was the start of the weekend where we can really have some rest or get together time with families. Rachel (Together with Laurel and her colleague, Chen Xi) and I planned to go Somerset 313 for dinner cum drinking session as it had been a while since we last went for a nights of drink and chatting.

It was so crowded till there were not much walking space at all

Just when both Rachel and I reached Raffles Place MRT to switch over to Somerset, we were quite surprised by what we saw. The queue toward Jurong East station (Red Line) was super crowded till it blocks the East West line (Green Line). It must be another one of SMRT rail way fault as usual as these seems to be a norm nowadays with too many slow arrival time and fault here and there. Wonder how can they still raise the transport charges with all these bad services which never been resolved.

Nice olden style design

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Oct 28

A Dinner Date with Rachel, Laurel and Hazel

To continue with my earlier blog post (Too long so split to 2 post instead) after a day walk on Sunday (30 September 2012), the time goes very fast and it is time for dinner. As Rachel and Laurel had planned to have dinner with Hazel, we went from Bugis to Somerset to meet up with her before going for our dinner together.

The restaurant is “Ootoya Japanese Restaurant” located at Orchard Central and since I have eaten at this restaurant before, the food there is quite nice based on my memories.

As there are not much people in the restaurant having their meals, we have no problem finding a table even though we did not make any reservation. So there are no waiting time needed during our visit.

This restaurant is nicely designed as they make used of their area well even though they do not have much space for usage.

The lights are not too bright so makes our dinning more comfortable

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Jul 30

Thursday nights out with good pals at Marché® Restaurant

It is Thursday (26 July 2012) and have arranged with Rachel to meet up with Mingyan and the guys (plus Nicole Xiao Mei mei) for a dinner nights out.

We meet up with each other at Buona Vista Mrt to go Somerset together after work and kind of decided that we will be going to eat out at Marché® Restaurants at 313@Somerset (Same place where Rachel and I have eaten before earlier).

Today’s Special Dish: Lamb Carving with Mashed Potato at $18.90

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Jul 14

Fun, Eat and Shoot

I have a dental appointment today which is at orchard area so meet up with Rachel for our lunch since she is also working half day today. Actually we are planning to go for a event in somerset area but too bad it have been raining since morning and it destroyed our mood to go to the event.

But since we are there, we decided to have our lunch at Somerset 313. Not sure what event there is in there but we saw a umi sushi mascot standing near the door taking photos with people so we also join in the fun and took photos together. 😉

They also gives us free wall magnet as a gift, how nice.

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