Aug 17

3 Days 2 Nights Malacca Trip Day 3

Time always goes so fast when you are having fun or enjoying your holiday season. It was Sunday (26 May 2013) and it was our last day (To be exact, half day) over at Malacca before we need to drive back to Johor and I need to get back to Singapore.

We eaten our breakfast buffet at hotel level 1 as usual before going back to our hotel room for a final pack up before checking out of hotel.


One of the car having a flat battery and Rachel’s father decided to use another car (We have a total of 2 cars driving to Malacca) and bring all of us to one of the nearby Japanese restaurant named “Ohan Japanese Restaurant Sdn Bhd” which Rachel’s parent went for their dinner last night and feels that they were nice and wish to eat again for lunch.

This restaurant accept Credit Card payment only if your bill was above RM80.00

Nice location with comfortable layout

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May 04

Re-Visiting HinoMaru Japanese Restaurant with Rachel Family

As Rachel family will be going to have an yearly dinner with one of their good friends (This is their family yearly celebration of CNY with one of their friends), I was invited there to join them for the celebration on Saturday (2 March 2013). There are a lot of people going back Malaysia too as there seems to be an event going on that day where they bring gods for a walk around Johor Bahru. Nevertheless, Rachel’s father come to pick us up back to their home to rest for a while before setting of for the dinner. (We reached Malaysia during the late afternoon time).

Hear from Rachel that they always went back to HinoMaru Japanese Restaurant for these yearly event celebration and so, we will be there for dinner tonight. As during the Chinese New Year dinner, the dishes over there is not really that up to standard (Too small portion and nothing to choose), this time round will be different as the CNY is already over.

When we reached the restaurant, it is as usual except that we are the first customer to arrive the place. The main door to level 2 is still closed. The lady staff is nice enough to open the gate for us to go up into the restaurant even though we reached the place too early.

After their good friend’s family arrived, they started to look through the menu and order the dishes for the dinner. (As this is a celebration with their friend’s family, I did not get any details of the pricing or name of the dishes we had eaten.)

DSC06386 DSC06387

Free starter given by the restaurant. It is a mixture of potato and mayo topped with some roe. Nice compilation and good to try when you are there.

DSC06390 DSC06391
Salmon and Salmon belly sashimi

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Feb 14

Christmas cum Birthday Celebration at Japanese Dining SUN

It is Christmas Day (25 December 2012) which falls on a Tuesday. As my birthday is also around the corner, Rachel decided to help celebrate Christmas and my birthday together by having a dinner over at Japanese Dining SUN restaurant as she knows I loves to eat Japanese dishes.

Rachel made a point to made a reservation before Christmas so we are able to get a seat earlier when we are there. As both of us to not own a vehicle, we took public transport and reached City Hall MRT station before walking toward Chijmes where the restaurant is located.


As the restaurant is at level 2, we are able to find the building which linked to this restaurant without much difficulty though from the look of it, this restaurant is not wheelchair friendly as there are no lift to reach level 2 (Based on my knowledge while looking around). You need to walk up a flights of stairs before getting to the front of the restaurant.

Front view from ground floor of the entrance to the restaurant

No lift for wheelchair bounded people so only suitable for those who can walk up the stairs

DSC05443 DSC05444
Glass door to the restaurant when you are at level 2

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Dec 27

Din Tai Fung (鼎泰丰) and Sushi Tei Day

It is a nice Saturday (3 November 2012) and Rachel and I planned to meet up with each other for a nice window shopping and having a nice meal together. Since Laurel and her will need to go Jurong Point Maybank to do something, we decided to meet over there for our brunch too.

After they are done with their stuff, we walk over to Din Tai Fung as we are thinking of eating Chinese Dim Sum for our breakfast cum lunch (Brunch) together. Been to Din Tai Fung for a few times already as I loves some of their dishes and likes their cleanliness of the restaurant (The decoration is very comfortable and cozy).

DSC04751 DSC04750 DSC04743

Anyway, we started to check out the menu and took down what we wish to eat before handed over to the staff when they called our number. We are bought into the restaurant area (Normally we are seated outside) and it is also nice as we get to walk pass the open glass concept kitchen where the chefs are busy preparing the dim sum for the customers.

DSC04772 DSC04771

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Sep 10

Dinner at Itacho Sushi (板長壽司 Ion Branch)

I wanted to buy a surprise birthday gift for Rachel so I arranged that I will wish to go Orchard on Thursday (30 August 2012) evening after work for dinner and also to “check” the price for the gift that she wanted.

Rachel already know that she will be getting this present but do not know when I will get it for her as we have been going orchard to check on the price of the present at different location.

So we meet up as per normal to go Orchard together to have our dinner. Actually thinking of going for Chinese food but we walked passed a Japanese Restaurant call “Itacho Sushi” which we have always been seeing with a long queue and also I have always hear my sister recommending this restaurant to me so we decided to go try it out.

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