Jun 10

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 7

What a day for our Taiwan Holiday Trip and Today on Tuesday (26 March 2013), we will be flying back to Singapore and face the reality back at work. Thinking of something very different today, we decided to go for foot massage as our legs had been aching for help since Day 2 walk and we had arrange for a foot massage with the help of the Hotel receptionist who said there will be free transfer between hotel and foot massage shop.

We meet up at the lobby on time in the morning without our breakfast (Cannot eat before massage) and hotel staff helped us to call cab to bring us to the location (Laurel did not join us for the massage though). We had a good massage as my leg feels much better after that (Did not took any photos of these). The staff said they will offset the payment of our taxi ride for our massage so we just pay less the estimated taxi fare (Which is better as taxi fare is cheaper than the offset price).

When back at the hotel, both Rachel and I went to the opposite shopping mall to buy something which my sister asked me to and rush back to the hotel for last minute ensure of all our stuff are packed and proceed to check out of hotel at 12pm.

As there are still quite a lot of time before the driver to fetch us to the airport, we put our luggage to one side of the hotel lobby where the staff helped us to look after it (Giving us a ticket to collect back luggage later). Off we go, to Xi Men Ding for an afternoon walk and for our lunch as we are also quite hungry already.


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Jun 09

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 6

It was the first day of our self explore holiday on Monday (25 March 2013) and started to go out of the hotel earlier than usual as we needs to take the metro to our first location for breakfast. The place that we intend to go is highly recommended by Tim who said is much better than Yong He Beancurd (永和豆漿大王) which is our initial plan.

ShanDao Temple Station (Blue Line) Exit 5

Based on Tim direction, we reached ShaoDao Temple Metro Station and proceed to exit 5 where we will find the building where Tim mentioned. The beancurd stall is at level 2 of this building though it seems that the building haven’t even started to open yet.

HuaShan Market Mall (华山市场)

Fu Hang Beancurd Shop (阜杭豆浆店)

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Jun 06

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 5 (Part 2)

It was quite a long journey from Beitou to Jiufen Old Street as we slept along the way there (As usual) and our leg are still painful from the day 2 walk. Tim recommend the way on how to walk around the old street and also tell us which store are quite nice to eat before dropping us off at a start point for us to free and easy our way around the place till we call him to come pick us up.


I had been to Jiufen before together with my family but never really walk around the stairway area as it was not convenient for my parents walk so many stairs. There were so many people shopping around the place and it was not uncommon as it was a weekend when we are walking there with all the tourist around the place just like us.

The road are very narrow and we have to be careful walking through the old street

Our first stop over for lunch

We entered one of the restaurant for our lunch as we saw that there are quite a lot of people having their meals there too. Anyway, after finding a table and making ourselves comfortable, we ordered some dishes as our lunch. (We are still quite full from the morning breakfast)

Clear Soup Bee Hoon (清汤米粉) @ NT$45

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Jun 04

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 5 (Part 1)

Its coming to our 5th day of our holiday on Monday (24 March 2013) and also the last day of hiring Tim’s minibus services. As breakfast is not included during our stay over at City Inn Plus Hotel, Tim fetch us at 9am as usual and helped us decide our breakfast location which is at an old alley road side restaurant.

Qing Dao Dou Jiang Dian (青島豆漿店)

Staff busy at work which started way before 5:30am

Freshly made beancurd

Freshly made ingredient for their buns

Actually we are not very sure of this place and it seems quite old and dirty with a lot of locals buying their meals here. Manage to get one table and seat for all of us and Tim helped to order some of the well-known dishes for us. (Did some background check recently and found out that this place is actually quite a popular location for breakfast)

Soya Drinks @ NT$15 (Small) NT$20 for bigger size

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Jun 03

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 4 (Part 2)

As continuing from my Day 4 part 1 blog post, Tim bought us to one of the restaurant near to the parade square where there is a stage for people to perform (There were some musical performance when we are there) and it is quite near to a train station. We walked into the restaurant first for our lunch.


The overall feel of this restaurant makes me feel that I am back to those olden days building where every furniture were olden style made of wood. There were quite a lot of people having their meals fixed here and based on Tim, he always frequent this restaurant as his family seems to know each other too. The menu are all written in Chinese so it would be best to understand some Chinese to come to this restaurant or ask the staff to recommend which combo meals you can order as their menu are all based on sets where there will be at least 3 dishes + 1 soup @ NT$660 till 10 dishes + 1 soup @ NT$2,000

As we are not very sure what to order, Tim helped us by ordering one of the set meals and one of the dish is actually complimentary by the boss. Do not know the names of these dishes so I just show the photos of those dishes instead


There is some pork meat covering some preserved vegetables which I do not really like it as I am not a vegetable eating kind of person.


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May 27

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 4 (Part 1)

It is Saturday (23 March 2013), Day 4 of our holiday. Time goes so fast when you are enjoying yourself. We woke up super early today though we kept going back to sleep when we saw that the sky was still dark. The reason for staying over at this Minsu was to watch Sunrise from the balcony so I keep making myself wake up and check on when the sun will say hello to us.

The sky getting brighter every few minutes

It was around 6:30am – 6:45am, the sun started to show itself to say hello to us. It was such a nice scenery around the place with bird singing but one thing we missed out is that there are not much fog around so cannot see the so called “Sea of Cloud (云海)”

Hello Morning Sun

Lucky for me, I brought along my polarized lens filter to lower the brightness of the sun, if not, I would not be able to take these clear photos at all. After having seen the sunrise together, we started to go wash up a bit before going for our breakfast. XB and XB’s Brother never get to see the sunrise as getting more sleep was more important to them. Maybe too tired from our day 2 walk, heh heh.

After sunrise, the sky shining over the land is so beautiful

Minsu’s Cafe with outdoor seating if you are not afraid having dinning under the hot sun

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May 23

Taiwan Holiday Trip (March 2013) – Day 3 (Part 2)

The distance between “Green Green Grasslands” and our planned Minsu “Misty Villa” (雲濛仙境)  was not very far apart and Tim is kind enough to help us liaise with the Minsu owner to get our room key at the front drive way and drive us up straight to our room location which was a narrow high slope road in order for us to unload our luggage of the min bus to our rooms.

Main entrance to Misty Villa (雲濛仙境)

Lucky for us, our room is just infront of the room so we do not need to climb any stairs but XB and his brother needs to carry the luggage up another level as their room is at the top level. The room are quite neat and clean and most of the furniture are made from wood.

Our room which consist of 1 queen size bed and 1 single bed.

Nice Scenery View from Level 2 Balcony

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