Apr 25

Dinner Over at Toa Payoh Central

As Rachel wish to buy something over at Toa Payoh Central, we arranged to go there right after our work on Friday (22 February 2013) for dinner before looking around as windows shopping to see if we can find what Rachel wish to buy. Laurel and one of her colleague joined us for the dinner and in the first place, Rachel actually wanted to find a stall selling Peranakan dishes but found out that it is no longer operating their business in that stated place.

In the end, we end up dining over at this hawker/restaurant stall named “Hiang Ji Roasted Meat & Noodle House” at one corner of the back lane as the staff is very persistent in getting us to dine at their place and since I saw that there are quite a lot of customer eating at this place, we thought that their food should be quite nice to eat.

Front View of the restaurant

The restaurant is actually a stand alone hawker stall with their own sets of tables and chairs. We looked through the menu and started to order our dish. Overall, the staff are very attentive and is quick to answer our queries and request.

Duck Rice

Very bad choice to eat at this place as the rice is very hard. Should be never put enough water to cook or taken out before it is fully cooked. Meat wise is even worst!!! There are not much edible meat given but mostly is bones while the meat texture is quite tough and when you eat, you could even eat or bite into some crushed bones (Though the duck did taste nice) which gives an overall bad dining experience at this stall. There are no side soup given as what other duck rice stall would do and I think the only good thing is their sauce.

Duck Noodle

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Dec 28

You Ji Jia Chuan Duck Rice (友记家传鸭饭), TWG and Pastamania Trip

It is Deepavali Day on Tuesday (13 November 2012) which means it is a public holiday in Singapore. Both Rachel and I plan to go out for a relaxing windows shopping and dining together for the day. Our first stop for lunch is decided to be over at Bugis for duck rice as recommended by one of her friends and the place is actually a stall inside a coffeeshop opposite of Bugis Junction.

DSC04836 DSC04831

When I saw the stall, I remembered that there should be other branch inside foodcourt (Other places) which looks something like this stall too. Anyway since it is a coffeeshop kind of stall, there are no air conditioning and it is all depends on whether it is very hot and humid during the time you are there.

DSC04834 DSC04832

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Aug 30

DrinkTea Menu in Singapore

Drink Tea with their stated unique pink Roselle pearl are only available in their stalls and they have 4 branch in Singapore selling bubble tea to customers.

This one the first bubble tea stall which you can find “Vinegar” type of drinks in their menu.

Below are details of their branch as follows:

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Aug 30

Ah Gan (阿甘) Tea Menu in Singapore

Another one of the bubble tea stall that have entered Singapore Market is Ah Gan (阿甘) Tea Cafe which starts to open more stall since I last saw it.

Up to date as on August 2012, there is already 5 stalls being opened. (Not sure about other countries though)

The menu is as follows:

The branch is as follows:

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Aug 30

KOI Cafe Menu in Singapore

Actually, I had already upload this menu to my previous blog and since this is a new blog, I will upload it again over here.

This is good for those who are in need to look for KOI Menu as they need to ask others who are over at KOI to buy bubble tea for them.

Anyway, enjoy:

There are quite a lot of KOI Bubble Tea branches opened in Singapore and some might not be listed in my list below:

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Aug 23

ShareTea (歇脚亭) Menu

I have added in new category on Menu and one of them will be popular Bubble Tea menus. It is good for those who wish to ask your friends who is there to order bubble tea but do not have menu to look at which bubble tea to order.

Here it is for ShareTea (歇脚亭) where I get the menu from JCube Branch.

This branch provide free delivery of bubble tea services (With terms and conditions) which is a good way of getting more business.

All Branch as of 23 Aug 2012:

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